SKIP THE TRICKS & GIVE YOURSELF A SKINCARE TREAT WITH THE Passport To Beauty Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask!

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I think that most of us admit that it's nice to indulge in something every once and a while, whether it's your fav kind of lux chocolates, a new pair of cute shoes, or just a relaxing night watching a movie with someone special. Whatever it might be, it's nice to throw in a little glam with your beauty routine too- especially for those of us that are beauty-obsessed, such as myself!

That being said, there quite a few luxury beauty treatments out there that are fun, sometimes very expensive, and  they don't always deliver results- IF any at all :/ I enjoy a little beauty treat like the next girl, but it's important that it does some good as well! Although I understand that the very definition of something being classified as a luxury item means that it's basically nonessential, yet having a purpose and showing effectiveness should be a main concern of a beauty treatment in the first place.

If I'm going to go for an indulgent beauty treat, then I'm going to do it right! ;) One fantastic treatment I've found to be a super affordable option and hits all the right marks for quality and effectiveness, is the new Passport To Beauty Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask with Collagen and Rose Oil. The unique face mask is only $65 for 2  masks per. box and can be found at: Wanna know all about this awesome product?! Check out my review below:



Passport To Beauty

Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask


for 2 per. box


This product really is one-of-a-kind and you can tell the moment that it arrives! Each mask is packaged separately and comes in a box of equal size that keeps it entire package compact. You can refrigerate before usage if you'd like as the instructions also suggest or you can dip the mask in warm water for a nice pick-me-up during the winter :) There is a solution with each mask that contains collagen, colloidal gold, and Rosa Damascena Flower Oil.

I noticed how tightened my skin felt, in addition to increased hydration, smoothness, and luminosity as well! As for initial application, there is a bit of a trick as to the best way in getting the mask on. Since it covers your entire face but does have slits for your mouth, eyes, and nose you are able to breathe easily while it's on. I advise to be prepared to lay down, but I would make sure that it's near the location that you utilize to apply the product or you will find it difficult to navigate where you need to go.

There's a good amount of liquid formula that's contained in each package as well and that may be the reason you will want to do this in your bathroom or near a sink/counter in order to avoid a slight mess. The mask it actually folded up very well in a larger clear sheet and I found it easiest to unfold the mask and leave it attached by one side of the sheeting until I was ready to apply it. The eye slits and nose opening fit very well, but I did have a little issue with the opening for my mouth as I found it to be a bit small.

This issue did improve though if I kept my lips tightly closed and was laying down, vs. standing up with my mouth slightly open. I did feel a slight bit of tingling during and following the treatment for a few minutes, but it wasn't uncomfortable. This was something that I was expecting though, as similar products that I've tried in the past with colloidal gold or silver do seem to produce a slight tingle along with treatment.

After about 20 minutes you may remove the mask and ensure that all the product is removed from your skin by rinsing off with cool water. You can massage in the remaining product as suggested in the instructions if you would like and then follow with the previously mentioned step of rinsing with water. If you've been seeking an affordable alternative to a pricey spa trip or expensive at-home treatment, this is the perfect solution that's great for almost any skin type and age! 

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