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I've been a Julep Maven or member for almost 2 years now and there have been a few ups & downs with the program for me. I haven't always liked the choices that were offered for the month or I just felt that it was the value wasn't there, but there's one thing they've always had and that is quality!

When it comes to beauty subscription services these days especially, the quality can definitely be sub-par at best- yet I've never had that issue with Julep's service and products. When I did have a couple of minor billing issues in the past, the customer service that I came in contact with provided excellent assistance in actually getting my issue quickly resolved. A great example of Julep's quality can be found in their polishes: once applied with even one coat, it will last a week or longer!

They constantly churn out new items as well, which means you have makeup and skincare options like the new Creme-to-Powder Eyeshadow Stick that came in my October Maven box. There have been improvements too on the amount of customization you can achieve for your monthly order, in addition to the wider range of add-ons that can be ordered with your month's box.

Julep does tend to listen to its customer and make adjustments, which is why you can now "skip-the-month" instead of getting automatically billed and sent a Maven Box that you simply may not want or you don't have the funds available in your budget that particular month. The shipment times have gotten better, however I do think that this could still be improved upon as it still can take up to 2 weeks for the local Post Office to complete the delivery of my package once it's been sent via Fed-Ex surepost.

This may be an economical way to send our shipments, but it's not necessarily the fastest. All-in-all, I would say that I'm fairly happy that I've stayed with Julep and remained a Maven because I really do LOVE the service- despite the small couple of drawbacks that it has. I admit that I look forward to getting to pick out my monthly box and waiting for it to arrive- it's almost like having a birthday present sent to your doorstep every month ;) 

October Birthstone Welcome Box Offer

Julep's Oct. 2015 Maven Box $24.95 w/FREE shipping & FREE add-on w/Jules rewards points!

Julep's Oct. 2015 Maven Box $24.95 w/FREE shipping & FREE add-on w/Jules rewards points!


  1. NAIL POLISH: Classic with a Twist- Jocelyn. $14 [reg.price!]

  2. NAIL POLISH: Boho Glam- Autumn. $14 [reg. pricing]

  3. NAIL POLISH: It Girl- Nicola *BONUS chosen box add-on! $14 [reg. price]

  4. EYE SHADOW STICK: Eyeshadow 101 Creme-to-Powder Eyeshadow Stick- Bronze Shimmer $18 [reg. price]

  5. *Bonus snack-sized "Candy-corn" included + Eyeshadow 101 Tutorial Leaflet + 30% OFF Coupon code to be used on future regularly-priced order!


Joceylyn-  Classic with a Twist nail polish

Joceylyn- Classic with a Twist nail polish

I really liked my Maven box this month as all of the products were either items that I'd wanted to snag for some time or it was a new product that I was excited about giving out a try. The Jocelyn nail polish was a new color for the newly introduced October collection and although it wasn't set to originally come in my box, I swapped out this item and chose this polish as it looked gorgeous. I was right at this assumption as it's even prettier in person and the picture doesn't do it much justice! It's a Cranberry shimmer with holographic microglitter and this is what makes it catch the light in a really unique yet pretty way- even though it's a deep, richer color.

Autumn-  Boho Glam nail polish

Autumn- Boho Glam nail polish

If Jocelyn isn't much to your liking, you may like something with a little more fun and seasonal feel- that's what you'll get with the Autumn nail polish. This is a color that Julep has dubbed as a "back-from-the-vault color, which means that it was a previously released and normally quite popular item that they've brought back for a limited time :) I always wanted to give this particular nail polish a try as it just seems fun and is very appropriately named Autumn as it does remind me of the Fall season. The burn red/orange multidimensional glitter is a little on the glitz and glam side of the spectrum, but I don't mind- we miss out on the beautiful Fall foliage almost every year here in Texas. It's nice to be able to wear something that is a such a fun reminder of the season :)

Nicola-  It Girl nail polish

Nicola- It Girl nail polish

The add-on that I chose for this month's Maven box is not something that I normally do. I usually don't choose to add any additional products, but I really couldn't resist the Nicola nail polish. Thus far, I haven't scored any of Julep's glow-in-the-dark items and I thought it would be the perfect chance to try one out since Holloween is just around the corner! What's neat about this polish, is that the visible color is a light orange iridescent microglitter top coat that can even be charged up in the light for maximum glow-in-the-dark power! This means that you can still be a little bit silly, but be a little more on the muted-side during the day as it appears as an unobtrusive color!  

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to share my thoughts about one of Julep's newest makeup additions to their lineup: I was a bit hesitant that I would like this product. Not because of it being a new venture for Julep, but because of my past experiences with similar products. Many times the attempt at a creme-to-powder eyes-shadow product-especially one in a stick application method, are likely to fall short. I have found that they can be dry, don't work that well, crease, and don't usually have the same lasting power as their powder or cream shadow cousins!

Collection of Eyeshaodw 101

Collection of Eyeshaodw 101

Julep did an excellent job of avoiding all of these issues and the color bronze shimmer that I chose, was the perfect color as it's goes with almost any outfit or look. It's super easy to use and you don't even need to twist up the product as just the right amount is available right from the start. The formula really does feel and go on like a creme, but turns into a regular powder shadow once it's applied. It's very blendable and although there is quite a bit of shimmer, the nice pigmentation allows for you to control how much or little of the product you want.

When it comes to creasing, there wasn't any to speak of and that was something that impressed me- I have trouble achieving no creasing as the day rolls on with regular eye-shadows on occasion. As for the nice little touches in the box that I enjoy as well, there was small package of candy-corn candies that I wish had been a tad larger in size as I happen to like them ;) I am usually not much of a fan of candy in general, but I do have a couple of fav's that I will have around the holidays. I LOVED the included quote from Marilyn Monroe, " I told you I'd be ready in five minutes. Stop calling me every half hour." This came on the front of the shadow product and how-to guide and I thought it was a nice touch to the overall feel of the box :)

I'm not sure that I will use the 30% OFF code for my next entire order at regular pricing as I'm a Maven and can get a fairly decent deal without the code. Plus, most of the items like the new Mystery Box and sale products aren't allowed to be used in combination with this promo code, which means I may not use it. This does have TWO uses per customer as well and if anyone would like to snag a great 30% OFF on their next Julep purchase, please let me know and I will gladly send you the coupon code. If you want to score my coupon code, please send me a DM to my Twitter account @ladybuggirlqtee! The offer expires on November 30th, 2015 which means that once someone snags this, it will be gone!

Halloween Gift Sets

Vampy Halloween Welcome Box
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I absolutely LOVE designer and luxe scents, but many others might feel the same way as I do- I don't care too much for the pricing that comes with it! It's nice to wear perfume that makes a statement or just relays how you're feeling on that particular day.

I've never understood however, why they have to normally cost a decent amount of money. Many times I am sure it has a great deal to do with the brand name that you're actually paying for, but they still seemed overpriced to me in most cases.

Recently, I came across a really neat service that solves this problem. Scentbird takes a unique approach and it's a great alternative to a pile of often over-sized and expensive perfume bottles collecting dust on your dresser :) Check out my review of this awesome service below + a BONUS code for 15% OFF your FIRST month at Scentbird. 

Brave Pretty



$14.95 Monthly

[BVLGARI Omnia Coral]

REALLY LOVED this scent- light but still lasts ALL day and didn't give me a headache ;) I'm often sensitive to stronger smells and can even end up with my head hurting or other allergic reactions. This perfume however, was exactly what I was looking for: a nice clean scent that even my fiance could appreciate ;)

REALLY LOVED this scent- light but still lasts ALL day and didn't give me a headache ;) I'm often sensitive to stronger smells and can even end up with my head hurting or other allergic reactions. This perfume however, was exactly what I was looking for: a nice clean scent that even my fiance could appreciate ;)

The service really is all it's cracked up to be and I'm so glad that someone put this fantastic idea into motion! I've gotten stuck with quite a few designer fragrances myself and spent quite a bit of money in the process- I didn't always end up happy with my purchase either. I think that this happens to many, but with this service you aren't going to have that problem any more :)

There's a super easy sign-up at and after answering some easy questions for under 5 minutes, you can pick from over 350 scents! In your first shipment you will receive the Scentbird re-usable spray container that also happens to be neatly designed too. The twist up spray has a metal cap with the Scentbird logo on top and allows for the glass vial inside of the metal casing to be pulled up for use.

Simply twist back down in 2 seconds when done- perfect for on-the-go trips as it won't make a mess and doesn't take up tons of room either ;) When picking out your scents, you can pre-select them and decide what and which month you'd like them to arrive. You do however need to ensure that you edit your selections to your final choice before the 5th of the month, otherwise the changes will be effective the following month.

There's an option to purchase extra cases if you would like, but you can NOT order another fragrance bottle. This is because the glass vials are replaced with each new scent that arrives, allowing for you to easily pull out the previous vial and replace with your new one. If you don't make a selection ahead of time of by the 5th of the month, Scentbird will send along their recommended fragrance of the month.

One thing that they've included since I last checked them out, is their addition of guy's fragrances which means you could get this service for that special guy in your life and it makes a great inexpensive gift that he's going to use :) Even if you have a women's subscription, you CAN try out a man's fragrance as well! I REALLY like this feature, as it means that I could share it with my fiance and it would be something that he's going to really like too. 

You have the option of a month-to-month subscription or you can save a bit more cash and go with a: 3 month [$43.50 up front cost & FREE shipping], 6 month [$84 up front w/FREE shipping], or 1-year [$162 up front w/FREE shipping] subscription as well. You can cancel the service at any time, however you MUST do this before the 5th of the month so that you can avoid being charged.

The slight drawback to this is that if you have purchased a 6 or 12 month option, then you will NOT receive a refund for those months that are remaining in the subscription. I would advise to wait to cancel if you have purchased several months so as to avoid this issue all together or just sticking with a month-to-month basis.

In regards to shipments in general, they do ship around the same time every month on the 15th and it can take up to 10 business days to receive your perfume. This is nice to know that they have a good consistency that you can count on AND they even send out an email once your fragrance is on its way so that you will know when it's arriving.

I've seen a LOT of monthly subscription services don't offer this as an option, especially one at such an affordable cost as this one. The downside right now for their shipping services though, is that they only ship to the US at this time. They do however promise that they are going to be expanding and to expect this to change in the near future.

They don't accept refunds or refunds on orders, but at $15 a month you aren't risking too much if- even if you don't end up liking it all. The short quiz that you can take at any time is a really helpful guide in choosing possible picks you might like, which does lower the risk of getting something that you don't ;) Overall, I would give the service a 5 STAR RATING due to it's affordability , range of product options that are offered to BOTH genders, and painless process!

October Birthstone Welcome Box Offer

DIDN'T I MENTION A COUPON CODE?! you were paying attention were you? ;) No worries- I didn't forget! I wanted to dedicate a special section today just for this awesome deal especially created just for The Beauty Closet readers!!! :) I LOVE the Scentbird service so much, I thought it would be awesome to have a personalized offer to allow you all a chance to try out the service for yourselves at a great discounted price!  With free shipping, that makes this deal @ $14.95 x 15% off = $12.71  [there are NO hidden fees or additional charges for handling either!]. *

*except in New York, which IS charged sales Tax and that DOES include gift orders as well!



Take the Brave Pretty Challenge.

Night Lights Mystery Box

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