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It's been difficult for archaeologists to pinpoint the exact time in history in which we first encountered this precious metal, however they have discovered that Paleolithic Man was most likely the first to come across gold around 40,000 BC. There are some records that show it's usage at around 6,000 BC. and the Egyptians utilized gold in their 3,000 BC. empire. It has been rumored that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra wore gold face masks to keep her beauty and perfect complexion preserved.

There is even mention of gold in ancient Chinese civilizations, when empresses took the metal and crushed it, using it in their skincare products in order to enhance their natural beauty. In fact, gold leaf facial treatments have become very popular in Japan and other Asian countries today and those they have these facials claim that their skin is rejuvenated, fine lines are reduced, wrinkles smoothed! 



  1. Firms skin with an immediate effect = plumper!

  2. Locks in your skin's moisture which means that your get a protective barrier too :)

  3. Fight the signs of aging by reducing lines & wrinkles + smoother skin.

  4. Even out skin tone with the power of gold's awesome antioxidants!

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OROGOLD 24K Anti-Aging Eye Serum


Let me start off by stating that normally I'm not one to necessarily indulge upon myself quite frequently- especially when it comes to skincare! My family, school, etc. come first and that really doesn't leave all that much room for luxe items that often. I do on occasion however, get the chance to score a great product for myself ;) I do have a rule though: if I'm going to spend decent money and more than I might normally do on just one item, it has to be the perfect product that I know I will use and it will last! That's exactly what I got with this Eye Serum from Orogold!

It comes fabulously boxed and you can tell right from the start that Orogold takes great care and pride in their skincare products! The box is well-made and closes shut with an invisible magnetic closure; the inside of the box is nicely lined with gold fabric and done with uniqueness so as to leave it flowing prettily around the entire bottle of serum ;) There is a generous amount of serum as the product comes in a 1 oz. size and you do not need much at all to get around both eyes.

I only had to use one pump depression in order to get out the perfect amount of the serum and that was enough for both eye areas! You can see and feel an immediate difference in brightness/luminosity, in addition to improved smoothness as well. I began to see an improvement in the fine lines around my eyes after just 3 days of use, so I've continued to use the product daily in hopes that the improvement is continual as at has been thus far! I will make sure to keep you guys updated on the progress!

I'd recommend this product to anyone wanting to lessen the signs of aging around the eyes, dark circles, puffiness, or they're looking for a great eye serum to add to their beauty regimen! I will agree that this is a luxe product and may not be something that you might normally spend on a skincare product, I can however attest that it DOES work- you will see real results :) If you're seeking a great gift for someone who loves beauty or skincare products or they seem to "have it all" this product is the perfect solution as well. 


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