by Christina

I've definitely had my fair share of beauty mistakes when it comes to concealer as I know that a LOT of other women have as well! But over the years, I have learned a lot about what concealer brands , types, and tools are best to use for application and I wanted to share some of these super helpful tricks and tips:


  • Used to mask imperfections like: dark cicles, blemishes, larger pores, and age spots.
  • Tends to be thicker than foundation and blends imperfections by hiding different pigments into the skin.
  • Yellow= hides dark circles.
  • Green/blue= can counteract red patches on the skin such as rosacea or pimples.
  • Purple= brightens sallow complexions.
  • Pink= evens out fair skin w/"ruddy" appearance AND eliminates purple under eye circles on fair skin.
  • White= great for highlighting certain areas such as inner corners of eyes or cupid's brow.
  • Orange= usually reserved for darker skin tones, used to correct dark circles or severe dark spots and can even help w/hyper-pigmentation.
Use the color wheel above to determine what color of concealer is best to cover that color of blemish! >for example: GREEN concealer works best in covering RED blemishes.

Use the color wheel above to determine what color of concealer is best to cover that color of blemish! >for example: GREEN concealer works best in covering RED blemishes.


  1. Concealer Pencilusually wax or cream-based the pin-pointing & covering up dark spots and circles in addition to blemishes.> great for highlighting!
  2. Pen Concealer- often have sheer or luminous formulas = light coverage and will easily help get rid of dark circles.
  3. Stick Concealer- usually thick, high coverage formulas with also easily used for touch-ups! >great for pimples and zits.
  4. Cream Concealer- much like the stick version but can have higher pigmentation and a more full coverage formula> great for larger areas of the face such as your cheeks or chin!
  5. Liquid Concealer- can be lightweight to medium coverage and good to use for the under eye area.


  • Try applying during the light of day as this provides the best lighting and ensures your makeup will look good even under natural light when you leave your home!
  • For zits and pimples> use a pointed concealer brush and put a dot of concealer directly on the problem area, while blending it around the base of the pimple as well {you can also use your fingers}
  • For other imperfections> use a synthetic concealer brush and use concealer sparingly & avoid using thick layers or you will look like you have a mask on!
  • Once you are done with your concealer, set it by using putting a thin layer of powder (translucent) over the concealed area.


  1. Tarte >BB Tinted Under Eye Correct w/brush $24. *One of the BEST products at eliminating under eye circles that I have found! Combined w/the included brush, it really does the job well in covering up an area that can be really challenging in concealing. A little also goes a long way w/this concealer too :)
  2. Benefit >Boi*ing $20.*I love taking this w/me for touch-ups! It's small, conceals any blemish including dark circles really well, and lasts all day long with a nice silky finish.
  3. L'oreal> True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer $8.99.*Cheapest on the list by a long-shot but also surprisingly effective-especially for the price! The application also makes it a fool-proof application for anyone.
  4. Cover FX> Blemish Treatment Concealer $25.
  5. Clinique> Airbrush Concealer $20.
  6. Stila> Stay All Day Foundation Concealer {comes w/1.oz Foundation, .02 oz. Concealer, Spatula, & Mini #35 brush} $44