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I am not the biggest fan of the colder months and I suppose that has something to do with me being a native Texan. I can deal with the almost unbearable heat + humidity okay, but throw some cold temperatures, wind, and possibly winter precipitation my way and I'm quite miserable.

It's just not for me, however there are many who absolutely love the cold weather and actually enjoy it. When it comes to positives, I have been able to find a few myself as well- holidays, new fashion & makeup trends/colors, and great sales & deals ;) One of the slight drawbacks though that seems to suffer a bit during the fall season and colder months, is the way in which my hair and skin react.

My skin tends to get parched and my hair becomes sometimes fairly lifeless and dull. The thickness and coarseness of my hair do make for a sometimes difficult task of styling it- especially starting around this time of year when it becomes much dryer!

Just by looking briefly in the hair care section of almost any beauty store or online site, I can easily see how I'm not alone with these hair and scalp issues: there are products out there from just about every brand and type of approach, that try to tackle super weak and dull hair.

Unfortunately, many are pricey, often don't work, or if they do manage to be effective- they don't exactly bring the results you are looking for. I have learned though, that there are some easy things that you can do to prevent the lifeless, dull, and weak hair that can appear in the colder months- Check 'em out below :)


  1. Try the inside-out approach to improve health your scalp and hair!  I really LOVE this is a solution because it works- when you tackle the problem from the inside, you beat those problems before they even start :) Vitamin C , Calcium, Collagen, and Gooseberry extract can all boost hair strength and give ultimate shine. Noecell's Keratin Hair Volumizer is one of my top picks and a 30-day supply is just around $17- you will really see results = improved strength, volume, and shine. 
  2. Swap out your lighter conditioning treatment/leave-in conditioner for a richer & thicker moisturizing cream- this will help combat the ongoing damage that your hair continues to take from indoor heating, snow, wind, and outside cold temperatures that cause hair to become brittle. The Deep Moisture Hair Mask Intense Conditioning Treatment from Marula provides awesome deep-hydration AND has NO parabens, sulfates, or phthalates [$36] :)
  3. Skip shampooing EVERY day :0 This may sound a bit crazy I know [lol!] BUT, it's okay not to wash it every single day- most hair stylists will tell you this as well and the reason why is that in doing so, you are stripping your scalp/hair of its natural oils and drying out hair as well. The colder months amplify this issue and it this is an super easy way to prevent it.
  4. Avoid taking long, hot showers and you will reduce the dryness of your scalp and hair by taking cooler and faster showers. And before you actually get into the shower, massage your scalp with a pre-wash treatment or oil like Coconut or Olive oil. One of my FAVS: Agave Oil Treatment [$40], is a lightweight, non-greasy formulated hair oil that adds super shine and rejuvenates scalp/hair with: Coconut, Sunflower, Vanilla, & Safflower botanicals!
  5. Change your shampoo AND conditioner- this may seem like a "no-brainer", however there are many [myself included] who LOVE their current routine. But your hair goes through quite a bit environmentally during the Fall & Winter months and making that change can make all the difference in the world for scalp and hair health. One awesome pair of products that I highly recommend: Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo & Volumizing Keratin Conditioner [$34.95 ea.]. Check out my review of this awesome due below! :)
Gooseberry Blossoms

Gooseberry Blossoms




Scalp Stimulating Shampoo &

Volumizing Keratin Conditioner

$34.95 ea.

[$49.94 as a set w/ BONUS FREE Detangling Comb= SAVE $30]


Find it   HERE

Find it HERE

#StriveSTORY    #iFabboMember

#StriveSTORY    #iFabboMember

Although this are designed for thinning and fine hair, this is a great product for those just wanting to improve hair health due to issues like weakness and dullness. What I really liked about this duo before even trying out them out, was that they don't contain all of the normal harsh ingredients that most shampoos and conditioners do.

It also has a really nice scent and light tingle on the scalp that really leaves your hair and scalp feeling refreshed and clean. You don't have to use a lot of either product to get good effectiveness, which I found fairly impressive. Many hair products that boast they are free from the normal harsh ingredients usually take quite a bit more product in general for me and in the process I end up using a lot more.

As the costs can also sometimes be higher too, this can really hurt your wallet easily if you're going through your shampoo and conditioner at a much faster rate on top of it :/ I haven't had that issue however at all, with the Keranique products :) What really seemed to be the noticeable difference for me at least, was the incredible change that my hair made after it dried.

Firstly, letting my hair air-dry is well shall we say, a bit dangerous: it ends of looking terribly frizzy, out of control, and every-which-way :0  But my hair just didn't do that at all after the very first time I washed and conditioned my hair with this duo from Keranique. It was soft, manageable, and the frizziness was just gone! Although it did curl up, they were nice curls that actually looked cute. Before I'd even managed to style my hair I new I'd found a definite keeper :)

My styling was an absolute dream too- I spent half of the time doing it as my hair just didn't struggle against me to style, as it normally does! I was shocked at how well it reacted to my flat-iron and it looks beautifully healthy as well. My hair has increased in strength and volume, plus the shine and softness has returned! This duo has become my new go-to hair health tool and I would recommend this hair care system from Keranique to anyone of any age and most hair types :)

The slight drawback may be the pricing, however I will attest to the products high effectiveness and although there may not appear to be all that much product, these bottles should last you quite a while. The regular price is around $35 each, but you can snag both with a BONUS detangling comb for just around $50!



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