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I started to notice more and more in the past few years, that these tricks were appearing on everyone from tv & movie star to musicians and news anchors! I wondered...How exactly are they pulling this achievement off? I tried various approaches and I even gave an actual airbrush machine that came with a makeup kit- to see if I could come close to the same beautiful perfection!

 Having your own personal makeup artist I am sure does help out tremendously, however I knew that there had to be a way to get at least close...right?! This was much more difficult of an adventure that I originally thought and after many attempts to get the look right, it didn't really seem to be happening :/

 It took many more tries and a bit of frustration before I felt that it started to go in the right direction and as time has passed, I've also managed to find a few things that have seemed to actually help! I developed my own process for achieving the airbrushed look with my makeup through a combination of beauty tools and awesome products. Check out my tips below:


  1. One of the key things that should be noted with achieving such a pretty and soft look, is that you MUST start with your skin itself! By having clean, soft, smooth, and moisturized skin you're going to allow the makeup & tools that are utilized to be efficient AND effective = at their BEST :) Try out a microdermabrasion cream or other exfoliator to aid in creating the perfect palette for your makeup.

  2. Don't be afraid to use the beauty tools/technology and tricks out there- you might be missing out :0 One great example is with the Beauty Blender sponge- if you haven't had the opportunity to give this unique tool a try, make sure to pick one up on your next beauty purchase! I recently gave one of the newer editions to the Beauty Blender family a try: the! [check out my REVIEW of this product below!]

  3. Many leave this step out, but it makes ALL the difference in the world: BEFORE application of ANY makeup [base, bb cream, concealer, etc.] apply a thin layer of Primer on your entire face AND let dry completely- before you continue your beauty routine. A good product to try: I'm a big fan of Skindinavia's Primer spray is one of a kind, easy to use, and works quite well. 

  4. When it comes to the makeup itself- avoid the usage of those with heavy formulas that will cause the "cake" look. I LOVE Tarte's Maracuja Miracle 12 Hour Foundation and it's currently my go-to makeup :) It has the right consistency,yet covers and isn't thick- but it doesn't leave your face feeling/looking dry and cakey!



$18 [for 2]

Hand down one of the best beauty tools on the market! I first had the fortunate luck of running across the original beautyblender a couple of years ago and I NEVER went back to another applicator again :0 The reason being?! I absolutely LOVE this tool and I am fairly certain I will never give up something that works so beautifully as the beautyblender does.

It doesn't leave annoying lines or unblended areas like brushes and your fingers can- it only leaves your skin with an airbrush finish- smooth and wonderfully blended to perfection :) This was a lot more difficult for me to achieve until I found this awesome sponge and I was able to cut out a few beauty tools as a result of adding the beautyblender to my regimen!

The is perfect for highlighting and contouring, but I found it to be perfect for the tiny areas around your eyes and nose for example, as well. The fine tip lets you get in the all the tiny places like the bridge of your nose so that you can easily blend to contour and highlight without too much effort. This may sound a tad bit silly...but they happen to be super adorable as well- the tiny pair of them are a cute addition to my grown-up pink and red versions of the beautyblender!

A couple of downsides: firstly, if you want to clean these little guys I highly suggest utilizing the beautyblender cleaner as normal or even facial soap doesn't quite seem to do the trick in cleaning them :/ If you don't already have this cleaner from previous usage of the beautyblender products, then this will mean an additional purchase for you.

I can say though, that the cleaner is a fairly decent supply and you probably won't need to buy any further of it for a while, once you do! The 2nd drawback is only slight, but I will admit the pricing is still perhaps higher than some might want to pay. However, there is a silver lining:

They do last for at least a couple of months if not longer- if they are properly,  regularly cleaned and dried. For me, if something is this effective, I'm also usually willing to dish out a little more cash too ;) I would DEF recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their overall beauty and skincare routine- this tool from beautyblender IS the way to go!

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