THE BEAUTY CLOSET'S BEAUTY BOOK OF THE MONTH: The Green Beauty Rules, by Paige Padgett

by Christina


My mother was always the one to offer up an organic or natural alternative since I can remember, although at the time- I wasn't really into "those type of products". I had the viewpoint that because the words organic, green, or natural were included it was a lesser quality product. I even remember thinking that I was just going to flat out avoid organic products if at all possible as in my mind, they just didn't seem to make the cut! :/

 I was definitely missing out though and my mother was on the right track all along- there's something different about naturally-minded products, BUT in a very positive way. When it comes to less-harmful ingredients, safety, and quality, organic and natural is the way to go! They've come a long ways since those days as more research, money, and effort has been put into the industry.

There are a lot of wonderful, quality organic products and brands out there on the market today. In one easy term, "Green beauty" sums it up nicely! This focus on green beauty was on my mind when I ran across an awesome beauty guide recently- The Green Beauty Rules by Paige Padgett. My immediate reaction was that I had to share this fantastic naturally-focused beauty book with all of you...check out the lowdown below!



The Green Beauty Rules

The Essential guide to Toxic-Free Beauty, 

Green Glamour, and Glowing Skin

by, Paige Padgett



This is a good read for those just starting out with the green beauty lifestyle or those that are curious about changing their beauty routine from the inside out! If you've delved into the natural and organic skincare and beauty realm before, no worries! There's definitely something for everyone in this guide :) 

Paige Padgett is quite refreshing and witty, which makes the guide more like a fun read!  She starts off with her story, which is equally refreshing and genuine. Paige shares her frustration of hunting for quality green beauty products that her clients wanted and often demanded :/  Fortunately though, Paige was able to find a happy medium in both pleasing her clients AND providing then with quality, yet toxic-free beauty products!

I LOVE the 5 GREEN BEAUTY MYTHS that the author includes right off the bat! They're are right in line with what most people perhaps may believe about green beauty products are that are common misconceptions. Paige then goes on to explain what she calls your "Eco-Attitude: Three Levels of Sustainability", giving a good starting point and a guide to discovering what your own eco-attitude when it comes to beauty.

Chapter 2 contains some awesome information on how to care for your beauty from the inside out starting with your diet! She then goes on to explain how absorption works, why, and how you use it to your advantage. If you've wondered more about the "80/20 Rule", Paige really goes into depth about its importance and how to actually calculate it :) 

Chapter 3 is where the really good stuff starts happening, as you can check out cosmetic industry terms and natural and organic seals as well as their meanings. This is followed by a great list on products to avoid when trying to stay vegan and Gluten-Free, with a good explanation of what it really means to be Cruelty-Free too!

If you want to know if an ingredient is something to avoid or toxic, there's an entire chapter of over 40 pages of these listed and it's very detailed. You can even learn how to make the transition of this easier with Paige's transitional guide as well. I really enjoyed the list of drugstore items that you can score that she recommends and advises are the safer-bets, plus she shares some great brands and online shopping stores!

The back half of the book is probably my FAV portion as it contains a good layout for setting up your own green beauty kit, in addition to what Paige calls "Green Beauty Secrets" or tips along the way! Want to snag the perfect green beauty look for yourself? Paige shows you how to do it in Chapter 9 with excellent color photos, products used, and a step-by-step detailed guide for each look!

Paige ends this wonderful guide with a call to action to empower ourselves as she has only slightly touched on the subject and there's much more to be learned and discovered in green beauty. I totally agree with her and I myself feel that I am on the same quest, continually learning and researching whenever I can :) 


Paige Padgett is a Green Beauty Expert and celebrity makeup artist with a focus on living green and utilizing green beauty whenever she is able! I love that it wasn't necessarily her first chosen profession, yet something that as she looked back- was always meant for her :) Her mother is her beauty inspiration and that is definitely something that I can relate to! She's had quite a few Hollywood clients, although one of them actually ended up becoming a very close friend- Jilllian Michaels. 


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