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Don't feel as though you're alone by a long-shot on this one! I may consider myself to be fairly savvy when it comes to beauty and skincare ingredients, formulas, and products- but this was one that even I wasn't familiar with! NIA-114 is actually a patented molecule that's only found in StriVectin-SD products. [I will explain what those are as well in a bit!]

The unique molecule was actually discovered during skin cancer research and is a different delivery system that allows for penetration into the skin cells with Niacin, via a micronutrient type of process. This special system is water-soluble and often found in quite a few common foods.

Although much research has been done in the realm of what Niacin does in regards to reducing cholesterol and metabolism, it's been more recently discovered that it can also protect the skin too! Not only can it help protect skin, but it can aid in repairing the skin from the signs of aging and damage from the sun!

Why all of the information about Niacin?! NIA-114 resembles Niacin however, it differs in several big ways. Firstly, NIA-114 is a form or Niacin called nicotinic acid and this compound actually stimulates the hormone leptin, which helps with hyperpigmentation and skin healing!

NIA-114 is also very different in that it's unique form allows for deep penetration into the skin's epidermis, while at the same time releasing it continuously and slowly! This all means that the end results is rejuvenated, healthier skin- from the inside-out :) Your skin's barrier is strengthened below the surface, allowing for powerful skin cell turnover and healing. 

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Advanced Retinol Pore Refiner


I was impressed from this product from the moment this arrived! I've heard a lot about StiVectin products, however I'd never actually given one a try and I was excited when I got the chance with this one :) It comes nicely packaged in a well-constructed shiny, silver box and is neatly packed into one side.

The tube that the product comes in is as equally silver and put together well and has a good-fitting clean snap-on lid as well. What I really LOVE about the tube is the applicator itself- it's design is top-notch which allows for you to get out just the right amount of product every time without wasting it...yeah! 

I have tried other products to make my pores less noticeable, but none have ever worked as well as this product. Also, the longer I use it, the better my skin looks - so much smoother. Thank you for offering such an effective product to your customers.
— SUZANNE BROCK ON 9/11/15 * strivectin.com site

That's a good thing too, as the slight drawback of expensive comes into play with this product too. I really found that to be the only negative about it, although I will admit that the good design keeps you from wasting and the formula does go a long ways when applying! The instructions advise to apply to your entire face, although I have only been choosing to place the product in target areas- including my neck.

Thus far, I have seen an excellent improvement in the reduction of pore size and a marked difference in my skin's smoothness as well. I'm on the 2nd week of using the Advanced Retinol Pore Refiner and I can even see a reduction in the lines that have started to creep up on both sides of my mouth and nose, neck, and small lines on my forehead. 

If you're looking for a great product that will reduce shine, smooth skin, and shrink pores down to almost nothing- this is DEF a product I would recommend. It's on the higher side of pricing, but it's worth the little bit of splurge ;) You will get results that are long-term and noticeable with the first usage AND it can be worn alone or with makeup!

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