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  1. Start with the RIGHT smoothing shampoo and conditioner! You want to look for products that will help moisturize hair and also strengthen the hair cuticle. It's super important to make sure you start off with a good foundation- especially for sleek styles.

  2. If possible, avoid harsh chemicals and irritants on your hair, such as products that contain sulfates, dyes, or parabens- these will end up stripping your hair of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry and brittle :/

  3. When brushing hair, try utilizing your fingers first and run them through your towel-dried hair after applying a leave-in conditioner. Then, using a paddle brush, gently comb through your hair and that will ensure the product will be evenly distributed.

  4. During blow-drying, apply a product like a heat-protectant spray so that you'll strands will be shielded from heat damage and frizziness!

  5. Finish off your sleek style with a flat-iron to keep strands straight and your hair's cuticle sealed, using a styling or anti-frizz cream to tame ends and complete your look :)

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Attention Grabber 1"

Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener


This  is a fantastic find at a great price and I was very surprised at the excellent results I got on the first try with this straightener! It's cutely styled and the design is actually ergonomic as well as it's composed of Silicone to give an easy grip while styling. This iron also gets up in the decent range as far as heat, with an up to 400 degrees F setting option :)

Another plus for this inexpensive tool, is that it doesn't take forever to heat up with an "instant recovery" feature- something that I normally see with high-end hair styling tools. I'd recommend the Attention Grabber from BedHead to anyone looking for a great sleek style, without the huge price-tag!






This makes putting up a pretty bun a cinch with a unique approach to accomplishing a sometimes difficult style ;) You can also create a variety of styles like the side bun , french twist, or half up-do bun that makes the tool fun for any age or hair style. Plus, it doesn't cost a ton of cash so you have more money to spend on other great hair products and tools!

As for using the tool, it does take a couple of times to master I will admit. It's easier I found, to pull your hair through the tool's middle opening first- while ensuring that each end of the Sophist-0-Twist is pointing outwards/away from you. Then "roll" up your hair by starting the ends and twisting each end with a flip of your wrists. Once you've rolled up your hair in the tool, bend each end down in order to form a circle. I like to tuck up the ends underneath the bun which also makes it virtually invisible ;)

What stood out for me with the Sophist-O-Twist, was that it doesn't require pins or clips and it's not necessary to be a "pro" to achieve your own super cute hair looks. I was able to figure out how to make a bun on the first attempt and found it fun to see what other styles I could make :) It's super soft too and it's a nice inexpensive tool to utilize when you don't have much time!



No-Slip Velvet Inside Elastic Hairband



LOVE this adorable elastic headband! It's just under $4, so it doesn't break the bank either. The soft inside lining is perfect for creating a non-slip surface so the headband really does stay right in place- no pins needed :0 Sometimes I have found some of these hairbands of this type can be uncomfortable to wear, however this was from Revlon is well-designed which means it won't budge OR hurt your head!

I noticed right away that I had no issues with it feeling as though I was having to adjust it constantly throughout the day or that it was bugging me to the point that I just wanted to take it off.  I like that I can wear this the entire day without it giving me a headache AND it's a stylish, affordable way to keep my hair looking great!
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