Top Hairbrush Pick for Winter from: Blazon!

by Christina

Looking for the perfect Winter hairbrush? The Beauty Closet Recommends:


Diamond Bezel Collection Vintage Gold Hairbrush Set


* pricing!

If you haven’t heard of Blazon, then you have been missing out! This brand has nailed it when it comes to creating an innovative, stylish- yet effective hairbrush that’s solved many of the age-old hairbrush design issues and still leaves room for true style :) The Blazon team is composed of members from diverse backgrounds- like architecture, product design, & media so it’s no wonder they’ve come up with a unique hairbrush that’s made it at the top of my list for Winter must-haves! Their diamond bezel collection comes in 4 shades: blue note, infra red, purple rain, and vintage gold [featured above]. Each brush in the collection comes with its own travel storage case & stand and it also nicely boxed- making it an excellent gift option too! So what makes this brush so awesome? Besides the extras- like the stand and travel storage case, the brush itself is a quality brush composed of medium 100% top shelf reinforced boar bristles that works well for all hair types & lengths. It also features an ergonomic grip and unique design that gives it a one-of-a-kind look… you will want to leave this brush laying around just for the bragging rights ;) Here’s one slight downside….this awesome brush is currently sold old at the Blazon site and I haven’t seen it available elsewhere and I have hunted a bit. There’s good news though, because of the hugely incredible response of this brush collection and all 4 brush sets being sold out, the company is posting a way to sign up for their newsletter through a banner located at the top of their site >here< with the promise that they will update you when they release new inventory!