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I'm certain that the many years of over-plucking beginning in my high school years, has been the main culprit of my sparse brows of today :/ Of course, the style of our brows was entirely different too and they weren't the fuller, thicker [yet shaped, arched, & tamed!] brow-trend we have now. I started to feel as though I was out of place when I noticed them beginning to become the common-place style and I decided it was time to make a change.

If there's one thing I've learned about all-things-beauty...sometimes you have to take a little bit of a risk or venture out into uncharted territory. Otherwise, you might just miss out on a super cute style that looks great on you or a fantastic new product that you wonder how you ever lived without! Firstly, I knew I was going to need to increase growth and tone down on the plucking- I let my brows grow wildly for several months and I admit THIS was probably the hardest part of the entire process as it didn't always look that fantastic :/

It's probably a couple of months or so from me completing my goal, but I will DEF show my end results here in the near future ;) The second part was to reshape my brows, which I also found to be more difficult than I expected as I wanted to move the arches and create a new angle- in addition to making them longer. I chose to do this over time, utilizing a brow stencil to aid as my guide each time that I did choose to pluck.

Lastly, I started using a brow/eyelash growth enhancer that encouraged my brows grow back thicker and surprisingly it did start to work at around a month of usage. They are looking better these days and will be a nice set of thicker, more angular brows very soon :) Check out my easy tips below, on how to keep your brows great looking too:

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1. If you're wanting to grow out your brows as I've been, a great tool to help out with this is a growth enhancer or stimulator! They aren't very expensive either- you can score one from VIDI Skin Care for around $23 on Amazon. As for instant results, don't expect them with any lash/brow enhancer since it does take daily application over a course of 4-6 weeks before you really see noticeable effects. 


2. Want to tame unruly stray hairs?! This is super easy to do with a brow gel ;) Try Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel and you can achieve super refined, tamed brows in a flash. [make sure to check out my review of this product below!]





3. Switch to a powder, gel, or pomade formula when filling in, shaping, and lengthening brows- skip the pencil versions if you can! I've also gotten better results when I didn't- sticking with short and light strokes with a powder and angled brow brush can really help your brows look natural and beautiful [and not overdone!] Urban Decay's Brow Box is an all-in-one brow savior that will make even those that are inept at creating the perfect brows, can easily achieve them with this awesome product. Two great shades with both applicators for the included pot of wax and brow powders makes this $30 item a good buy as well. 

4. There are many of us out there- myself included, who may not be experts when it comes to creating the perfect brow. Good thing that Anastasia Beverly Hills comes to rescue with an awesome product I stumbled upon a couple of years ago and I wish that I had found them sooner- stencils! Anastasia's Classic Stencils can be purchased on their own or in a complete kit with brush, 2 brow colors, and wax. The standalone package is only $20 and since they are made out of pliable plastic, they can be easily cleaned and will last forever! There are 5 different sizes included in this bundle, which allows for just about anyone to find their shape/size :)

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ANASTASIA Beverly Hills

Clear Brow Gel


This brow gel may be a tad bit on the expensive side, but I absolutely LOVE how well it works! Unlike some similar products, this one doesn't flake or cause issues when it dries. Your brows will easily looked finished and refined with this product and you will be glad you spent the extra cash on this one!

The brush is a great quality too and really gets all of the hairs well so you can easily have them stay put, but not clump awkwardly together like brow gels can often cause your brows to do. The formula is clear and isn't too thick, but dries quickly for instant results. I scored a sample-size recently in Sephora Favorites Beauty Closet collection and I was thrilled to snag another tube ;)

I had the lucky chance of getting this product as a sample size a few months ago and I was just now needing to replace it! I'd recommend this to brow novices and experts alike and it's perfect for any woman of any age or skin type- it's also great for those with sensitive skin. The formula contains Chamomile extract to condition the hairs, without the product causing irritation or discomfort. 

This was recommended by a Sephora employee and I realy love it and use it everyday. It helps keep your brows in place and prevent fading of any product used to color or draw in your brows. It even works for frizzy fly away hairs you may have around your hair line with a simple brush through.
— Klmuchan-
This is one of my favorite makeup products and I never go a day without it. My eyebrow hairs are long and tend to move all over the place, but this gel keeps them completely in place all day without leaving a gunky residue or making them look shiny. It’s super natural looking and stays exactly wear you put it. This product is worth every penny!
— Ledhead1969-

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