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If you've ventured into the at-home treatments in order to save yourself some cash or maybe even save yourself the time and effort of a professional therapy, then you might have run into a couple of issues. I quickly found that there were often no solution provided on at-home facial peels for example, after trying out my first at-home chemical peel. Even though it was very mild and considered to be at a super low concentration and level, I did have a slight burning and tingling afterwards :/

It was not terrible and I was able to deal with the annoying feeling it left on my skin, however even the application of lotion and a couple of other products didn't really seem to help that much. After the next couple of peels that I tried, I really started to notice this irritation on my skin- especially right after the treatment!

One solution that was suggested with the facial peel's box, was to utilize a mixture of water and baking soda following application. I did try this method and although it seemed to help quite a bit, it was gritty and uncomfortable to put on my skin as well :o With this experience fresh in my mind, I set out on a new "hunt" of sorts to see if I could score a great product that was designed with this issue in mind...

This is when I came across just what I was looking for- a product that was designed to address soothing skin, reducing redness, inflammation, and irritation as well! It turns out that there are some things out there to aid in skin that's been through professional treatments like waxing and shaving- in addition to at-home treatments! Check out my review on PCAskin's CliniCalm 1% below:


  1. Cool water!!! First things first- make sure you have rinsed off the product very thoroughly with cool water AND ensure that you do this immediately following the treatment. 
  2. There are numerous natural, DIY remedies that will work fairly well too...just beware that they sometimes can be messy in the process :/ Oatmeal or water mixed with either baking soda or vinegar can reduce irritation and burning almost immediately!
  3. Avoid applying products following your at-home peel or microdermabrasion treatment that contain ingredients like oils, detergents, or abrasives that can cause even more irritation :o


PCAskin CliniCalm 1%



PCAskin was created in 1990 as Physician's Choice of Arizona and started by a few doctors and an aesthetician; this then grew into Physicians Care Alliance, LLC and became a worldwide organization. They are now part of over 8,000 medical and aesthetic practices and are also sold in over 50 countries throughout the world! The company is known today as PCAskin and they provide a fairly wide variety of skincare products ranging from Toners and facials washes to Body and Collagen Hydrators. 

The fact that the company's products are the brainchild of skincare professionals means to me, that they most likely know what works AND what's best for skin ;) What better place to start with good skincare solutions than straight from the source- doctors and experts in the field! When I came across this product, I had a fairly good feeling that it was going to be the perfect solution...and I was right!

What solution exactly am I talking about?! I myself admit to having mild to even medium skin irritation like tingling, redness, swelling, and burning following at-home skincare treatments. I have especially noticed this issue arises when I utilize a microdermabrasion treatment or an at-home facial peel! I got my first chance to try out CliniCalm almost right after it arriving when I decided to utilize a microdermabrasion cream that I'd used before.

Since I'd utilized the microdermabrasion product in the past, I knew that it can cause a slight burning and redness immediately following application :/  It was no different this time around and I did even have to seem more irritation than I usually did! Right after putting on the CliniCalm from PCAskin, I could feel immediate relief! Not only did this product soothe my skin, it calmed down the redness and burning as well ;) The swelling and tingling that I was feeling after using my at-home treatment, were greatly reduced too. 

I was beyond glad that I'd given CliniCalm a chance and I've decided to make it my go-to product to calm my irritated skin after my facial peels and other at-home skincare ventures! This product really does work and I'd recommend this one to any age and skin type. The pricing might be a little higher than some might want to shell out at around $45, but this is an item worth it's price. 

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