Part II Recommended & Reviewed from The Beauty Closet: Hard Candy Matte Sheer Envy Mattifying Setting Spray

by Christina

The Beauty Closet’s Hard Candy Week for Spring!

Hard Candy

Matte Sheer Envy Mattifying Setting Spray


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This weightless setting spray will not only lock in your fabulous makeup look all day long but it also enhances the skin’s natural radiance and boosts luminosity- all for $6 :0 Comes in a unbreakable pump spray bottle with snap-on lid for easy portability & mess-free use! There’s a reason why this awesomely affordable product is sold out on the Hard Candy site but luckily, Walmart happens to have 3 versions in stock currently- including the one pictured above.

If you’re not looking for a mattifying setting spray, Hard Candy also offers this fabulously inexpensive option in a Longwear version in addition to a Brightening & Luminous versions as well, to meet most skincare needs. I love that it’s quick-drying, doesn’t smell yucky or cost an arm-and-a-leg, and is perfect for the Spring-going-into-Summer weather that can sometimes be very trying on skin when it comes to your daily makeup & skincare routine! You definitely won’t be disappointed by this one! ;)


What people are saying about today’s recommended product from Hard Candy…

I am just amazed by the results! I applied my makeup as usual, sprayed it on about 4-5 tmes, and wore it at work from 5am-2pm. I got home and STILL looked nice and dry! THEN I went out that evening without re-applying any makeup, got home around midnight and only looked MINIMALLY greasy! My acne has even slightly improved since I started using this product! I am very impressed!
— PrettyPeach, November 10, 2018 * rater
If you have issues with oil or shine - stop by your Walmart and grab one of these before they are gone. I think the matte is a HUGE HIT and I really hope they decide to keep making this line.

— Katemae24 *reviewer @
Absolutely love this setting spray! Its affordable and it really does last all day!
— KC, March 8, 2019 * rater