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Have you heard of the golden polypody? It's actually just another name for the golden serpent fern! This plant is native the tropical and subtropical regions all over the world from Florida in the US, to the Bahamas and the Lesser Antilles. It's the only species of fern that you will find here in the US and it's regarded as being one of the most advanced classifications of the fern as it contains 80% of today's species.

This specific fern- the golden serpent fern, has been utilized in Central American folk medicine for man years, often as tonic for cures of various ailments: asthma, heart disease, and stomach discomfort/indigestion. It has been historically used in Europe as a treatment for coughing and to also to treat mental illness.

The Mayans even drank the tea and it is still made today in Honduran culture. The fantastic thing about this wonderful plant is that is has a lot of great things to offer :) A paper written in Drugs of Today by Gonzalez & Alonso-Lebrero, studied the effects of this fern on blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun. What they found was that the plant did indeed prevent cell death that was UV created, making it a valuable tool in regards to photoprotection.

Not only did they find that is was effective for protection of free radical damage, but it could be valid phototherapy option for those suffering from other skin diseases. Another scientific study published 2004 in Journal of the American Academy for Dermatology by Thomas Fitzpatrick MD,PhD and other qualified medical professionals, found that when taken orally, the golden serpent fern [Polypodium leucotomos] was found to be a very effective in protecting the skin from UV radiation. 

I decided that I had to get my hands on a product that would do just this as I have fair skin and it just didn't seem to me that the sunscreen products weren't always working that well for me. With super sensitive skin that is break-out prone as well, I wanted to find something that would aid in providing the best protection from the signs of aging due to the sun's effects.

This wasn't as easy of a task as I thought it was going to be however and I found myself ready to give up. The products I was managing to find just didn't have to seem what I was looking for: the quality wasn't there or the price was extremely high. Then I found HELIOCARE Daily Use Antioxidant Formula and I knew I'd found what I had been searching for :) Check out my verdict below:

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Daily Use Antioxidant Formula


Let me say firstly, that this is NOT a substitute for your normal sun protection and it should be utilized in conjunction with it. This product is designed to boost your skin's fighting antioxidant power against UVA & UVB damage caused by sun and the science behind it proves it will do just that.

However, it's not sunscreen and as HELIOCARE advises on their site and labeling that it should not be a replacement for sunscreen. The wonderful thing about this product is that it helps aid in beating those pesky free radicals and does it the natural way with the power of the golden serpent fern [PLE or Polypodium Leucotomos Extract].

There are 60 servings a container and at one capsule per serving, you are actually getting your $30 worth! It does improve dark spots as well and current sun damage too, which is a real plus :) I would DEF recommend this product to anyone of any age who wants to boost their skin protection from the sun, reduce the effects of damage from the sun, or you just want to prevent the dreaded signs of aging! [SCORE A COUPON FOR $3 HERE

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