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Have you every noticed how much dryer your skin, hair, and nails can seem to become almost overnight, once the colder temperatures start to appear? With the difference in inside and outside environments in the Fall and Winter months, our skin does get challenged to stay moisturized, protected from the elements, and healthy.

Your skin is not the only thing to suffer though as your lips can become thin, dry, and cracked from the colder weather and wind. Increasing your intake of Vitamin B can combat this issue or giving a lip treatment a try! Cold sores can also pop up, seemingly overnight :0 Leaving them alone is really your best option and sticking to an over-the-counter or prescription med will aid in faster healing.

When it comes to your skin, your hands can really take a beating as they suffer from the constant drawing of moisture from them. Make sure to moisturize immediately after washing your hands to help lock in hydration and slowly warm up your hands when coming from an outside cold environment to a warmer inside environment.

This prevents blood vessels from contracting, which causes the itching, burning, and swollen hands that you can often experience during the Fall and Winter. Another super simple and easy solution to fighting both your hand and skin issues during the season, is to add a hand/body scrub to your beauty regimen. Take a look at The Beauty Closet's easy body scrub tips below!


  1. When many hear the words body scrub they might also think expensive! I often thought this as well, however there are many great and affordable products out there that don't cost a ton of cash in order for you to get a quality item. Top Pick: Nubian Heritage makes some VERY affordable scrubs that are all around $13- make sure to check out my review of their Mango Butter and Patchouli & Buriti Hand & Body Scrubs below ;)
  2. AVOID harsh chemicals and other ingredients! Many of the hand and body scrubs of today are made with jagged particles such as seeds or synthetic beads that only end up doing more harm than good, causing more: irritation, redness, and breakouts! Skip products with emulsifiers too as these will leave behind residue on the skin, effecting its overall health!
  3. Try NOT to over-scrub. This is VERY easy to do as you may feel that you are doing good at the time, however the motto: "Too much of a good thing" comes into play here. If you do manage to scrub too much, you will end up removing the top protection skin layer and exposing it to UV rays and causing more irritation, rashes, and dryness. 
  4. Choose the BEST scrub for your skin type and based on how often you will be using it and the specific focus, i.e. moisturization, exfoliation, etc. For sensitive skin types, go with ingredients like honey and oatmeal that are natural and gentle,yet still provide excellent exfoliation and at the same time, will reduce inflammation. Normal skin types can try scrubs with fruit kernels and nutshells for example, as they will provide excellent exfoliation naturally. 


NUBIAN Heritage



This is my FAV body scrub of the 2 products I'm recommending and I will admit that it's mostly because of the lovely scent. I am normally not a big fan of scrubs and other skincare products with Mango and similar smells as that are usually a tad too strong and can sometimes linger annoyingly into an all-day ''too-sweet" scent! This hand and body scrub from Nubian Heritage changed my mind completely about products containing Mango as I fell in love with this product right from the start.

It works really well and with little effort, at removing dead skin and leaving behind smoother, softer skin. Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and tropical Mango Butter give your skin ad added boost of moisture and exfoliation without redness or irritation. I'd highly recommend any of Nubian Heritage's body scrubs for any age and skin type [they currently have 4 options/focuses to choose from] :)

NUBIAN Heritage


I was really surprised at how fantastic this Patchouli & Buriti body scrub from Nubian Heritage smelled and worked with no skin irritation! The scent is just the right balance of Patchouli and the formula is the perfect blend of natural botanicals as well. This product will leave  your skin feeling soft, moisturized, and glowing :) I fell in love from the start and at $13, the pricing doesn't kill your budget either!

It's very easy to get this kind of scent wrong, but Nubian Heritage does an excellent job here, however some may find this a tad bit stronger than they may like. If you prefer a much lighter scent, you may want to go with the above mentioned Mango Butter scrub as it still smells absolutely wonderful, but may be less of a strength in scent. 

With Shea Butter, Patchouli, Buriti, and Rose Hips, it's packed full of good-for-you ingredients that rejuvenate and hydrate skin without utilizing harmful ingredients to do it. That makes this product a top pick for me in the scrub category for its: affordability, effectiveness, gentleness, and natural ingredients. This one was an easy "win" for me and I'm glad I gave it the chance :)

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