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Awapuhi or commonly known as bitter ginger, is a specific type of species of the ginger family that is native to India and grows in mostly tropical regions like the Hawaiian Islands. Parts of the plant are often utilized in several cuisines and flavoring for food.

The extracts of the rhizomes or underground stems from the bitter ginger [awapuhi] have been used for many years in herbal medicine as well. People in Hawaii use it as medicine to cure indigestion and in Malay traditional medicine, they utilize the plant for stomach ailments and as an anti-inflammatory.


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The most common use however for Awapuhi, is for hair care. It's an excellent natural choice, as it will make your hair soft and shiny- without all of the harsh chemicals ;) If you have brittle or naturally dry hair, sun-damaged, or chemically treated- then Awapuhi is the natural and effective way to go!

Rebuild your hair's shaft without chemicals and harsh ingredients and lock in hydration- all with the Awapuhi plant. Looking for a great hair care product that contains the awesome natural power of Awapuhi?! Check out the lowdown on the shampoo and conditioner duo from Nature's Gate below:




Awapuhi Ginger + Holy Basil Volumizing Shampoo


If you've been seeking a great affordable and natural alternative to all of the expensive and not-so-great hair care products out there- this shampoo is THE product for you! In fact, I enjoyed it so much, that I let the entire family give it a try and it was a big hit for everyone.

I was surprised at the quality of the product, especially due to the price of just under $7 for each! I normally twice twice that amount when it comes to my regular shampoo and conditioner, so I was quite shocked to discover how much I loved how healthy, shiny, and soft was after using the Nature's gate duo.

The shampoo will suds up nicely, but doesn't leave you feeling like your've stripped your scalp of all it's natural oils. I loved how clean and great smellying my hair was with the first usage of this shampoo. As for the scent- it's fantastic and probably one of the biggest parts about the Awapuhi hair care products from Nature's Gate that I like :) I'd recommend this inexpensive and natural solution to almost any hair type or age!



Awapuhi Ginger + Holy Basil Volumizing Conditioner


I thought it couldn't get much better when I tried out the shampoo from Nature's Gate- that was until I tried out the Volumizing Conditioner! This is one of the best affordable, natural options for conditioning that I've come across and the smell is equally awesome as with the above mentioned shampoo :) I have super coarse and thick hair as well and this still left my hair manageable, very soft, and shiny.

Due to the nature of my hair, I was a little hesitant about the volumizing action of the product, however my hair looked fabulous! Leave this one in a 2-3 minutes, then rinse; you will notice the difference as soon as you get out of the shower. Before my hair was completely dry, I could tell how well moisturized, soft, and good-smelling my hair had become after just the first use.

I'll have to be careful though- the family loves this as much as I do and it's going to disappear quickly...even at the 18 oz. size that it ea. bottle comes in. ;) I suppose though that's okay since at this rate, I will be able to at least afford it! I give BOTH products in this duo ***** 5 STARS

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