The Beauty Closet's Recommended & Reviewed Beauty Drugstore Brand of the Week CAI: All That Glitters Collection!

by Christina

Drugstore Brand of the Week:


All That Glitters Collection

$3.99 - $7.99 ea.*

* pricing!


Snag all 3 items featured above for $16.79- the CAI All That Glitters 15 color eye shadow palette, glitter eye shadow, and glitter nail polish! That’s the best part about this collection- you don’t have to break-the-bank to bring on the glam for the Holidays! Let’s start with the All That Glitters eye shadow palette- it isn’t what you expect… each shade is featured in a sparkly, punchy shade with moon & star shapes throughout each shadow. The range in the palette colors is also decent and there are 2-3 variants of each hue so you really get the full gamut of the color spectrum :)

As the texture is a cross between a gel & powder, you can use your fingertips, q-tip/applicator, or eye shadow brush to apply; you can also layer the shadows so if you want to boost up the intensity, simply apply 1-2 more coats than you normally do with these and voila- you’ve got your night look! These also work great atop other powder shadows and really help ramp up the smokey eye look too. Plus, for just under $8 you get 30 shadows- which isn’t a bad deal! Snag these at Target in 2 different versions: Unicorn (featured above) & Mermaid. Next on the list & also featured above- from the same All That Glitters collection from CAI, is the liquid eye shadow in Gold; CAI also offers up the liquid eye shadow in 7 other fabulously glitzy, metallic shades.

The product comes in a tube with soft slanted wand applicator so it’s a cinch to put on and you can put on with fairly good precision as well- that means this awesomely affordable product doubles as an eye liner too! At around $4.99 at Target, you can grab a couple at this fab price :) Lastly, there’s the nail polish featured from the same CAI collection and comes in 5 pretty, sparkly shades- including the one featured above- Gold. They won’t break the bank either at around $3.99 a pop and each shade matches the bright, shiny hues that the eye shadow palette contains. Overall, this is a great collection that’s worth the few bucks to see what it’s about. I have super sensitive skin so I was a bit weary of giving the collection a try honestly, but I’ve had no issues and I have used all of the products featured above, on numerous occasions.