Mask Week: Part I Pur Purple Pore Punisher Recommended Review!

by Christina

Mask Week Part I:

I am a huge fan of masks and I use them regularly…in fact, I’ve made my own DIY facial masks years before they became a beauty trend! These days, I’m always on the hunt for the best, most innovative, and affordable masks on the market. With that kind of criteria, you can imagine the task is challenging at times ;) One of my fav, all-time beauty brands that happens to make some of the best facial masks on the market- in my opinion, is PUR. This awesome brand had come up with some fairly unique beauty stand-outs over recent years…everything from My Little Pony The Movie eye shadow palettes to Georgia peach sweet tea sugar body scrubs…the company really has a huge variety of unique, fun, & affordable beauty options. One of my top picks from PUR are their facial masks and I’ve dedicated 2 of my top favs for this week’s Mask Week, so be sure to check out my pick for today, below:

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Purple Pore Punisher


This mask has been featured in Total Beauty and has raving reviews for a reason…because it’s an awesome mask for the price! This detoxifying, pore-tightening facial mask cleans deep to remove dirt & impurities and is great for those with acne-prone skin or those wanting to improve overall skin health, reduce pore size, and reveal a glowing smooth texture! I love applying this thick mask with a mask application brush since it keeps my hands mess-free and makes getting an even layer on my entire face, a cinch! I start on my forehead and work my way clockwise in sections on my entire face by squeezing out pea-sized amounts of the face mask on one of the flat sides of my application brush and then smoothing the mask on top of my skin. You can easily apply the mask this way without getting it all over the place or on places such as your lips and eyebrows- where you don’t necessarily want a peeling mask. The recommended directions suggest leaving the mask on for up to 15 mins., however I recommend leaving it on up to 10 mins longer if you choose to put on a medium-to-thick layer as I usually choose to do. I have managed to peel the mask off in one entire layer once it’s fully dried and it really does come off perfectly- just make sure you allow it to fully dry. You can check this by just lightly touching with your fingertips- it will have a tacky feeling to the touch; you can also see that the mask has a sort of wet-like appearance before it dries. Once you peel the mask away, I recommend taking a damp, clean washcloth and using it to touch up in areas where the mask decided to stay in place- such as around your hair line or eyebrows to touch up after removing the mask. Apply a light, oil-free moisturizer following mask removal for best results! I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my overall skin health, texture, clarity, and luminosity after just a week’s worth of every-other-day usage and it has only continued to improve with use. I would highly recommend this one and with the Holidays coming up- this one makes a great gift for any age or skin type.