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At first glance, you might think there's not much difference if you were to see both regular table salt and some salt from the Dead Sea side-by-side. However, there IS quite a big difference between the two! When looking at salt from the Dead Sea, this salt is super unique: firstly, salt from the "Salt Sea" comes from area that is the world's lowest elevation AND also one of the saltiest body of water on Earth.

The water from the Dead Sea is in fact so salty, that it's 9.6 times saltier than the ocean- you can easily float in the water with almost no effort :) What's really cool about this sea, is that it's one of the deepest hypersaline lakes in the world. For a body of water to become a hypersaline lake, it must have a higher content of salt(s) than that of the ocean. These environments also harbor unusual lifeforms that are usually inhospitable to most species.

The mineral content of the Dead Sea and other similar bodies of water contain a mineral content that is very different from that of ocean water and are mineral-rich, with very deep waters as well.

The Dead Sea in particular, pushes up and expels asphalt that result in various tiny pebbles and blocks of the blackish substance. There has been evidence found indicating that the ancient Egyptians utilized this Dead Sea asphalt to aid in their mummification processes.

The salt is extracted from this sea as raw material so that it can be used in skincare and cosmetic products. What Dead Sea salt does for skin is phenomenal: a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology by Ehrhardt, determined that it can reduce wrinkle depth up to 40%!

It's also been shown in clinical research to be highly effective in combating acne and skin conditions such as psoriasis- it's even recommended as a treatment for the condition by the National Psoriasis Foundation :)

In 2005, research by Proksch in the International Journal of Dermatology concluded that skin hydration was improved- in addition to a reduction in skin inflammation! Now we come to common salt or table salt as its often called.

We use this probably every day, often without even thinking about it as it's in a LOT of food that we eat! Other than being a food seasoner and perfect for the needed salt gargle, there isn't much you can do with regular salt :/

It's composition compared to that of Dead Sea salt, isn't that special either. Salt is a great thing in moderation, however there aren't really any of the special attributes to it that the Dead Sea salt contains!

Common salt comes from salt mines, the evaporation of regular seawater, or mineral-rich spring water that's in shallow pools. Unlike Dead Sea Salt or sea salt, table salt is a cause for health concerns in many countries- including the U.S. Higher salt intake can result in a higher risk of a stroke and cardiovascular disease. 

Dead Sea  at sunset.

Dead Sea at sunset.




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I've had the chance to try a more than one LeliaSea product in the past and I LOVED them! This gave me a fairly good idea that I was going to really like this Spa Gift basket from LeliaSea as well..and I was DEF right with my assumption :) Not only is this bundle decently priced at just under $20 for the entire set, BUT it contains 3 of LeliaSea's best skincare products: Luxury hand cream, body lotion, and foot cream. 

 If you're looking for an expensive gift for a lady of any age or skin type, this is an excellent choice that she's sure to enjoy as I have! A special someone in your life could even benefit from this gift basket which makes it a unisex option too. My FAV product in the whole set is the foot cream- it has a light, nice and pleasant scent about it. The foot cream goes on light and easily too, drying at around 3-4 minutes- leaving your feet feeling super soft and silky smooth.

The hand cream and body lotion were products that I have tried in the past, but I was still glad to get them; I will either be giving them as gifts or keeping for myself as backups once the current containers I have are gone! I'd recommend ANY of the products as individuals or as the gift basket set- they're absolutely fabulous products for even those with sensitive skin. If you do want to go for more than just one of their skincare products though, I would definitely recommend going for this particular gift basket as you will be saving around $10 or more by buying all 3 of these together :) 

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