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Julep LA Mystery Box 2015

Julep LA Mystery Box 2015

LA VS. NY...?

Every now and then Julep comes up with a fun approach to offering up some of their favorite products along with some new- bundling them all up together into one package. I love saving some things I may have been wanting in their store but didn't get in my month Maven box selections.

Normally, if I can wait long enough [lol!]- then there's sure to be a good deal or one of these great assortments boxes offered at a super low price. The recent opportunity that came up caught my eye for 2 reasons: firstly, I actually had a little bit of extra cash to throw towards a little treat for myself and I thought the idea was super cute as well :) With $100+ of beauty awesomeness wrapped all-into-one, of course I couldn't resist!

There was however something I hadn't quite thought of right off the bat...which one would I pick? Sometimes Julep will give you more than one option to choose from- noting though, that you do not know what you will get in any of the sets. The Mystery Box, as it's appropriately named- had 2 great options this time around and it was called, "Ny vs. LA". After debating for a bit and going back a couple of times to the site, I still couldn't quite make up my mind.

I asked my fiance for some help in what he thought I should pick, as he's my go-to "tie-breaker" for these kinds of things! He actually picked the same option that I already had in mind which made for a fairly easy choice: LA. If there was one place I could might move to one day, it would be in California and LA therefore seemed to be a natural choice.

I'm really not much of a fan of the colder, Northern states since I don't enjoy the cold in general! I've also lived in the South my entire life and it's beyond humid and hot , which makes cooler temperatures not much of a preference. When I really started thinking about it, perhaps it was an easier choice than I originally thought! 

Julep does normally allow for you to get a "sneak peek" of a couple of items that will be in ea. box, yet you won't know what every item is going to be. There is always the risk too, that if you are a regular purchaser of their products- there'a a chance that you might get something that you already have [a "dupe"!].

 In the past, I did choose to go with one of these options from Julep and it's ended up being a mixed review for me thus far- mostly due to me receiving items that I'd already snagged :/ But like they've done many times before, Julep has managed once again to surprise me! Check out my verdict of Julep's Ny vs. LA Mystery Box below:

Brave Pretty


Julep  Bianca  Nail Polish

Julep Bianca Nail Polish

Julep Brightening Nail Treatment

Julep Brightening Nail Treatment

  1. NAIL POLISH: Bianca- Bombshell, textured Silver holographic glitter with lots of sparkle *this was included in BOTH boxes! :) [$14 ea.] 

  2. NAIL POLISH: Becky- It Girl, Oil slick duochrome silk [$14 ea.]

  3. NAIL POLISH: Joanne- Boho Glam, Smokey plum creme [$14 ea.]

  4. NAIL TREATMENT- Oxygen + Brightening [$18]

  5. PLIE WAND- Kit includes: Wand, overcap, and Precision Brush [$25]

  6. EMERY BOARD- Double-sided emery board w/medium-coarse grit on one & fine grit on the other! [$5 a piece]

  7. SLIM ZIPPERED CASE- Cute bright pink travel case w/zipper and several inside storage pockets. [price unknown/not sold as standalone item!]

  8. *BONUS ITEM- 2 mini wooden cuticle pushers/clean-up tools

Julep  Becky  Nail Polish

Julep Becky Nail Polish

Julep Plie Wand

Julep Plie Wand

Julep  Joanne  Nail Polish

Julep Joanne Nail Polish

Pretty Spooky Welcome Box


After adding it all up, this kit would come up to just around $100 value as it's just at $90 before factoring in the pink zippered storage case and wooden cuticle tools. That's actually keeping the kit at just about full-price for all of the items together, however I'm a Maven or Julep member. Let's take a look at the breakdown: 

This means that technically, I get each of these items at discount price. Adding up all of those together is only about $73 at my Maven discount and that leaves me feeling that I might have gotten a tad bit shorted this time around as far as the pricing goes!  [I only spent around $30 for the entire set though...yeah!]. On paper, this does make the set a good deal, BUT it's a bit short of the targeted value of $100 in products. 

There are a couple of redeeming qualities though about this box, that made me decide that perhaps I wanted to keep it after all: you can't score the adorable travel-sized storage case on it's own as it's not available to get in any of the kits or on the site :0 Bianca, the gorgeous silvery nail polish, is also NOT available right now anywhere on the site- even for this month's colors that are just coming out!

I've been wanting to snag a Plie Wand for myself for a while too and that was a nice little added surprise that I didn't mind getting either. The Becky nail polish is probably my 2nd FAV in the entire box- the color is super unique and beautiful. As for duplicate items, I didn't receive any in this Mystery Box, which was another big plus for me.

With almost every box that I've managed to get as far as the Mystery Boxes go, I normally get at least one "dupe" and this made for a really nice change. I've tried out one of the nail treatments from Julep before, but had not yet given this one a chance and realize now that I've been missing out.

It's gotten mixed reviews on the site, yet I really liked how nice, healthy, and naturally pretty my nails looked immediately after the first usage of the Oxygen Brightening Nail Treatment! The formula is packed full of Lemon extract to physically help naturally brighten nails, with Lemon peel oil that also adds shine + moisture! This product really worked wonders on my nails and I keep using it on a weekly basis. 

The only drawback that I could find this time around overall, was that of the total pricing. I didn't quite see that $100+ worth of beauty items that was to have been included. I will admit though that regardless of the price issue/value, I really enjoyed the chosen products and look forward to trying out a new fall nail style with my new nail colors and Plie Wand ;) 

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