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Don't feel as though you are alone! There are definitely days where I look and feel exhausted from the day's activities and my skin shows it :/ The cooler temperatures of the Fall and Winter aren't much of a help either and it can leave your skin feeling tired, dry, and stressed. Although many of us know that we need to eat healthy snacks & meals, exercise, stay hydrated, and get plenty of rest to help maintain a healthy lifestyle; but many of us [myself included!] have very busy lives with quite a bit on our plates, which means that we don't always stick to best nutritional and healthy plans as a result!

Unfortunately, this carries into other areas like our skin- not just our bodies. One of the improvements I've been working on as well, is how to tackle this issue from a natural approach; besides taking the "inside-out" angle by adding supplements and/or nutracueticals to the mix to improve overall body & skin health, I wanted something that would focus on the outward skin issues too and I found it in: Guarana extract. Want to find out more about this awesome plant? Check it out below: 


The Guarana plant is a native Amazon basin [Brazil] climbing vine that is commonly known for the fruit seeds- these seeds are usually around the size of a coffee bean! These seeds are utilized most often for dietary supplements as it's quite an effective natural stimulant, containing around twice the amount of caffeine that's normally found in coffee :0

Guarana can be used to provide a boost of "energy" in sweet and carbonated beverages like energy shots, but it's also put into teas and capsules. Here's the great part about Guarana when it comes to your skin: it's power-packed with tons of antioxidants, making it the ideal natural path to skin rejuvenation! It does this by aiding in the restoration of skin's connective tissue and in turn, improving its elasticity too.

But this fantastic plant doesn't stop there- Guarana is also has antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that make it the perfect choice for naturally achieving healthy feeling AND looking skin :) Last but no least, Guarana provides great skin hydration for your skin, leaving it nicely moisturized. Recently, I came across a super affordable skincare product containing Guarana and I wanted to share with all of you how much I LOVE the product and my verdict below:



Alpha Cell Exfoliator


*pricing @


Purified water, glycolic acid, kola extract, matte extract, guarana extract, sugar cane extract, citrus extract, apple extract, green tea extract, butylene glycol, polysorbate-80, diazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, potassium hydroxide.


This product is really one of the most effective and inexpensive exfoliatorS that I've found. It has a nicely simple list composed of natural extracts and ingredients that make me want to put it on my skin and not run the other direction!

It's rare to find such a great product for under $6, but that is exactly what you will get with NeoCell's Alpha Cell Exfoliator STEP II. I saw instant results in my skin's tightening, elasticity, and brightness; it made applying the remaining products in my skincare routine a lot easier- even when applying my makeup :)

I love that it dries in just a few seconds and is really easy to apply: with just a couple of drops from the snap-open lid onto a cotton puff, apply to your entire face and neck areas, and you're done!

Although Alpha Cell Exfoliator does contain Green Tea and a few other extracts, there's no annoying scent either- it smells clean and light. I would DEF recommend this product for any skin type, even those with sensitive skin. This is one affordable, effective product that is going to be hard to beat!

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I ran across a recent article from the New Haven Register microbeads that didn't paint a very pretty picture about what they are doing to the environment. This tiny beads that are less than half a millimeter in size, are often eaten by wildlife and this allows for other harmful pollutants to attach themselves to them!

The reason this is happening is mostly due to the products we use that contain these beads, are getting washed out through waste-water treatment facilities. I admit that I am not always environmentally conscious and I may not be the first in line to an environmental rally, but when I see that such a simple change could offer a positive difference then  I want to give it a chance!

As a beauty lover who tries to focus on organic and natural products when I can, I thought- There has to be a way around this one...right?! In fact, there actually is an easy solution to this one: Jojoba Beads! You may have heard of the Jojoba before, but you may not have know about Jojoba Beads:



The Jojoba plant is a small shrub that's Native to southern Arizona, parts of Mexico, and southern California. The oil is often utilized in aromatherapy, cosmetics, and other beauty products. Jojoba beads are composed of the esters, which is the hydrogented product of Jojoba oil. This substance is very similar to the oils produced naturally by the human skin [sebum] and is normally used in lipsticks and shampoos, for example.

What's great about Jojoba beads is that they are great natural emollients [for exfoliating the skin!], can be mixed with other water-soluble ingredients, and are quite resistant to oxidation. This makes them the ideal natural alternative to microbeads as they don't cause the same harm to the environment, yet they're still highly effective!



Body Merry

Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser


This is a cleanser that I easily came to love with the first usage. It's clean, non-annoying scent was one of the first things I noticed :) Although this facial cleanser is packed full of awesome ingredients like Rose Hip Oil, Jojoba Beads, Kojic Acid, and Tea Tree oil- it doesn't have the sometimes odd smell that I've gotten with some organic or natural cleansers I've tried in the past.  

The Jojoba beads make for a great exfoliator and you can really see and feel how smooth and soft your skin is with each use of the product. Body Merry really does make products that I LOVE and this one was no different. It's one of the newer items added to their line-up and I'm glad they decided to give the cleanser realm a try as they did an excellent job! This one is also super affordable and with the easy-to-use pump nozzle, you won't be wasting product or making a big mess in the process.

I have super sensitive and acne-prone skin and this has definitely helped with my breakout areas as well, but has managed to avoid over-drying my skin or causing more irritation and that's a really nice plus that you don't always find with similar organic or natural products. I'd recommend this cleanser to any skin type and any age. You won't have to spend an arm-and-a-leg either on this one! At 6 ounces for just around $18, this one will be around for a bit :)






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