by Christina


I admit that although I love utilizing natural and organic skincare products and cosmetics when I am able, I was slightly hesitant about trying out a natural deodordant! I have read a lot about the articles and other stories written almost wherever you look, in regards to the harmful ingredients in our deordorants and antiperspirants. But, from what I have been able to research so far, there needs to be more true and valid scientific research done on whether or not certain ingredients like aluminum that is present in most deodorants really does cause cancer.

For example, a study that has often been quoted from 2003 by the Chicago allergist, Dr. Kris McGrath; this study did NOT demonstrate though conclusively the link between breast cancer and underarm hygiene habits AND many specialists have concluded that there is considerable statistical weaknesses to Dr. McGrath's study. Parabens were found in a 2004 study in breast cancer samples, although the meaning it not yet clear and they were also discovered to have estrogen-like properties.

The research did not actually identify where the parabens came from and that buildup of parabens specifically, were due to the usage of deodorants. More studies and scientific research is needed tn determine how, how much, and what role that these ingredients exactly play in causing breast cancer. After doing all of this research myself, I did come to the conclusion that although the official verdict is still out for debate on deodorant and antiperspirants- I'd rather be safer than sorry!

I may not be paranoid of everything causing cancer, but I don't want to add to what's already stacked against me either. If I'm able to stick with something that is composed of more natural ingredients and still get great sweat and odor protection, then I'm willing to make the switch...which is exactly what I did! :) It was easier than I thought when I came across a product that seemed to really hit the mark with the natural approach to deodorant- without all of the hoopla! Check out my review of NATIVE's deodorant below:


NATIVE Deodorant


There are 3 great options for this product which means that you aren't stuck with unscented if you would like to go for a nice & light scent instead. I chose however, to go with the unscented version that's also paraben-free and aluminum-free too! It's just as easy to use as regular deodorant and unlike others that I've tried out in the past with Baking Soda, it doesn't cause irritation either!

As for working the entire day with just one application, I'm often hard-pressed to accomplish this with my regular deodorant in the past. But as soon as I started to use this deodorant from NATIVE, I didn't seem to have that issue at all and discovered that I only needed to apply this product once a day and I was good to go! I was afraid that with no scent either, I might have issues with this product- I was wrong about that too! This was the first unscented deodorant I've tried that I really liked and still kept the sweat and odor at bay. 

Another great factor I really LOVE about this product from NATIVE, is that it actually works as well- I don't have any issues with smell or sweat! I'd recommend this product to even those with sensitive skin and it's good for any age or skin type. It's also very affordable when looking at similar organic and natural antiperspirants and deodorants :)

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