The Beauty Closet's DDF Skincare Part II: Youthful Restoration Kit Recommended Skincare Product Review!

by Christina

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DDF Skincare

Youthful Restoration Value Kit


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DDF® Advanced Eye Firming Concentrate .5oz /15 g FULL SIZE
DDF® Wrinkle-Resist Pore Minimizing Serum .5 fl.oz./15ml
DDF® Advanced Firming Cream .5oz /14 g
DDF® Advanced Micro-Exfoliation Cleanser 3 fl. Oz. / 89ml

Today's 2 Reviewed Products:

  • DDF® Advanced Firming Cream .5oz /14 g
  • DDF® Advanced Micro-Exfoliation Cleanser 3 fl. Oz. / 89ml

The Advanced Firming Cream is fabulous for any age and aids in repairing damage to the skin's surface- without leaving it feeling greasy. Perfect for nighttime, apply before bed to the neck and face. Turn back time and reverse damage with this multi-tasking cream! This super affordable kit features a deluxe size version of this fab product and contains: Turmeric Root, Vitamin E, A, Shea butter, and more! Neutralize 82% of the skin's surface free radicals, while instantly providing firming and tightening benefits. But this awesome firming cream doesn't stop here- helps fortify skin's moisture barrier too! As for the micro-exfoliation cleanser, it does an excellent job of sloughing off dead skin cells- revealing new skin that's smooth, soft, and healthy. Not too harsh and won't over-dry the skin as it contains a glycerin base and gentle exfoliation with natural rice bran particles. Get improved up to 3 hrs of hydration after cleansing too :)




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