Most of us may have found an inspirational book or good read that left us feeling beautiful-both inside AND out! I wanted to devote a NEW section to The Beauty Closet's blog devoted to books that inspire, discuss beauty, or just encourage overall good health and well-being. Ultimately, I am a firm believer that without inward beauty, its difficult to achieve our full potential in our outward beauty! I've had the opportunity to find quite a few inspiring books over the years as an author, Communications student, and avid reader myself :) I will make sure that I find excellent reads that most can enjoy, while still keeping with our The Beauty Closet's main focus: BEAUTY!!! ;)

January 20th, 2018

Your Body's Brilliant Design: A Revolutionary To Relieving Chronic Pain

by Karen M. Gabler


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If you know someone who has dealt with chronic pain or are affected by it personally, then this is a book you must check out! It's well-written and even if you have no medical background or expertise whatsoever, you can still understand what Karen explains about fascia and what role it plays in our bodies and the vital role it plays in our chronic pain. What exactly is fascia? There's been a lot about it lately- just do a quick Google search and you are bound to find countless amounts of articles, blogs, stories, products, and more- all trying to explain exactly what it is and how you might magically 'fix' it. The thing is, many of these products and so-called experts don't have much of a medical or scientific background or understanding to speak of- they are just spouting out nonsense :( That's where this awesome book comes in! Karen is not only a licensed massage therapist, but a nationally certified therapeutic massage and bodywork therapist as well- she's also a Fascial Fitness instructor and movement educator as well, with over 30 years of private practice and research. Karen brings all of this expertise to this book and it shows! Get a real break-down of what fascia is, if the book is for you, and it even includes case studies and exercises that are in full-color photo illustrations too so you know how to do the exercises on your own :) Check out the top things I learned from the book, below: 

  • Fascia is the body's seamless web of connective tissue that is woven throughout its muscles, bones, organs, & cells. It's basically our body's biological fabric.
  • Sustainable Body training is composed of whole body techniques and teaches you to activate your inner core.
  • Your inner core is the portion of your body that allows the body to be supported from the inside out.
  • Unless you address your inner core [most address their outer core only], then the stability in regards to joint movement will not improve!
  • If symptoms are the only things addressed, the cause will not be addressed as a result.
  • Inner Core Training requirements: --> is subtle, mindful, and must be well-placed. 
  • Chronic pain can affect anyone at any age, fitness level, or lifestyle.
  • Sitting all day due to your job? Sitting in the same position for long periods of time can cause strain on the body's fascial fabric, in addition to the effects of the body's weight which ends up compressing the muscles and joints.




September 3rd, 2017

It's that time again! I know it's been a while and I have definitely meant to get another fabulous book review up here...but it's been a bit on the hectic side with my recent promotion and master's degree! Luckily though, I was able to snag an extra day off for the upcoming Labor Day holiday and thought it would be nice to get a book review : ) I found a fantastic free e-book from one of my favorite free e-book sites, free-ebooks.net! If you haven't heard of these guys, you must check them out! They are completely free and offer up tons of free ebooks are just about anything. Their stock also changes pretty regularly so they make a great site for those wanting to snag some free reads every now-and-then! Be sure to check them out and don't miss today's e-book review from Free-Ebooks.net- brought to you by The Beauty Closet, below: 


The Beauty Closet Recommends:

 DIY Over 50 Beauty Recipes


Abiodun Aminat


This is a fabulous find for any beauty-lover and contains tons of great recipes that you can easily do in the comfort of your own home and with the assurance that you are using natural ingredients to achieve day-to-day beauty activities like for hair care, acne issues, and lip care! You will need things like beeswax and an assortment of essential oils, so make sure that you scan over the recipes so you have an idea what you will need to achieve the recipes you want to give a try. For the beeswax, you can snag them in pellet form in different shades, such as off-white & yellow. For essential oils, you can find many of those in sets that will offer up a collection of a variety of quality essential oils and they are usually fairly decently priced. Go for those that include a dropper and are also designed for topical application and are cold-pressed as those will involved no chemical altering processes to extract the oils.

Many of the remaining ingredients will be things you probably have around the house already- such as heavy cream, cottage cheese, cocoa, oatmeal powder, & honey. One of my fav's is the 4th recipe in the book, Frozen Egg & Honey Facial Mask- it's a simple easy recipe with a different twist on the traditional egg facial mask! My 2nd pick, is #7: Silky Clay Mask for All Skin Types. This easy-to-make clay mask is composed of French Green Clay, kaolin clay, rosewater, & more! What's awesome about this recipe, is that it can be refrigerated for up to a month :0 Struggling with acne? Try my 3rd top pick out of the book- #12: Acne Tonic w/Basil which contains basil leaves and is great natural approach to a daily toner to aid in combating acne.

As for my 4th top pick out the book, I absolutely love recipe #13: Blackhead Remover Mask which contains a mixture of fuller's earth, benzoin, & distilled witch hazel. Remove the mask after it hardens and you will see and feel the difference in smoothness, tightness, and health. Plus, blackheads and blemishes will clear up in just a few days if you use this one up to twice weekly! Want to see more great DIY beauty recipes? Be sure to check out the FREE e-book download @ the button above :)

Fuller's Earth

Fuller's Earth

January 15, 2017:

 The Natural Acne Remedy Handbook

50 Ways to Treat Acne Using Natural Remedies

by Casper Kragh


*FREE @ free-ebooks.net for download >here<!

I LOVE this e-book as it's super helpful- especially if you've had issues with acne for many years, as I have! Not only is it available FREE and online, in several different capacities: PDF, Epub, Kindle, Text file, or emailed to your device [not all are supported]. All you need to do to get any of free-ebooks.net ebooks, is to sign up for a FREE account and you get up to 5 free ebooks a month to download :) I'm all about free!!! The book starts out with explaining in detail what types of acne are out there and then it goes over the available medical treatments and costs that could be and usually are associated with individuals dealing with ongoing acne issues. Starting on page 10 of the book, there are 50 natural remedies to treat acne that include tips for use with each ingredient! Here are my top 5 from the book:

TIP #7
Aspirin—You’ll want to crush the aspirin and form a paste. Then
use a Q-Tip or your finger to apply the paste on each pimple and
let it dry. Aspirin contains salicylic acid. They use this in most
acne treatments, because it will destroy bacteria which cause
acne. It dries out pimples while it fights bacteria. Leave the
mixture on your face for 10-15 minutes and wash off gently.
— Casper Kragh


TIP #28
Rose water glycerine—Rose water glycerine makes a good
facial rinse. After cleaning your face, using rose water glycerine
as a rinse can help remove residue and other pollutants. It
leaves your face cleaner than just with soap and water.
— Casper Kragh


*Copyright info >here<

Following the tips & 50 natural acne remedies, the author also provides a look at the comparison of costs between the traditional medical treatment methods versus the natural acne solutions presented- and there's a stark difference that just goes to show you that you really don't have to spend tons of cash to get clear skin. Next, he goes over the numerous benefits of taking the natural approach to treating acne, like: saving time, little or no side effects, and reduces stress! Beginning on pages 32, there's also a great section of the ebook that features natural methods that treat acne scaring- which is fantastic for those who already have the signs left behind of previous breakouts, such as myself! My 2 fav's are listed below:



TIP #10
Fermented foods—Foods such as sauerkraut, kefir, natural yogurt or goat cheese contain pro-biotic and enzymes which
help reduce acne. Adding these to your diet can be beneficial
when you’re struggling with acne breakouts.
— Casper Kragh
TIP #21
Honey—Use a honey mask on your face a few times a week.
Honey is an antibacterial, and can disinfect and help heal
blemishes. It is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.
You use the honey like you would any commercial facial mask.
Just rub the honey on your entire face. Let it sit until it’s totally
dry, and then peel it off.
— Casper Kragh
TIP #41
Acne facial oil that is homemade—Mixing natural oils can give
you a good facial oil to help moisturize your skin. You can use
about one ounce of jojoba oil. Add 3 drops each of carrot seed
oil, lavender oil, and geranium oil. Mix them all together and rub
a small amount of the mixture between your fingertips and lightly
apply the oil to your face.
— Casper Kragh
Tomatoes—They are used to treat acne scars, because tomatoes are
the skin correctors. They remove the pigmentation and improve your
skin tone. Take a small tomato and cut it in half. Rub the tomato over
the damaged, scarred area thoroughly. Leave it on for about 30
minutes. Wash it off completely and pat your face dry.
— Casper Kragh
Mint—If you take a bunch of mint leaves and clean them thoroughly.
Place them in a soft clean cotton cloth. Twist them until the juice comes
out. Take the juice and apply it on the scarred areas and leave it on
until it dries thoroughly. After it is dry, simply wash it off and pat it dry.
Do this once a day for a month. At the end of the month, you’ll begin to
see a difference in the appearance of your scars.
— Casper Kragh

MAY 29, 2016

Makeup Secrets Revealed


Kamla Regrello

FREE e-book*

*Get this fantastic beauty e-book for FREE at Free-Ebooks.net

This is a great find- especially for the price of absolutely nada! You can sign up at Free-Ebooks.net with your Facebook account as I did and it literally takes under a minute if you go that route. With this service, one of the things that I like most about it is that it allows for up to 5 eBooks a month for no cost AND if you share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, then you earn an extra free e-book for a total of 6 for the month :)

Want to earn 1 week of VIP services, which is up to 15 free e-book downloads? Send a link via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail! This month, I ran across a great beauty read that I had to share with all you! It's a wonderfully in-depth look at how to treat your skin and everything from which type of foundations to use to how to apply eyeliner. Kamla Regrello wrote the book and was the Head Makeup Artist for Sacha Cosmetics, at the time of the book's publication in 2002.

Kamla begins this great guide by starting out with how to understand your skin and detailed advice on which cleansers, toners, & moisturizers are best for your skin. Want to know more about Comedogenic ingredients are and an extensive list of "suspect ingredients"? This awesome book as them! :) I love the vast and detailed section on foundation and there are several pages of good information that also shouldn't be missed. There are occasional little bonus tips too, throughout the book- here's one of my fav's: 

You can remove years from your face by applying concealer to the little downward turning lines at the corner of your mouth.
— Kamla Regrello


I would say that the only downside really to this informative beauty read, is that it doesn't have many pictures or illustrations- just a couple in regards to shadow application and how your eyebrows should look. These are however helpful and do help in showing what Kamla is wanting to get across in these sections. It should be noted that there are also quite a few additional/bonus tips on eyeliner and blush application as well- here's one of my top picks:

When applying eye pencil, open your mouth slightly to relax the eye muscles. It will make lining a lot easier without having to pull or tug at your lid.
— Kamla Regrello

The book ends with an excellent "5 Minute Make-over" that includes 7 steps that are perfect for a quick Summer beauty routine, one that doesn't cost you tons of time or fuss :)  Overall, this a great beauty read that has something for everyone in it! With first-hand advice for a professional makeup artist that also has loads of expertise, this is a beauty read that any beauty-lover needs to own!


APRIL 5, 2015


Journeys: Healing through Nature’s Wisdom


Published by Tim Hauf Photography, P.O. Box 1241, Kingston, WA 98346, USA.

Copyright © 2015 Tim Hauf Photography
Library of Congress Control Number: 2014914020
ISBN: 978-0-9788219-7-5

I wanted to share this wonderfully inspiring book with all of you in the hopes that it might inspire yourself or someone you know :) I really enjoyed reading how Karen Roberts and Dana Simpson were able to share with us their powerful journey of learning and healing by using nature itself as the medicine to mend their broken ailing bodies. The women are afflicted by Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Disease which are both challenging illnesses to tackle, but Karen and Dana do this with such grace and beauty that its easy to be inspired! The two women also team up with the photographer Tim Hauf throughout their journey and are kind enough to give a beautiful glimpse into their world through Tim Hauf's eyes. He's a fabulous photographer and I was very impressed with how gorgeous the pictures really were- there were breathtaking! I have included some of the photographs as well in this review so please make sure to check those out :)

"I pounded the sand of Hendry’s Beach in Santa Barbara, California, for most of a summer.&nbsp;I dragged my body to the farthest cove, where I felt the possibility of my own regeneration."  -excerpt from&nbsp; Sand and Soil, pg. 23 , picture courtesy of Tim Hauf

"I pounded the sand of Hendry’s Beach in Santa Barbara, California, for most of a summer. I dragged my body to the farthest cove, where I felt the possibility of my own regeneration."

-excerpt from Sand and Soil, pg. 23 , picture courtesy of Tim Hauf

The author shares here her story of how she'd been struggling with a leg injury that really did not want to seem to heal and had been problematic for many years. She asks herself whether she will ever miss the signs again that her body was trying to tell her through the form of pain. This is something that many of us might wonder about if we've ever been in a similar situation or are close to someone that has! What I really enjoyed about her words here, is that she shares the experience of at first going to the beach on a daily basis and only finding herself gravitating towards injured animals that she found along the coastline; over time however, she turns that frustration of just discovering their injuries to a plan of action- what could she do to help them?!

"Relationships “let the light in” and expose fundamental beliefs we have held like bedrock. Learning to share our values, insecurities, and dreams is an endless, rewarding assessment of who we are becoming. I realized this landscape of shifting sand had become my inner world as well."    -Excerpt from "Being Guided", pg. 80, Photo courtesy of Tim Hauf

"Relationships “let the light in” and expose fundamental beliefs we have held like bedrock. Learning to share our values, insecurities, and dreams is an endless, rewarding assessment of who we are becoming. I realized this landscape of shifting sand had become my inner world as well."

-Excerpt from "Being Guided", pg. 80, Photo courtesy of Tim Hauf

This part of the author's journey really spoke to me here as she brings us into her world by sharing her innermost thoughts of her insecurities and feelings of uncertainty. She takes a nice hiking trip through Zion National Park, where the above picture was taken and experiences the doubts of not knowing what is "up ahead"- I can definitely relate with her here as many of us might be able to do! I think at one point in time or another, you can remember a time when you felt very uncertain or unsure of what was coming next! It's how we deal with these feelings and what we do in the end that determines the path we take.

"Solitary oaks on the rolling hills spoke to me. I gazed at the places where they grew, appreciating the beauty. I marveled at their independence and strength. Branches opened massive canopies of leaf, providing shade on the sunny slopes. The trees seemed to shy from hilltops and preferred the terrain tucked between."  -Excerpt from pg. 36, Photography courtesy of Tim Hauf

"Solitary oaks on the rolling hills spoke to me. I gazed at the places where they grew, appreciating the beauty. I marveled at their independence and strength. Branches opened massive canopies of leaf, providing shade on the sunny slopes. The trees seemed to shy from hilltops and preferred the terrain tucked between."

-Excerpt from pg. 36, Photography courtesy of Tim Hauf

I absolutely loved this picture...it reminds me of the old, sprawling Oak Trees that my grandmother had on her property. They were my favorite perches to sit and find a nice and quite spot to read a book or delve in the imagination :) I really enjoyed climbing them and my father was able to use a Oak Tree for a long-awaited tree house for my sister and I when we were young as well. We had the tree house for many years and although days had long passed to which we could even climb up the handmade steps, the remaining structure was left standing! I think that it reminded us both of our childhoods and we enjoyed having the memories kept around :)

Here, the author talks about how she learned to feel strongly rooted as these oaks are, in order to begin to allow her body to heal from all the pain and illness she had experienced for so many years! Her focus becomes shifted when she accepts the pain in her body - that she can move forward with improving her way of life even though she spent a very long time without a medical diagnosis as to the cause of her illness. She used meditation and swimming to help combat her pain and promote this healing after feeling what she calls "toxic" from years of not knowing her diagnosis.

Picture pgs. 38-39     Courtesy of Photographer Tim Hauf

Picture pgs. 38-39

Courtesy of Photographer Tim Hauf

This was probably one of my favorite photographs in the entire book and I really give photographer Tim Hauf some credit for taking such a beautiful picture and capturing the natural beauty that wildflowers can bring! You really don't see many places like this in the world anymore and now that I live in the city again, this is almost never for me. This photo really brought back nice memories of picking wildflower bunches and bringing them home for the whole family to enjoy on afternoon summer walks as a child. 

The author Karen talks about how she had taken a trip to Vail, Colorado where this picture was taken, to meet with others who had Multiple Scerlosis and discover with them the way to live one with nature... The creator of the clinic had himself been diagnosed several years earlier and as Karen explains, he'd been an Olympic ski champion and fell in love with the mountains back then. He decided that since this Vail had brought him great peace and joy, it would be an excellent place to set up a retreat for others like himself to come and heal their bodies and try to understand their disease.

"Swimming continually taught me to expand and to consider new options. Like the two red-tailed hawks I so often watched, circles join; they separate; they are parallel; then they fuse; they expand and contract; there are two; there is one. My mind and imagination were opening." -Dana   -Excerpt from pg. 58, Photography courtesy of Tim Hauf

"Swimming continually taught me to expand and to consider new options. Like the two red-tailed hawks I so often watched, circles join; they separate; they are parallel; then they fuse; they expand and contract; there are two; there is one. My mind and imagination were opening." -Dana

-Excerpt from pg. 58, Photography courtesy of Tim Hauf

This picture is a good representation of what it't like to walk along the beach, discovering the different plants and creatures along the way! Dana share with us here how she discovered that swimming brought her body back to some sense of accomplishment and also some soul searching. She asked herself the question of what changes she needed to make in her life with her career, talents, etc. in order to feel the same sense of unity she felt when she was swimming. Dana also found out that healing begins really when we interact and share with others as she did on this retreat when she took this picture in Goleta, California. It's not an easy thing to do by any means, but it will lead to positive results and a sense of overall accomplishment!

Lastly, I wanted to add that it's been quite a bit of time since I've been able to pick up a book and read it so easily! It's not just an inspirational story, but the two authors Dana and Karen are very relatable and genuine....they are women who take a wonderfully refreshing and inspiring approach to healing their bodies! If you are looking for something that will lift your spirits and those of others, this an an excellently written book! There's also the added bonus of the fantastic photography provided by Tim Hauf that makes the book an easy choice!




Karen Roberts: karen@healingthroughnatureswisdom.com
Dana Simpson: dana@healingthroughnatureswisdom.com

Beauty book i'm reading this week : 3/26



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Book Description:

Discover what every woman needs to know. "How to Have Beautiful Skin for the Rest of Your Life". A step-by-step eBook to clear your skin complexion naturally. The best beauty tips, advice without toxic and expensive products. Enjoy radiant, younger-looking, flawless skin now.


I have not finished reading this book yet, but thus far I've really enjoyed! It is VERY informative about your skin, what it actually IS...and organ- which most of us may not even think of our skin that way! I know I didn't really before looking at Terry's book. I think it's really important that we understand how and why our skin works and what it does so that we can provide the ultimate care for our skin and preserve both our outward AND inward beauty! The book also goes in-depth as to what acne is, the cause of acne, what we can do about it, and the best ways to actually treat acne and breakouts! There are natural recipes and other organic remedies that are good for the skin. They provide awesome alternatives to some of the other skin care and beauty products out on the market that contain harmful ingredients!