The Beauty Closet's Top 2-Step Skincare Routine for Spring: LaClaire Beverly Hills Vitamin C+ Brightening Serum & Extra-Strength Clarifying Foaming Cleanser!

by Christina

Struggling to Find the Right Skincare System?…Your Search is over!

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LaClaire Beverly Hills

Ultra Clarifying Cleanser + Vitamin C+ Brightening System

$24.95- $28*

* pricing!

If you’ve been on the hunt for a well-rounded skincare system that isn’t complicated and won’t break the bank…AND isn’t chalked full of all sorts of yucky ingredients you’d rather not put on your skin…I imagine you’ve tried the gamut- like myself. Unfortunately, you might have also discovered that this is no easy feat- either the products out there involve complicated and time-consuming systems or they are super expensive or just contain ingredients that aren’t really things you want absorbing into your skin and I have definitely found this to be the case too! Luckily for you though…your search is over!

I’m always on the hunt for fabulous finds and this awesome 2-step system from LaClaire Beverly Hills is just what you’ve been looking for and it’s great for all skin types…even those with ultra sensitive skin :) Plus, LaClaire offers a variety of other fabulous skincare products, if you don’t find this awesome set I’m recommending today to fit your skincare needs. Let’s start with the featured Ultra Clarifying Cleanser- which comes in 2 sizes: 50 ML @ $28 & 150 ML for around $54. This foaming cleanser takes 1-2 pumps and a bit of water to work its magic and contains a 2% salicylic acid + glycolic, lactic, & beta acid formula with aloe & tea tree oil to provide natural antibacterial & microbial properties for reduced inflammation, oil, & surface impurities removal!

In fact, this cleanser has the highest concentration of ingredients allowed without a prescription to provide fast, effective results to acne-prone skin. With an easy- rinse formula, you won’t have to waste tons of effort & time trying to ensure you’ve truly rinsed all of the product off of your skin :) This one won’t dry out or irritate your skin and leaves it feeling cleansed, refreshed, healthy, smooth, and soft! As for the serum, it comes in one size- 30 ml and it’s one of the best brightening serums I’ve come across for the price point; it contains: Vitamin C, Hyaluraonic acid, & beta glucan- without dyes, parabens, mineral oils, gluten, casein, and synthetic fragrances. That makes this one a great option for those with acne-prone & super sensitive skin as well! I love taking a couple of drops and applying it to my neck and 2-4 drops for the remainder of my face and it dries in seconds for easy application.