Time to Get Your Beauty Sleep with The Beauty Closet's Top 4 Innovative Sleep Products of 2017:

by Christina

Get Your Beauty Sleep On, With These 4 Top Sleep Innovations of 2017!




1. Mediflow

Floating Comfort 300 Thread Count Pillow


*mediflow.com pricing!

This awesome pillow is specifically designed to provide your neck with ultra support by utilizing a unique waterbase system- this is combined with Mediflow's exclusive CombedLoft fiberfill comfort layer that provides top-notch quality and the ultimate performance...in one fantastic pillow! They are also one of the only pillows that offers up a published independent clinical study from a major medical university, that backs up the science to this fabulous pillow!

The built-in water reservoir allows for your to adjust this pillow to your liking so that you get your own customized level of support: soft, medium, or firm. It's also hypoallergenic, machine washable and dryable that fits both a standard or queen pillow case size. With a 300 thread count cover, it really doesn't require a pillow case, but I still decided to use one so that I wouldn't end up getting it dirty.

If you're tried a variety of pillows and never got the ultimate satisfaction you've been seeking...this pillow fixes the age-old issues that many pillows have! Not only does it provide excellent support, but it provides true comfort that's backed by real science to give this pillow a one-of-a-kind experience you'll get with no other pillow on the market! A 10-year quality warranty and 60-day satisfaction guarantee is included with each pillow and that means that the company also stands behind their work :) 


2. HUM Nutrition

Beauty zzZz


*sephora.com pricing for 30 ct. tablets!

This awesomely affordable supplement contains Melatonin, Vitamin B6, and Calcium to help promote a restful sleep, regulate sleep patterns naturally, and aid in promoting the increase of the necessary amino acids the uses in order to produce melatonin! For only $10, you get 30 tablets or 30 doses- which is actually a very good deal. The key on these, is to take them around 20 mins. before bedtime and without food, in order to get the best possible effectiveness. They do really work and I find myself falling to sleep much more quickly and easily as a result- I don't notice any unpleasant after-effects in the morning when I get up and it doesn't cause head-aches, which I'm often prone to with similar products. 



3. Sleep Cycle

Alarm Clock App


*available only in App Store for iOS devices!

This is an awesome app that utilizes your current iOS device that carries iOS 11 or the iPhone X and it really is a pretty unique app. It contains an intelligent design that features an alarm clock that actually analyzes your sleep and wakes your up in the lightest portion of your sleep cycle and that's the most natural way for your body to wake up and feel rested! There's a reason this app has been features on tons of news outlets all over the place- because it truly is a good app! The best part? It happens to be free and it's now available in the Google Play store as well- it just requires an Android operating system of 4.1 in order to function properly. So how exactly does it do this? The app uses the accelerometer of your smart phone in order to analyze your movements during sleep- you simply place your phone near you and you're good to go!



4. Density Blanket:

 Weighted Blanket


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Machine washable and composed of ultra-soft microplush material, this one-of-a-kind blanket can aid in reducing insomnia and anxiety! There are 15, 20, & 25 lb. options, although it only comes in the above grey shade. The downside to this one is it's a bit on the more expensive side of the scale, but it's worth the price! Not only does it do just what it promises, but it makes a great gift too! How exactly does it work? The blanket uses DTPS or deep touch pressure stimulation that's considered an effective therapeutic treatment to help stimulate pressure points, improve mood, and increase relaxation. It also aids in decreasing your blood pressure, in addition to your heart rate- making it a great option for those with ongoing health issues as well.