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You may have tried more than one approach to teeth whitening like myself and discovered that these methods either cause tooth & gum sensitivity, don't work that well, or are a little on the expensive side. The kits that I have found to work, are usually complicated or require quite a few steps in order to achieve any sort of whitening- most of these systems normally take much more than one application as well in order to really show their effects :0

I'm been on the hunt lately for a whitening product that would suit my needs of saving time and money, without losing its effectiveness. Crest has come out with a good solution that I had the opportunity to give a try recently and I though I'd share my results with all of you and give you the real low-down...


Crest 3D White Brilliance

Daily Cleansing & Whitening System


What is absolutely brilliant about this product from Cest, is that not only is if affordable but it's a snap to complete with a simple 2-step system! I love that for just around $13, you can inexpensively and easily whiten your teeth at-home.

This really isn't an instant process however, I will admit- but that's mostly due in part to it's gentle formula that doesn't cause the normal teeth irritation that teeth whitening products often do. If  you are okay with using it on a daily basis though, you will see a significant whitening effect by the end of the first week.

With continued usage, the whitening factor will be increased and really starts to show fairly noticeable results. If your looking for a teeth whitening kit from a trusted brand that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, plus it won't cause tooth and gum irritation- Crest 2D White Brilliance Whitening System is the way to go ;) It's done an excellent job for removing years of coffee and other stains from my teeth thus far! 


Wow - the result on my teeth was fast and sparkling white! I even like the way the package looks on the bathroom counter. The toothpaste is sleek and deep sapphire blue while the step 2 package is pearlescent white. It was easy and pleasant to use, from a brand that I trust and had great results. Couldn’t have asked for more!
— Balsambell *
I have been using Crest 3D white Brilliance whitening and cleaning system now for a few weeks and I will never go back to using regular toothpaste. The system takes no more time than brushing your teeth with traditional toothpaste. After using both tubes, your teeth feel like you just got out of the dentist office. I drink dark soda every day and this system has lifted those stains and my teeth are significantly whiter after just a few weeks. My teeth have always been sensitive and I haven’t noticed any additional sensitivity after having used this product which was something I was nervous about. I will definitely keep using this product!
— Turrea *
My teeth look great! I feel more confident and really love how this toothpaste makes my teeth feel. My smile is not perfectly straight, but since this isn’t a strip, I’m able to get every spot in my mouth. I feel like my teeth are cleaner, which makes me smile more often. I love this toothpaste.
— ek5684 *
I think its the best product that really work for getting my teeth whiter .I did see a big difference in a few week .
I will always use it for now on ...Love It
— Carolle *
I use whitening products regularly (like every other month for a few days) so the actual whitening wasn’t drastic but there is something to be said about “brilliance”. My teeth sparkle...Strangers have noticed, I’ve been getting “beautiful smile!” compliments. What I like the most is this is a toothpaste . No strips to only whiten the surfaces it touches, ZERO tooth sensitivity (a big one for me), and it gives an extra dose of gradual whitening without an extra 30 min step. A win-win-win for me. I received this product to review as a promotion from the brand, BUT, I use Crest whitening strips anyway so I wasn’t expecting much of a difference. Pleasantly surprised!
— Aruna21 *

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