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I used to avoid technology in general like "the plague" and it was from a very early age. We didn't even have anything in the way of a computer until I was in Junior High and they didn't do much of anything :/

It was complicated and bulky- not really that much fun to operate either. I decided from then on, it would be best to leave the realm of technology to others. Of course I was quite wrong in my thinking and perhaps now wish I'd have picked up a bit more back then.

Our world today is surrounded by technology and it's moving so incredibly fast these days that it's hard to keep up! A few years ago I was very fortunate to have met a wonderful man whom I am still with today and he is a very technologically-minded guy.

The way in which he looks  at technology- as something beneficial that can make our lives much easier, it changed the way that I looked at it as well. I stopped thinking of technology in general as a negative thing and realized that as I learned more about it, I had been missing out :0

Looking back, I suppose I was intimidated by technology and scared of it because I didn't know that much about it. I began teaching myself little by little, learning things here and there- like how to type, use a word processor and other programs.

Within only a short time, I began to see that this was the place for me all along- I actually enjoyed it! I even went back to school to further my education and learning- I will be going on to a technical Master's of Applied Science in Information & Communication Technology, with a specialization in Telecommunications after I complete my B.A. in the upcoming spring semester :)

I'm sure you're wondering by now what all of this technology talk has to do with beauty- it has to do with it quite a bit! That's the other side of technology for me as a woman AND as a lover of all-things-beauty :) Once I started to get more into technology, I began to see what the worlds of beauty and technology combined really had to offer!

Not only has technology made beauty easier, it's also opened up a realm of possibilities that weren't even there before. One of the trends that I've seen pop up over the last couple of years as a result, has been the increase in beauty apps.

This is an easy way to delve right into both beauty AND tech without getting completely lost- regardless if you are tech-savvy or not. I came across an awesome one recently that I thought I would share- check out my review of this great beauty app below:

Brave Pretty




beGlammed App

[free install!]

There are some drawbacks with the beGlammed app as there are with most, however I believe that will change as the app continues to grow! It's currently being offered in the following cities: LA, New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, DFW, Houston, Austin, Orange County, San Diego, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, and Scottsdale. That is a fairly decent list, but that still leaves many people out completely just based on location, which is why this won't work for everyone. The download site does promise though that MORE cities and areas will be coming soon!

What I really liked about this app right from the start, was how well it's laid out and easy to use. From the app's landing page, you can book your hair & makeup appointment together, or you can book just a hair OR makeup appointment as well. There's even a separate section for bridal bookings too. The Date Time tab that's included in the landing page will take you right to a calendar which allows for you to pick a day and time easily for available appointments- once you pick your location on the landing page's location tab :)

There's even a feature to call them directly if you would like to talk to a real person, in addition to being able to check on the history of your account- all right off the bat when you first open the app. beGlammed has done an excellent job of simplifying the process and making it super easy to use, with little navigation or difficulty involved! The great thing about this app in particular that sets it apart from apps similar in nature, is that beGlammed doesn't just stop at letting you make appointments.

A menu provided on the start page of the app offers up some more goodies! You can check out your account profile, the FAQ's section, and a great look-book that lets you see cute and trendy looks you can request.; this is one of my fav features of the app. IF you decided that you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, there's a requirement to do this at least 4 + hrs. beforehand or you will get charged.

This might be a downside, however most places charge much more unless it's a 24 hour notice, so for me a 4 hr window isn't too bad. If you change/cancel your appointment within 1-4 hrs, then you will however be billed for 50% of the total cost; you will get billed the entire amount though if you do this in under and hour's time from the appointment- which is a major bummer.

Based on this, I would advise not to schedule one unless you are sure you can make it and nothing else will get in the way- otherwise you can end up out a bit of money. For most I wouldn't see this as being an issue since they are after-all coming to you!  If you are late to your own location or appointment, there is a 15 min. grace period before you would be billed the total cost as a "no-show". The upside to all of this is that you can book appointments anywhere from 3 hours to 2 months in advance, which makes emergency visits possible :) As for pricing, they are mid-range.

You can snag an updo and makeup for example- ranging from $110-475 [1.5 hr. appt. duration], depending on what options or features you want.Overall this is a great app with a lot of offer. The pricing is probably not for everyone, but for the convenience of coming right to you and providing professional services- beGlammed is the way to go.



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