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I used to breath and live by the motto that I couldn't spend "all that money" on my hair...until I had a couple of very unsettling run-ins with some not-so-very-good hair color results :0 The do-it-yourself approach is always one that I've admired and as a fairly open-minded person, I will at least try something once. But I've learned painfully over the years, that it's not always necessarily the best approach to beauty.

We all have our inner-stylist,  although there are some things that are meant to be left to the experts. As my hair is quite a challenge in general with a coarseness and thickness that's incredibly difficult to manage, which is why I felt I needed some professional help with my hair color. When it comes to having scored a great stylist, I consider myself to be fairly lucky as she's fantastic and has done a wonderful job for a few years now.

There is a drawback though to her awesome job and that's the amount of money I end up spending every time I go. It's usually upwards of $200, sometimes less- that I end up paying in the end and I do admit that's not exactly easy for me come by as often as it needs to be done. I've discovered over the past few years though, that there are a few easy tips and steps you can take to prevent that costly expenditure from occurring as often:


  1. Start with your shower: many may not think of this right away, but it can be a BIG culprit to causing your hair color to fade :0 Why?! Hard minerals like Chlorine that are used to provide safe water, also tend to fade your color and leave your hair looking dull and flat! An easy fix? Swap your current shower head for one that contains a water purification system. An affordable option: Culligan RainDisc Showerhead [$47.99] 
  2. Avoid over-washing your hair and try to keep it around 3 times a week if possible. The constant usage that we provide through our hair care products, does fade your hair's color/dye over time! The reason being, is that your hair's cuticle is lifted due to the cleansing abrasives in most all hair care products, i.e. shampoos and conditioners and it causes hair color to fade in turn :/
  3. There has been a lot of debate back and forth on whether or not hair products designed to extend color actually work and I'd have to say that for me personally- I've been able to tell big difference. Your color IS going to fade with continued washing and that IS inevitable, however using the right shampoo and conditioner can make all the difference in the world. My FAV right now: Arvazallia Color Care Sulfate Free Shampoo [$36] & Restorative Conditioner [$36]. Make sure to check out my review of these awesome Arvazallia products below! :)
  4. Deeply condition hair with a good, penetrating moisturizing treatment that also boosts shine, strength, and aids in preserving your hair color as well. Try: Rejuvenating Hair Mask Deep Conditioner from Arvazallia [$45]. This should not be avoided as it's especially needed for color-treated hair that can become dry and brittle from continual application.
  5. Skip on the reds/redish tones as these WILL fade faster! I'm a lover of the occasional red highlights and I admit that I have noticed this- it's especially apparent when I mix some beautiful red highlights in with blonde. The red ones always seem to fade more quickly. IF you do go for a red color, try utilizing shorter and cooler showers as the hotter temps mean that pigmentation tends to escape at a greater rate, since your hair tends to be more relaxed!

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Sulfate Free Shampoo

for Color Treated Hair


I've actually gotten the chance to try out Arvazallia's hair care products before and I was really hoping they would come out with a line specifically for color-treated hair! When they finally did, I knew I had to get my hands on some ;) Their other hair care products are also excellent for dyed hair as they don't contain sulfates or parabens, but this line in particular is extra nourishing for the challenges that coloring your hair can bring!

I will say though, that as fantastic as these products are, they are wonderful for ALL hair types too. The shampoo really has the consistency of most high-quality shampoos you find today, BUT it doesn't contain all of the usual harsh ingredients. It won't leave your hair feeling dry or brittle and instead leaves it nicely moisturized and smooth. This product also works very well in tandem with the conditioner I also reviewing today and as an added bonus, the smell it awesome!


Advanced Color Care Restorative Conditioner for Color Treated Hair


Have you been seeking an effective conditioner that doesn't strip your hair of it's essential oils, leaving it super soft...without all of the yucky ingredients?! This is THE conditioner for you :) I would recommend this one for most hair types and you will definitely notice the improvement in shine, strength, and hydration with just the first usage.

It also has a great scent as the shampoo does and doesn't leave your limp or dull. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to rid their hair care of the bad stuff and bring in the natural and positive ingredients that make a real difference to hair health! You will LOVE this conditioner!


Rejuvenating Hair Mask & Deep Conditioner for Color Treated Hair


This is DEF the BEST conditioning treatment I've run across for hair in a LONG time! I was impressed with how absolutely soft and luxurious my hair felt after just one application- I have been truly amazed by the results. It was a LOT easier to style my hair as well and there was no frizziness or dullness to speak of. My hair felt ultra hydrated, even the next day!

If you've been seeking "The One" in regards to the perfect hair treatment, this is the way to go :)  The slight drawback might be the pricing for some, however I can attest to this product's quality and effectiveness- making it a great deal in my book! Plus, you don't have to use much of this super creamy formula for application, which means you won't go through it as often as you might think- even with weekly usage. 


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