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I came across some information recently that I found to be very staggering: according to the NIH or National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases, an estimated 80% of all people that are between the ages of 11 & 30 years old, will have breakouts at some point in their lives. The Mayo Clinic advises that there are more than 3 million cases of acne a year in the United States!

If you've ever struggled with blemishes, breakouts, and keeping clear skin in general...you are DEF not alone- these unfortunate statistics show that quite well. There is some light at the end of the tunnel though for many and it often begins with how you cleanse you face and what products you are using. Pick a main concern- for me it's acne; find a cleanser that is void of harsh cleansing agents and stick with natural and organic ingredients. Try washing your face in the morning when you get up and before you go to bed.

Apply an acne treatment gel to the areas that you are prone to breaking out or might currently have a blemish. If all else fails, there's also another solution that if done properly and safely can eliminate pesky pimples and other blemishes that have already made a surprise visit! Check out The Beauty Closet's awesome guide and tips on how to utilize this vital skincare tool kit below:

From LEFT to RIGHT:    Double-ended blackhead extractor,     Double-ended Whitehead Extractor & Needle,     Double-ended whitehead extractor & Comedone Extractor.


Double-ended blackhead extractor,

Double-ended Whitehead Extractor & Needle,

Double-ended whitehead extractor & Comedone Extractor.


Start with a simple kit! Go for a tool kit that has the basics, but doesn't go overboard. It's easy to get carried away and harm your skin if you aren't careful- I would advise not to over-complicate things by snagging a kit that has more tools than you know what to do with! Complete Skin Solutions offers one- the 3pc Comedone Extractor Kit, that costs ONLY $7 at amazon.com with Prime Membership! :0

This 3-piece kit has everything you need, without spending tons of cash to do it :Make sure to check out my review of this fantastic find below! As for the basic tools, you will want to make sure you have at least: a comedone extractor, a needle, blackhead extractor [sizes available: double, single, & fine], & a whitehead lancet. 


  1. Begin with a clean face- use a clarifying cleanser that's gentle and also has antimicrobial properties to ensure your skin is disinfected and properly cleaned!
  2. Disinfect your tools BEFORE and AFTER you begin! This is CRUCIAL! You don't want to end up with secondary bacterial infections due to non-clean tool usage :/
  3. I highly recommend beginning the process immediately following a warm to quick hot shower or steaming your face over some water boiling in a pot for up to 5 minutes. This opens up pores and allows for blemishes to be removed MUCH easier ;)
  4. The best way to utilize the extractor tools, is to gently press on one side and then slide the tool across and over the blemish to pull it out. It's similar to the motion of slicing butter on your toast [yes...yuck!] :p
  5. Avoid doing this before going out for a nice dinner for example or first thing in the am. before you head out for the day/to work/school,etc. You may get some skin irritation and/or redness when doing this, which is why I choose to do it at night before I go to bed. 
  6. Don't overdo it! It's super easy to do, but try not to go overboard. If a blemish seems reluctant to extract, don't keep trying or force it. You will only cause more harm than good! 
  7. Stick with quality, stainless tools that won't rust and can take wear and tear. You must disinfect the tools every time you use them and this will cause the cheaper, less-quality  kits to start to rust & become damaged. 



Complete Skin Solutions

3 pc. Blackhead & Blemish Extractor Kit


There are times when I stray away from inexpensive products and it's mostly due to quality. With cheaper pricing, there often comes with it a more inexpensive materials and the craftsmanship is not always there. That is of course, not necessarily the case in all situations! Sometimes it takes a bit of hunting, but you can score quality beauty items at decent pricing ;)

This is DEF one of those cases and why this 3pc. Blackhead & Blemish Kit from Complete Skin Solutions is one of my top picks of the year! Not only does this kit exemplify excellent quality, but it's easy to use and inexpensive- plus it has the perfect set that includes all the right tools to get you started.

The pink felt case makes keeping the set together a cinch and has a clear snap-on cover that keeps them clean and all into place. Each tool is well-made and won't warp or bend- even with decent pressure or at different angles. If you've been seeking a great beauty tool to add to your skincare routine that won't cost you and arm-and-a-leg, this is the kit for you :) 

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As a beauty blogger and lover,I tend to get the question quite often- asking what products I personally include in my own skincare routine. There are also many requests in regards to any tips and tricks I might have when going through my normal regimen. If you've ever felt lost when trying to decide in what order your products should be applied, the best way for application, and more- then you're probably not alone!

I have definitely felt this way myself and it's easy to see why...there's a tremendous amount of marketing, advertising, and products available with the click of a button- they can all be purchased without ever evening leaving your home. Although there are a lot of positives from all of these changes over the years, there's a downside as well: it's become increasingly difficult to score the right products for the right price, while still getting the results you are looking for!  

With all of the new technology, tools, and products out it's fairly easy to get overwhelmed. No worries! That's where I come in- I thought I would share today the tips and tricks of my nightly skincare routine, in addition to the product line-up I'm currently using and why ;) Now of course this routine is not a one-size-fits-all solution and it should be noted that although this will work for most people, you may want to use this as guideline and tailor it to  your specific skin type as needed.

As a bit of background about me, if you're new to The Beauty Closet's blog: I have very fair and sensitive skin that's also prone to breakouts, cystic acne, and skin irritation. When it comes to difficulties with one's skin, I'm very familiar with it's challenges. These tips are things that I've picked up on through the years and seemed to have worked well for me :).


1. One of my biggest tips for keeping my skincare working effectively is to "mix-it-up". What do I mean by that?! For example: I utilize 3 special facial treatments a week, that I apply each product only one time during the week.

My top 3 picks:

Mondays- [re]fresh Skin Therapy Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel [$34.95]*as needed!

Wednesdays- dr.brandt PoreDermabrasion treatment [$58]

Fridays- Oz Naturals Amino Herbal Hydration Mask [$12.77]

2. Make sure that you have the right cleanser for your face! If you have super oily skin as I do and are prone to breakouts, then you will probably want to stick with oil-free and foaming clarifying cleansers that are gentle as well. I utilize a different cleanser at night than I do in the am. as well. Why?! Your environment and skincare concerns are not the same during your days versus the nighttime. 

My FAV nightly cleanser right now: obagi CLENZIderm M.D. Daily Care Foaming Cleanser

3. Try a Konjac Sponge! You may have seen these different colored sponges around lately [only the natural ones are colors of dark red, white/cream, and black!] and they really are one-of-a-kind. Not only will this sponge allow your cleanser and remaining products to penetrate deeper into the skin, but you will get softer and healthier skin as a result. 

Looking for a great one to try? : Konjac Facial Puff Sponge in Bamboo Charcoal from the Konjac Sponge Co. [$12.37]

4. Once you've washed and lightly patted your face dry with a towel, follow with a toner that contains brightening and pore-reducing properties.

The toner I use on a nightly basis: Yalmeh Glorifying Vitamin C Toner [$20.15] . This stuff WON'T cause more breakouts for me and smells wonderful- plus it brightens my skin and leaves it feeling ultra smooth and soft. 

5. Don't forget to moisturize! I'm sure you've probably read or heard this one a time or too, but it's super important- even for those of use with sensitive or break-out prone skin. Without it, you're left with imbalance that can leave your skin looking and feeling not-so-healthy...you may even end up with MORE breakouts :0

What works for me?! : I use boscia's Sake Treatment Water [$46] and it works perfectly at providing oil-free hydration and brightening properties all at once :) 

6. Have you added a serum to your routine?! If you answered no, I would DEF pick out one that works and addresses at least one concern. You want to take care of your skin now and prevent things like those dreaded signs aging before they actually start! Get a "leg up" on problems and beat them at their game ;) 

My top pick and current nighttime serum: Manuka Secrets Deep Nourishment Manuka Honey UMF 18+ Serum  [$55.99]. I absolutely LOVE this serum- it's perfect for those with even acne-prone skin and has the fighting power of certified organic UMF 18+ Manuka Honey that makes it a serum that's difficult to beat-especially when it comes to effectiveness and quality!

7. When I'm almost near my routine, I address the concern of my eyes and undereye area. For me, I've started to see some small signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, puffiness and dark circles. There are TWO products that I utilize every night to tackle these issues:

*Anaiti Advanced Eye Gel [$39.99] & dr.brandt glow revitalizing retinol eye cream [$55] . Both of these product have worked wonders for me- the lines around/underneath my eyes are disappearing, the puffiness and circles are all but gone, and the area around my eyes is much brighter. It should be noted however, I didn't see big results with either of these until about the 1 month mark and it's continued to get even better as I round several weeks for each :)




8. If you have blemishes or spots that are prone to breakouts...OR you can see one that's around the corner- prevent it from getting worse than it already is or even starting in the first place. I apply small dots of acne treatment gel before the final step in my pm. skincare regimen and then allow the product to fully dry! 

Is there one that works for me? Yes! Try: ClarityMD Clarifying Serum [$23.20]. It only takes a small dab on each area and around 3-5 minutes and you're all set! This stuff really works and I normally see either the blemish gone or greatly reduced the next morning. 





9. Once a week: to ensure that you're removing the layer of dead skin [yes, yuck!] that's built up over the past few days. I do this at least once a week, sometime twice a week if it's needed. 

What I currently use weekly: Peter Thomas Roth Strawberry Scrub Fruit Enzyme Polisher [$38] . This product will rejuvenate your skin and leave it smooth, super soft, and it smells awesome as well :)

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