by Christina

I've definitely had my fair share of beauty mistakes when it comes to concealer as I know that a LOT of other women have as well! But over the years, I have learned a lot about what concealer brands , types, and tools are best to use for application and I wanted to share some of these super helpful tricks and tips:


  • Used to mask imperfections like: dark cicles, blemishes, larger pores, and age spots.
  • Tends to be thicker than foundation and blends imperfections by hiding different pigments into the skin.
  • Yellow= hides dark circles.
  • Green/blue= can counteract red patches on the skin such as rosacea or pimples.
  • Purple= brightens sallow complexions.
  • Pink= evens out fair skin w/"ruddy" appearance AND eliminates purple under eye circles on fair skin.
  • White= great for highlighting certain areas such as inner corners of eyes or cupid's brow.
  • Orange= usually reserved for darker skin tones, used to correct dark circles or severe dark spots and can even help w/hyper-pigmentation.
Use the color wheel above to determine what color of concealer is best to cover that color of blemish! >for example: GREEN concealer works best in covering RED blemishes.

Use the color wheel above to determine what color of concealer is best to cover that color of blemish! >for example: GREEN concealer works best in covering RED blemishes.


  1. Concealer Pencilusually wax or cream-based the pin-pointing & covering up dark spots and circles in addition to blemishes.> great for highlighting!
  2. Pen Concealer- often have sheer or luminous formulas = light coverage and will easily help get rid of dark circles.
  3. Stick Concealer- usually thick, high coverage formulas with also easily used for touch-ups! >great for pimples and zits.
  4. Cream Concealer- much like the stick version but can have higher pigmentation and a more full coverage formula> great for larger areas of the face such as your cheeks or chin!
  5. Liquid Concealer- can be lightweight to medium coverage and good to use for the under eye area.


  • Try applying during the light of day as this provides the best lighting and ensures your makeup will look good even under natural light when you leave your home!
  • For zits and pimples> use a pointed concealer brush and put a dot of concealer directly on the problem area, while blending it around the base of the pimple as well {you can also use your fingers}
  • For other imperfections> use a synthetic concealer brush and use concealer sparingly & avoid using thick layers or you will look like you have a mask on!
  • Once you are done with your concealer, set it by using putting a thin layer of powder (translucent) over the concealed area.


  1. Tarte >BB Tinted Under Eye Correct w/brush $24. *One of the BEST products at eliminating under eye circles that I have found! Combined w/the included brush, it really does the job well in covering up an area that can be really challenging in concealing. A little also goes a long way w/this concealer too :)
  2. Benefit >Boi*ing $20.*I love taking this w/me for touch-ups! It's small, conceals any blemish including dark circles really well, and lasts all day long with a nice silky finish.
  3. L'oreal> True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer $8.99.*Cheapest on the list by a long-shot but also surprisingly effective-especially for the price! The application also makes it a fool-proof application for anyone.
  4. Cover FX> Blemish Treatment Concealer $25.
  5. Clinique> Airbrush Concealer $20.
  6. Stila> Stay All Day Foundation Concealer {comes w/1.oz Foundation, .02 oz. Concealer, Spatula, & Mini #35 brush} $44




by Christina


  • It gives shape to an area of the face and enhances face structure through the use of makeup.
  • Provides subtle definition based on your face shape.
  • Uses artistry and illusion in order to create a beautiful makeup result in your daily routine>this technique is NO LONGER reserved for runways models and actresses!


  1. Make sure to start with a foundation that matches the color of your skin > this will even your skin tone and provide a base that can be built upon when contouring with lighter and darker shades.
  2. Get foundation that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone > for highlighting, you want to use foundation that is 2 shades lighter that your base foundation!
  3. Choose a foundation that's a few shades darker than your skin > if you go more than 2 shades darker than your skin tone, the makeup will NOT look natural! The darker tone is used to shade parts of your face that you want to draw attention AWAY from :)
  4. Get a good blending brush > you want to choose a brush that is a big, bushy foundation brush or a type of blending brush instead of a small brush- this helps the makeup blend smoothly.
  5. Make sure your hair is not in your face > this keeps it out of the way so you can see what you're doing and without it actually get in the way of what you are doing!
  6. Start with a clean AND moisturized face.
  7. Apply foundation in your regular skin tone and any concealer you need on under-eye circles and blemishes.
  8. Next, apply the lighter foundation > start with the center of your forehead, along top of brow lines, then along bridge of your nose, on the apples of your cheeks, on your cupid's brow, and finally in the center of your chin.
  9. Apply the dark foundation > use your finger or a foundation brush to apply this darker foundation where parts are naturally shadowed from the sun> below your hairline @ the top of your forehead, on the rt. and lft. sides of your forehead-near your hairline, along the rt. and lft. sides of your nose, in the hollows of your cheeks, and finally along your jawline- from your ears to the tip of your chin.
  10. Blend your makeup well!
  11. If needed, considering adding highlighter> apply this in the same places that you already applied the lighter foundation.
  12. Follow with blush >apply on the apples of your cheeks.
  13. Use a matte setting powder> sets all the contouring in place and leaves a smooth finish!
  14. Save your eye and lip makeup for LAST!> contouring can result in a bold look -you want to choose either heavy eye makeup or a bright lip, but not both!


This is a VERY good video for how-to-contour! 


  1. Tarte- Tres Chic Park Ave Princess Contour Palette $34
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills - Contour Kit $40
  3. Make Up For Ever- Sculpting Kit $48
  4. It Cosmetics- My Sculpted Face $38
  5. Smashbox- Step-by-Step Contour Kit $45
TARTE Tres Chic Park Ave Princess Contour Palette

TARTE Tres Chic Park Ave Princess Contour Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Make up For Ever Sculpting Kit

Make up For Ever Sculpting Kit

It Cosmetics My Sculpted Face

It Cosmetics My Sculpted Face

Smashbox Step-by-step Contour Kit

Smashbox Step-by-step Contour Kit


  1. Tarte- The Slenderizer Bamboo Contour Brush $32
  2. Sephora- Flatter Yourself Contouring Brush Set $48
  3. Make Up For Ever- #158 Double Ended Sculpting Brush $53
  4. Nars- #21 Contour Brush $42
  5. It Brushes for Ulta- #315 Velvet Luxe Soft Foucus Sculpting Brush $34
Tarte The Slenderizing Bamboo Contour Brush

Tarte The Slenderizing Bamboo Contour Brush

Sephora Collection Flatter Yourself Contouring Brush Set

Sephora Collection Flatter Yourself Contouring Brush Set

Make Up For Ever #158 Sculpting Brush

Make Up For Ever #158 Sculpting Brush

Nars #21 Countour Brush

Nars #21 Countour Brush

It Brushes for Ulta- #315 Velvet Luxe Soft Focus Brush

It Brushes for Ulta- #315 Velvet Luxe Soft Focus Brush


by Christina

Why we need them:

They contain the most potent doses of anti-aging ingredients like antioxidants, peptides, and brighteners and are therefore excellent in combating the signs of aging!


  • Weightless product feel.
  • Highest concentration of active ingredients = super efficient.
  • Long-lasting!
  • Penetrates the skin faster and more effectively.
  • Helps fight the signs of aging.


  • Usually very expensive!
  • Can cause irritation and allergic reactions to those with sensitive skin.
  • Not a good match for individuals who have Eczema or Rosacea, as they have a weakened skin barrier and usage can cause flareups of the skin condition.
  • Designed normally to only treat a specific problem.

What's the best way to apply?

  1. Start with cleansed and toned skin.
  2. Use very little amount-a pea sized amount is good!
  3. Spread on your face and neck area.
  4. Follow with moisturizer, 
  5. Try to use overnight, as serums tend to be absorbed better during this time period.


  1. Lancome- Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate
  2. Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Resurfacer
  3. Tarte- Maracuja Oil {this is really a treatment oil but it's the price, feel, and ingredients it made the list!}
  4. Benefit- Instant Comeback Specialist Facial Serum




by Christina

  1. Sephora
  2. Ulta
  3. Tarte
  4. Julep
  5. Lancome
  6. Smashbox
  7. Bare Escentuals
  8. Stila *upcoming in 2015!


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(above) Sephora's Bday Gift


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Free Beauty Samples Bag

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(above) Tarte Gift Kit

(above) Tarte Gift Kit


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Bare Minerals Starter Kit (also Bare Escentuals)

Bare Minerals Starter Kit (also Bare Escentuals)


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