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The answer to this would be yes I think for almost anyone- regardless of lifestyle and what might be going on in your life at the moment, we've all experienced one of those days! No matter what you seem to do at times, you just run out of time. Since going back to school a couple of years ago, juggling 2 jobs, and a blog- I've had little time for much else.

I've definitely had to become a little creative in regards to how I get ready for the day, finding ways to cut my time down. I started with my hair by getting a shorter hair style, new hair care products, and a fantastic new professional flat iron from 6th Sense; all of those changes alone cut about 15-20 minutes off of my time :0

My makeup routine has even changed a bit as I've acquired a couple of new beauty tools like the Beautyblender , that have helped out tremendously with my makeup application time as well. Even with all of these improvements though, there are days when I might have found it harder to get out of bed or perhaps I've simply gotten behind.

One problem that often arises-especially during the cooler months, will be my legs. With my skin getting dryer, my legs are normally where I notice this issue appears first. I sometimes find myself without the time to get them looking "red-carpet ready" before I leave. A simple trick that I've employed that's easy to do and won't take up much of your time, is to throw on a cute pair of leggings, tights, or even sheer hosiery!

They've gotten a tad bit cuter then in our mother's days and I had no idea how much I'd been missing out :) Not only will your legs look smooth, toned, and beautiful- you hardly had to do anything at all to achieve great-looking legs ;) Check out my top 4 recommended AND affordable picks from Hanes below:


Hanes Chevron Tights  in Black

Hanes Chevron Tights in Black

Hanes Chevron Tights

in Black

 2 for $20

These are super cute tights that will go with a lot of things in your wardrobe for the Fall & Winter seasons. I was really surprised at how comfortable I found them to be, even though they are composed of a 92% Nylon/8% blend. There have been times in the past where Nylon tights really caused an itching issue for me- especially after wearing them for a bit. These Chevron Tights in "Black" from Hanes, won't cause that issue at all and at 2 pairs for $20- you aren't breaking the bank either. 


Hanes Argyle Tights  in Black

Hanes Argyle Tights in Black

Hanes Argyle Tights

 in Black

2 for $20

The Argyle Tights from Hanes really hit it on the mark for me- they feel great and look super cute, without costing a fortune! The argyle print is really fun, yet sophisticated which means that you really can wear these with a variety of looks. These have a slightly different blend of materials than that of the Chevron Tights as they are made up of: 85% Nylon, 11% Spandex, and 4% Polyester. I like the mix of fabrics a bit more than those of the chevron pattern, as they do allow a little flexibility and lets your skin "breathe" nicely! At the same previously mentioned price point, you aren't spending an arm-and-a-leg to snag a great pair of tights to boot :)


Hanes Power Shapers Sheer Hosiery  in Black

Hanes Power Shapers Sheer Hosiery in Black

Hanes Power Shapers Hosiery

 in Black


If tights and leggings really aren't much of your preference, then you will probably LOVE these Power Shapers in "Black" from Hanes. They won't tear or get runs at the drop of a hat and your legs will look awesome in these. The nice plus on this pair in particular, is that you will get a light and sheer color, a slimming top, AND beautiful legs- ALL with just one product! As the toe is also designed as a sheer material, you have the option to wear shoes that still show your toes if you'd like and still keep your legs looking fantastic :) They are a little pricier than the previously mentioned pairs of 2 for only $20, but the quality is DEF there.


Hanes Silk Reflections High-waist Control Top Pantyhose  in Jet

Hanes Silk Reflections High-waist Control Top Pantyhose in Jet

Hanes Silk Reflections High Waist Control Top Sheer Toe

in Jet


If you've been seeking something that provides absolute full-coverage with a slimming effect and a glam kind of a feel, there are the pair for you! There are great for a night out or if you're just wanting to "dress up" an outfit. They also have the run-resistant technology so they are excellent at not tearing too! At $9 they are super affordable and will really help slim down your midsection quite well. Composed of 81% Nylon and 19% Spandex, your skin will breathe well and you still get awesome-looking results :)

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