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I'd heard of these myself, but didn't know that micro peels are actually a type of chemical skin peels that don't penetrate as deeply as many chemical peels normally do. In the past, these treatments were done in a skincare professional's office, took up to around an hour of actual treatment time, and cost upwards of $100! Insurance also rarely covers the costs of micro peels and it should be noted too that they can cost even more - anywhere from $400 - $700 for a complete cycle.

An entire cycle of these treatments is needed in order to provide several peels and can be over a $1,000 or more for the entire year. Thankfully, there have been changes in recent years that have allowed us to sidestep those costly in-office visits in exchange for safely utilizing in-home skincare treatments like micro peels! As for what micro peels accomplish, the effects are wonderful: within about 2 weeks after dead skin cells have had their chance to slough off, skin will look and feel more moisturized with increased smoothness, reduced pore size, and improved tone/evenness.

The go-to choice ingredient for a micro peel is glycolic acid, which can be applied directly to the skin. You do however, want to utilize a neutralizing solution BEFORE also rinsing off the peel with cool water! Not too long ago, I got the great opportunity to try out a fantastic Glycolic micro peel from Oz Naturals and I wanted to share that experience with all of you as it was a positive one and I'd definitely recommend this as a great at-home peel for those wanting to start a medium level/strength micro peel:

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OZ Naturals Glycolic 50% Micro Peel

[Medium Strength]


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This is the perfect addition to anyone's at-home skincare treatment arsenal and is a great inexpensive alternative to those costly professional office visits! As with any facial peel, I highly recommend to use extreme caution when utilizing ANY chemical peel- especially one that you are using for yourself without an expert's supervision. The reason that I say this is that you do NOT want to cause harm that can't be undone and could even leave lasting negative effects :0

I don't want to scare anyone as I regularly use at-home treatments myself, but I always: remain cautious, do my research, pay very close attention in detail to what I am doing while performing the treatment, and regard all advisement from the maker of the product for proper use and aftercare. Oz Naturals took great care to address ALL of those concerns which is one of the reasons that I recommend this one to even those who might consider themselves to be beginners in the world of at-home peels.

For starters, the Glycolic 50% Micro Peel from Oz Naturals is well-packaged and has 2 separate inside compartments inside its box. one side contains the pump portion of the lid, while the other partition has the actual bottle of product- this is sealed well with it's own lid too. There are 3 individually wrapped gauze sponges included inside the packaging, in addition to an instructional insert. The included instructional guide gives all the right tips including: to NOT use toner OR exfoliate, avoid the areas around your lips, eyes, & mouth, AND to refrain from utilizing products containing Retinol for a couple of days following the micro peel's application.

The directions do suggest also to use the product about once a week and really no more than twice a month and I would agree that due to the strength of this peel I would stick with the recommended application frequency. One of the more important steps of the entire process is to ensure to leave the micro peel ONLY on for the suggested 1-4 minute period AND then you must neutralize the solution by applying [pre-mixed] 1 cup of water and 2 Tbsp. of baking soda by using cotton pads.

Follow this neutralization by rinsing off with cool water! Oz Naturals does state that it's a good idea to use a 30 SPF sunscreen on a daily basis for at least a week's time after using the product too- otherwise the skin could be left with hyper pigmentation as a result :o Although this micro peel is a medium level formula, it will probably not cause your skin to fully peel and only the top layer has been removed. This means that although you may show some signs of irritation and redness, you can reduce that with something like PCAskin's 1% cream that will aid in soothing skin and eliminating redness.

I didn't have any issues myself with application or any unusual irritation or burning and I do have fairly sensitive skin, therefore I do recommend this one for most skin type, age, and tone! You will notice with the first usage as I did that your skin will be incredibly smooth and luminous with reduced breakouts and blemishes- plus increased moisturization and smaller pore size :) I was really happy with the results and at just around $25, this product from Oz Naturals is a great deal too.



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