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It's definitely difficult these days to achieve the Hollywood looks we see running rampant on the "red carpet" and on the stars. After all, most of these people have the money to dedicate to high-end products, designers, stylists, and makeup artists that many of us just don't have to means to acquire- I'm in the boat myself!

There is something though that I've realized in the past few years, that it's not always necessarily about how much money they are spending as much as it's about what they know! When you have experts at your beck-and-call, it's easy to get the advice you need AND the advice that really works. I like to call them "tricks of the trade" or you may have heard them referred to as "Hollywood Secrets".

The great thing is, that the trend has seemed to change with more and more of those beauty secrets being put out there for everyone to benefit from- and that's an awesome positive improvement in beauty that I'm DEF all about ;) One good example can be seen when looking at today's leading ladies and how they achieve their beautiful full and luscious lips! I've wondered this myself and quite honestly figured in most cases that it was a product or even cosmetic surgery in order to get achieve it.

But that may not always be how it's done as I discovered recently with a new beauty tool that's becoming quite popular for a reason: because it works! In fact, it turns out there are quite a few approaches out there to solve this age-old problem and they bring a lot of promises and claims along with them!

The problem is that many of these products don't really work that well- if at all , they can be very expensive, poor design and quality, and just all around frustrating :/ I've actually given a couple of the topical products a try and I had a couple of adverse/allergic reactions in addition to no success at all. BUT...this product IS different and offers up a genuine solution- check out The Beauty Closet's lowdown below:




 Model B



I admit that I was a bit skeptical from the start on how well this would actually work. It did seem that the claims might be true...After doing a bit of my own research, I looked at several testimonials and real accounts from women who had tried the product and had gotten real success and I thought that at this point, I definitely didn't have much to lose.

I never write reviews, and to be honest I was skeptical buying this product because there is not one bad review, but now I know why. This product is AMAZING. My friend and I got this lip plumber a week ago and have been using it every day. You do bruise a little bit at first, but nothing that you can’t cover up & it does fade away. My lips are noticeably fuller even when I don’t use the plumper. Really works!!!!!! Obsessed! Will probably purchase the double lobe soon!
— Erika *

As it stands currently, the average pricing for lip augmentation [lip plumping procedure] is around $900 in Texas and this is just for temporary treatments than can last anywhere from 6-9 months :0 The only other option is for a more permanent solution and that involves lip implants- costing you a whopping $1500+ per. implant!

At just around $70, this is a MUCH more affordable alternative that does exactly what is says. It arrives in a super cute box wrapped in a pretty bow, with a tag attached that contains some precautions, tid-bits of info, and some quick tips for usage. There's a tiny 36 page user's guide inside the box that also contains the tool itself, a strip of adhesive, a blocker, and mouth cushion.

The tool easily unscrews so that you can use it and when the bottom of the cute apple-shaped lip plumper is attached, you're able to leave it lying around and no one is the wiser ;) The silicone material that the tool is made with is very high quality and you can tell that from the minute you see it and pull it out of the box.

  I like that the mouth cushion is included as it does seem to provide for a better seal between your lips and the tool. It did take me a bit to get a hang of the process and I'd say the easiest way to start out with CandyLipz is to utilize the blocker piece which prevents you from enhancing both upper and bottom lips at the same time.

This will allow you to slowly adjust to the tool and learn how to get each lip down before doing both lips simultaneously. The instructions advise for possible "hickey-like" marks that can result from the first initial usages, but I didn't experience this. I would advise though to try it out the first few times at night and either you upper or lower once at a time so as to minimize this.

If you do manage to have any issues like swelling or marks left behind, then they should subside by the morning. After a few attempts, I managed to get the look I was going for and they looked fantastic. Once you get your lips pouted forwards and into tool after it's compressed with one hand, you can slowly release it and allow the suction force to do it's job.

So far my lips have permanently increased in size by 20%. This may not sound like a lot but it has made a noticeable difference. And I am very happy since, once again, it’s permanent and I can stay a week without using the pump and my lips are still bigger than what they used to be. My mouth now has a pouty, youthful look. Also, I have almost no wrinkles on my lips anymore.

I also bought double lobed Model A. Both model A and B work miracles.

Good customer services as well, very courteous. They ship to France. Thanks a bunch to Dr Thienna and her company.
— Anne *

You can also pump the tool a couple of times to get the desired effect you want, however I would be careful doing this initially so as to avoid getting undesired results as the instructions advise are possible!  Moisturizing your lips before and after is key here as well and I did find that this aided in better results and usage of the tool in general.

I love applying a great shiny gloss or bright lip color immediately after using CandyLipz and my lips look full, fabulous, and perfect :) I have super thin lips and this is really the only thing that I've tried that actually got them looking awesome.

The slight downside is that this only lasts for about 2-4 hours, but you can continue to use the tool as often as you like. I was not only surprised by the results, but have been absolutely thrilled and I would recommend this to anyone of any age or lip type that's interested in improving their lip size without the dangers and costs associated with surgery. 

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