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For years, colloidal silver has been at the center of a debated topic on the health benefits- if any at all, that the mineral actually has to offer. I've heard and read quite a bit on it myself, which is why I did a lot more further research to see what it was all about. Let's start out with the basics by looking at what it is first!

Colloidal Silver is made up of super fine particles [called microns] of pure silver that are suspended in water via an electrical charge. What's super unique about these particles, is that they remain in this suspension because they repel each other with a greater force than gravity can bestow! When it comes to what it can bring to the table, is also truly unique. Newer strains of bacteria called MDR or Multiple Drug Resistant bacteria that have exhausted all antibiotic drugs on the market, are not resistant to colloidal silver.

You might have heard by now that ingesting colloidal silver can cause a blue/grayish skin discoloration and although this does happen, it's due to individuals using silver compounds such as silver sulfate, nitrate, etc. and not actual microparticles of pure silver. A recent study from 2013 by a Boston University biomedical engineer James Collins, looked at how silver could interrupt bacteria's cell membrane when conventional methods such as antibiotics aren't working. This allowance into the cell's membrane means that antiobiotics can then enter the bacteria and do their job!

Most of what I was able to find as far as published scientific studies and research, all pointed to very promising results and positives that could be found in the use of colloidal silver. They did however all urge caution by adding that there is still the possibility to permanent bodily damage and harm if not taken properly and with high purity of the mineral being present. It was advised as well, to ensure not to overdose and to get a professional opinion and monitoring of your ongoing health condition before and during treatment. The effects are not a concern either unless ingested- if colloidal silver is applied topically, it is very safe AND effective for many skin conditions.

It is excellent at providing acne and breakout assistance and preventing future blemishes too :) If you're suffering from eczema, warts, or skin ulcers- colloidal silver is definitely an effective treatment for combating these skin conditions and it starts working quickly [results in just one day]. The compound can attack and destroy certain germs by attachment to the protein and destruction of the protein; this makes it a great candidate for some eye and skin infections, staph infections, and burns too.

I would highly recommend though, that you be aware of your sun exposure as colloidal silver can stimulate melanin production in your skin and those exposed and treated areas could experience discoloration. Now I advise only to use caution in that I have used products with the mineral and never experienced this issue, although it has been medically reported and you can find this information at well on several reputable medical sites as well. Make sure that where you get your product from, is a company or brand that knows what they are doing and quality & customer safety are their prime concerns.

If you utilize normal caution and common sense, colloidal silver is safe to use. There are some drug interactions with some antibiotics and I would advise if you're in this boat, to seek you're doctor's opinion before using this mineral. Is there a product I would recommend? Of course there is! It would be super rude of me to share all of this great info without providing a truly great product containing colloidal silver ;) Elba Naturals makes an excellent product that combats acne and blemishes + it's 98% naturally derived and 72% organic! Check out my review of this wonderful item below:


Elba n.2

 Anti Acne Anti Blemish Treatment Gel


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I saw results with this natural approach to an acne treatment, with the very first usage and I'm definitely a fan :) It's very easy to use with a well-designed pump glass bottle, that lets you get out non-wasted product- without making a mess! Sometimes similar products have caused my skin to become red, irritated, or experience a burning sensation/other discomfort but this product from elba naturals didn't cause any of those issues for me.

Normally, use the product twice a day once in the am with the regular skincare regimen and the 2nd application with my evening routine before I lay down for bed. It doesn't take much to get a nice and thin coating on each area; the product will absorb in about 3-4 minutes, which means little downtime or interruption into your routine either :)

There was a great improvement in the areas I did manage to get a blemish or places where I tend to breakout and I had a lot less issues with acne in general. It's not often that I run across a product that's so effective, but this Anti Acne Anti Blemish Treatment Gel from Elba n.2 does just what it claims it will do. It's a bit on the pricier side at $35, but for a natural approach to a really effective acne treatment makes this one well worth the price!


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