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I'm sure that you might be wondering why you'd ever want an elixir for your hair...or maybe you're also questioning what all the science-meets-hair care talk ;) Although I do consider myself to be beauty-obsessed, I'm also quite compelled to seek out new and innovative products that push the envelope and creativity- but that also provide top-notch quality, science, and research behind what they make.

That's a tall order- especially these days with an over-flooded market full of useless and/or expensive items that may or may not be all that effective either. But I have found one thing, persistence and patience are key- meaning that you can find these types of beauty products and tools out there, it just takes a bit of searching  AND ensuring your looking in the right places! When it comes to hair care in general, I'm beyond picky and sometimes that means I have to pay a decent amount of cash too.

I don't mind this either if the product really does make a difference or offers up ingenuity- or an awesome improvement on an old idea! That's how I easily came to my top pick of the year for hair care :) RUSK has come out with an awesome elixir for your hair and it's DEF a product I had to share with all of you as I fell in immediate LOVE with it's approach, effectiveness, and just all-around creativity. What's an elixir?! It's basically a luxe serum for your hair designed to strengthen, provide shine, and boost hair health. Check out my review of this wonderful hair care product below:

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Elixir Mist


This really is a one-of-a-kind product that won't leave your hair feeling oily or goopy, BUT it will leave your hair soft, smooth, shiny, and awesomely healthy- with immediate results! I saw a very noticeable improvement immediately following my first application and I loved the way my hair felt :) I also LOVE that RUSK took a different approach and finally put a serum-type of product in a spray form!

I haven't really seen anyone else do this and if they've come close to an attempt, the product wasn't all that great or the applicator/container was unusable after just one initial use :/ If you're paying decent money for a quality hair care product, this isn't exactly what you want and RUSK had this exactly in mind it seems when they created their Elixir Mist. I've personally liked their products and used them in the past, so I did have a feeling I was going to enjoy this product too- I was definitely correct on the assumption ;)

A big issue for me with many hair care products in general is the smell- they are either spot-on for me or I usually don't care for them at all. In this case, the product has a light yet pleasant coconut & tropical kind of scent that's just what you'd want in a hair elixir! The formula goes on as light as the scent too, so your hair doesn't feel gross or weighed down. It sprays out surprisingly well into almost a fine mist, which isn't really something I've found in similar products- until I snagged this one from RUSK. 

It's a tad bit on the pricier side than some might want to pay, but this product does a fantastic job AND works well with either dry or wet hair. It will also bode well for most hair types and doesn't take tons of product to do an effective job! If you've been seeking the perfect and innovative hair care product that makes a real difference, this product definitely hits the mark and is also why it's The Beauty Closet's Hair Care Product of the Year! :)


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I've had some difficulty in locating the perfect daily facial serum with my super sensitive skin and I'm quite sure that I am not alone in this quest! What happens often, is that the serum I do end up giving a try, causing an adverse skin reaction, doesn't really work or make much of a difference, or causes me to break out :/ Because many serums in days past had caused blemishes and acne issues, I had steered clear of them; however, I started to realize that I might be missing out all together!

I decided to make a change and look for a serum that I could actually use. One of the BEST serums that I've found is made by Ole Henriksen and I wanted to share what I LOVE about this product and why you'll want to add this one to your daily skincare regimen :) You can purchase this product in a variety of sizes, however I did score my most recent version from inside of Sephora's beauty favorites Beauty Closet [I reviewed this item last Thurs- make sure to see what it's all about & check out my post!]

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Ole Henriksen

Ole Henriksen

Ole Henriksen  is a Danish skin consultant who branched out into the world of making his own skincare products. He started up his own spa business, which Ole has been running for over 30 years and then created his own beloved line that's now available in over 12 countries. Ole's interest in skincare was piqued when after moving to Indonesia, he was stricken with the skin condition cystic acne.

It was here at a clinic in Jakarta, that an aesthetician treated his condition through botanical treatments that also cured his skin problems! Henriksen then moved to London to further his passion of skincare, by pursuing degrees in skincare and cosmetic chemistry. Ole is really known for his "down-to-earth" approach with those around him- customers and business associates alike :)


*1.7 fl. oz. [$72]

*1.7 fl. oz. [$72]


truth serum collagen booster


[1 fl. oz size]*

If you've been seeking an all-round effective serum that makes a real difference- yet doesn't cause skin irritation or annoying breakouts, then this is the perfect serum for you. I would really recommend truth serum collagen booster to any woman of any age! It's a great addition and must have for any beauty routine :) 

It's rare to find so may wonderful ingredients in a serum, but with Ole Henriksen that's what you get: Grapefruit & Orange extracts to brighten and tone;  greet tea extract to infuse cells with antioxidants and aid in fending off damage; Rosehips to fortify and repair cells, with concentrated Vitamin C; Sodium hyaluronate to provide a binding moisturization to skin; and Vitamin E that rejuventates and heals your skin too! 

The well-designed glass pump bottle makes it a cinch to get out the right amount of product, without wasting it as the same time :) You also don't need much for application as I found that only about 1-2 pump depresses were utilized each time I used the serum- that managed to cover my entire neck and face area with a good, thin layer!

As for the feel and look of the product itself- it will really surprise you! I enjoyed the perfect texture that made spreading a thin layer quickly, an easy task :) The scent is a pleasant but light hint of citrus, which makes for a nice bonus with this product. I don't run across serums that often that have the all-around goodness that truth serum does, but this collagen booster really does hit the mark!

By the end of the first week of usage with Ole Henriksen's truth serum, you will definitely notice an improvement in your skin's brightness, smoothness, and evenness of skin tone too :) I also saw a marked difference in my acne issues and that wasn't something I was actually expecting with a serum at all- but it was a very pleasant surprise! 

I would have to say that the only drawback that I could find with truth serum by Ole Henriksen, is that is may be what many might consider a tad bit on the pricier side. I'll admit that this is something that does indeed hold me back at times myself, however if the product works- I'm also willing to dig a little deeper for some extra cash ;) This product is one of those times and I would give it 5 STARS ***** as it's well-deserved, even at the higher price point. 


This product is life changing. My skin is literally glowing. I LOVE the changes I have seen and I have only been using this product 1 week. I will be using this for the rest of my life. My skin feels so hydrated without feeling oily. Nikki at Sephora recommended this to me in the starter kit with the eye cream and daily moisturizer and I will not use anything else from now on. Great product!
— Kara *Ole Henriksen site
This is worth the money! One of the most hydrating products that I have ever tried - better than the serums that I have tried from specialty aesthetician lines. Cleared up the chronic dry spot on my nose, and helps keep my skin looking great. Just purchased my third bottle.
— Jamir *
I have VERY sensitive skin and am very particular about the products I use. Most everything seems to make me look blotchy, dull. I tend to have minor monthly break out. Even though I have only been using this product for a week I already see the difference and have been getting compliments on my skin. I even went makeup free a few times. I’m 37 and I feel like I’m getting my skin back. The product smells like oranges and soaks up well with no sticky residue which is huge for me. I’m officially an Ole lover...
— Jehan *Ole Henriksen site
I’ve received this in a couple of kits/sets and it’s wonderful! It nourishes, brightens and has a beautiful citrus scent! I have oily skin, so I love the fact that it’s oil-free and does not break me out. It’s moisturizing, but I still use the sheer transformation over it. I always get compliments on my skin since I started using Ole Henriksen products. :-)
— MissKittyKitty *

Skip the Brush Cheek Stick

Skip the Brush Cheek Stick

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