The Beauty Closet's Bonus Holiday Post: Grow Love with Me y.o. The Magic Plant Recommended + 4 Other Unique Stocking-stuffers that Won't Break the Bank!

by Christina

Get Your Zen On with These Top 5 Affordable Stocking-Stuffer Picks!


Grow Love With Me, Y. O.

Bean Plant


* pricing!

This super cute and thoughtful gift won't break the bank but it will show that someone special in your life that you care! Plant emerges in around 5-7 days and takes little care and comes with simple instructions that are easy to follow. Once your bean plant sprouts, 1/2 of the bean will read the word "love" and the other half will be inscribed with a heart and a arrow going through it. With a minimum room temperature and daylight requirements, this is the perfect gift for those that are super busy and don't have as much time perhaps to devote to a plant but they still love to have one around ;) I'm not one to be known to have a green thumb myself, however- I will say that I found this super cute little plant very easy to get started and manage. Makes a great stocking-stuffer or Holiday gift!



Fortune Notes Stickies


Eraser Set


* pricing!

Each set comes with 100 sheets of mini stickies and a fortune cookie eraser that's made of BPA-free TPR, making this a super cute and unique stocking-stuffer that almost anyone can appreciate! Perfect for an someone who works in an office or just likes to have a bit of laughs with a light-hearted gift that does just that! At this price, you can afford to snag one for yourself :)



Raw and Order Socks

in Vegetable Roll


* pricing!

These ultra cute socks come in a fun sushi design come in a gift-ready box and motif that's fun and unique! Your fellow foodie friends and family will absolutely love this one and it makes a great stocking-stuffer too! At this price you can snag one for yourself or one of the other 3 fun styles available! 



Marvis Wonders of the World

Toothpaste Set


* pricing!

Comes with 3 fab Marvis flavors: Royal, Karakum, and Rambus that feature flavors from around the world and arrives in a gift-ready box that makes for a truly unique gift! Each toothpaste contains no fluoride, gluten, parabens, and phthalates either so they are a great gift for anyone and contain safe formulas for even sensitive mouths. Stand out from the crowd with this awesomely affordable stocking-stuffer!



The Mini Zen

Gardening Kit

$7.95* pricing!

Comes with a carry-along version of the Zen Gardening Kit for tranquility wherever you are! A 32-page mini book gives you the lowdown on aesthetic enlightenment with the Zen gardening perspective- plus, there's a tray, fine sand, decorative rocks, and a mini wooden rake...all you need to make your own mini Zen garden :) Makes a great stocking-stuffer or affordable Holiday gift!