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With our busy lives and on-the-go ways, it's easy to become disorganized! I consider myself to be what you might call a "neat-freak" and that's why it wasn't easy when I came to the realization that it might be happening in my own life :0 But things in our lives change as they did with myself and I've definitely found that I just don't have the time I used to- especially when it comes to things like organization!

I used to pride myself in how organized I really was, which is why I decided that since I had a lot less time these days- I was going to need to take a different approach :) I came up with an easy solution that's perfect for on-the-go to work, school, etc. and even home! It took a while to find the organizer that was looking for , but I was eventually able to find one that would fit my entire "skincare & makeup beauty closet". I decided to create my own "closet" of beauty items that I could get into at any time AND anywhere for my all of my beauty needs in ONE place!?

It does seem difficult and perhaps you've heard of this concept before with makeup kits of a similar natures, but I wanted to make a twist on this idea. I did eventually manage to get together a few choice items that were specifically designed for on-the-go needs, but that I also still found usable at home :) As for the container itself, I chose to go with soft material in a taller & larger size.

A fun print is always a plus just as a personalized touch. One of my current skincare & makeup beauty closet's is in super cute organizer from London SOHO New York [priced @ only $11.99!]. It's a lot of fun and meets the practicality needs of my organizer as well. Check out more about this great item in my review below! Since I chose the organizer because I wanted to make my own dividers with a customized look and feel, there was one slight change that I made. You can do this as well- it's very easy to do and you probably can complete this in under 10 minutes. T

ake a neat design file folder or regular folder with unique patterns and then take a tape measure. Make measurements inside the organizer and then cut in inch to 1.5 inches [width] strips that match up to both the inside width and length. Take 2 strips and utilize these as the braces or "frame" by making a cross with them. You can keep these 2 strips together by making a small 1/4 in. notch on 1 side of each strip and then sticking them right together at the notches- add a small notch of clear craft glue or hot-glue to the notch and it will be even sturdier.

If you want more than 4 compartments, then create more strip(s) in the same way and put them where you would like. It really just depends on how many compartments you want! Once I had the organizer ready to go and my products picked, I started getting my choices over the course of a couple of months.

Make sure to see a few of the products that ended up going into my skincare & makeup beauty closet. Look for it below my review! I didn't include every product, but I did share my top 4 picks. Surprisingly, the top 4 items that I'm sharing with you today, didn't take up even half of my space inside the organizer! :0




London SOHO New York Disney Train Case:  Ursula

London SOHO New York Disney Train Case: Ursula



Disney Villains



This is a super cute and affordable option and a fairly spacious organizer as well! I always love Disney's Little Mermaid as a little girl and this brought make great memories. It's the perfect mix of fun and functionality that make it a big win in my book! The entire bottom of the train case is well-lined in faux leather material, with a nice rounded edging around it as well. This prevents it from getting wet and dirty, also making it a cinch to clean off if needed.

The top of the organizer is also made out of the same material, with a handle attached up-top too. As for the inside of the case, it's cutely lined with an alternating shell pattern in dark purple and green :) I was most-surprised though by the well-made zipper, which is something that I would expect to find on a very expensive case or organizer instead!

It won't get stuck or get loose as they sometimes do, and goes around each entire corner- this keeps your items securely inside the organizer and not falling out all over the place :/  The adorable Disney character Ursula adorns the front with a grin, her tentacles, and some gold detailing to add a bit of sparkle. The cardboard that comes inside the organizer is fairly stiff and can be left in the organizer if you want or you can pull that out and either toss it or utilize it for the small craft project that I suggested above :)

         SOHO Disney  Elsa  Train Case $11.99 @                                Walgreens.com

         SOHO Disney Elsa Train Case $11.99 @                                Walgreens.com

Overall, this is the perfect organizer for any age and would be fun for all ;) It's very affordable and decently made, with quality you might expect from an expensive designer instead. Plus, you will be able to get an adorable item that will actually help you achieve more organization! You can score this item at walgreens.com for right around $12 and that price, you might even be able to snag a couple of other designs and characters they have to offer! ---->






1. Tarte Stroke of Midnight Brush Set $44 at sephora.com 

This is a beautiful set that also fits into one compact and gorgeous case! What's great about this set, is that you are able to bring it out with you and stow away a couple of extra small items inside :) It makes the perfect disguise as the perfect quality brush set for makeup gals on-the-go! An added bonus? It took up hardly any room in my kit, yet I had a FULL SET of brushes for only $44...yeah!

- The buffer™ airbrush finish foundation brush  - Concealer brush  - Eyeshadow brush  - Complexion brush  - Blush brush  - Sequin brush box

- The buffer™ airbrush finish foundation brush
- Concealer brush
- Eyeshadow brush
- Complexion brush
- Blush brush
- Sequin brush box

2. Sephora Collection Color Around the World: 4 Eye & Face Palettes $28

At only $7 a piece or $28 for the entire set, these palettes are definitely a good buy! Sephora actually makes fairly decent makeup when it comes to their own brand and I admit they've been surprising me more and more lately. Each one of these "notebooks" contains 4 well-chosen eye shadows, plus a coordinating blush that ties with the color scheme of the "notebook" color and shadows. A great extra comes on each little booklet that gives you tips and a  look you can achieve utilizing the palette! 

- 0.25 oz Eau de Parfum - 0.5 oz Eau de Parfum Refill - Funnel   Notes:   Sambac Jasmine, Centifolia Rose, Cattleya Orchid, Ballerina Freesia, Patchouli.

- 0.25 oz Eau de Parfum
- 0.5 oz Eau de Parfum Refill
- Funnel

Sambac Jasmine, Centifolia Rose, Cattleya Orchid, Ballerina Freesia, Patchouli.



3. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Travel Duo $35 at sephora.com.

This has it all: a fantastic scent with the ability to use the scent how you want with the included funnel that makes it a cinch! At only $35, you can feel like a million and enjoy the lifting floral and oriental style scent without getting annoyed :) 





4. GLAMGLOW Giftsexy Ultimate Anti-Aging Set $79 *on sale at sephora.com!

The set comes in at a $127 value and normally I don't always buy into those claims, but I would have to say that this 4-piece set does have a little bit of everything and deluxe-sample sizes with a bonus quality dual-ended applicator brush! All of the products are made with excellent quality and I could really see the difference in my overall skin health, including smoothness and luminosity :)

October Birthstone Welcome Box Offer

Halloween Make Up Sets

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This is primarily the reason why I don't care to go to visit a dermatologist's office! It is the simple reason that it's normally a bit on the expensive side. I've found that I can't really go into one without spending a minimum of $200 and sometimes more- all for just one short visit! :0 Perhaps you've run into this problem yourself and have found it a little frustrating when you are only trying to keep your skin healthy!

I share in this frustration and I decided that it was time to see if I could find a way around that cost by taking a different approach all-together. When it comes to DIY projects or at-home beauty products, the recent years have shown a decent increase of ingenuity and creativeness. Of course these products are not always effective and sometimes they can even do more harm than good, however the increase in quality and real science behind these products is on the rise too.

Great examples can easily be found in products like the at-home teeth whitening kits, hair highlights, and mircrodermabrasion! All of these services were once only possible at a professional office setting, yet we can now buy these for ourselves to perform in the comfort of our how homes. After reading and hearing quite a bit of information about Oxygen Facials, I knew I wanted to see for myself if they were all they were cracked up to be!

But there was a slight problem: this treatment is normally reserved for those who can afford visits to the Dermatologist's office and that isn't exactly me :/ I didn't give up on the idea though and tracked down what I thought might be a couple of good candidates for an attempt to perform my own Oxygen Facial.

There were more products than I expected and I admit that it did make my decision more difficult, but I finally narrowed it down to a couple of choices. As for the machines and tools as an option, I decided that wasn't really the way to go; I saw a lot of negative reviews for several brands and models, plus the costs of these were usually in the hundreds of dollars.

Moving on to the less-expensive options, there were a few brands that offered very similar products. Fortunately for me though, after some thorough research of each of my picks- I narrowed it down to one top pick: dr. brandt's Oxygen facial flash recovery mask! Check out my review and experience below.




oxygen facial flash recovery mask


This by far, one of the BEST beauty products I've tried in a long time! I was really impressed by how soft and healthy my skin looked and felt just after one usage- it's only gotten better with each application! I wondered honestly how well it would work but almost as soon as I applied the product in a thin layer on my entire face, I could see and feel it working!

Love the way my skin feels after using this product!! It feels so rejuvenated
— Sara, Miami, FL. -drbrandtskincare.com

The feeling is a bit difficult to describe, but feels something similar to have moving bubbles on your face. It's a really nice and tingly action that lasts for several minutes- mine normally dissipates in anywhere from 5-7 minutes. A quick and easy rinse of the product once it's completed it's process, leaves your skin feeling absolutely wonderful and looking luminous!

This is my pick me up, revive my skin after a tough day, rough night with baby product!! That’s how amazing this product is. My skin feels refreshed and beautiful after using. A must for EVERYONE!
— Laura, Pembroke Pines, FL -drbrandtskincare.com

Even if you do have sensitive skin, you should be okay to use this product; I have super sensitive skin and I was able to use this product a couple of times a week with no irritation or issues. Although the pricing seems to be a little high, if you compare this to the professional visit then your savings should at least be at 50% since the pricing in-office averages around $150.

It doesn't take much of the product either as only a thin layer is needed, meaning this bottle should last a while! As for the scent, there's virtually none- just a nicely light and whipped, yet creamy formula that goes on super easy as well. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product to anyone of any age OR skin type = you will LOVE it :) 

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