by Christina


This healing method dates to over 5,000 years ago so it has been around for quite some time! It's actually based on the concept that optimal health is achieved through the three "humors" or "doshas"- these need to be brought into balance for optimal, healthy well-being. In Ayurveda, these doshas are based on the 5 major elements of existence with combinations of all of the following: air, water, fire, space, and Earth.

With oil pulling, the salivary glands act and function as a detoxifying organ as these glands are the "dumping grounds" for toxins in our bodies. This method allows you to put a small amount of a proprietary blend of oils in your mouth and simply swish the product around and dispose of after a couple of minutes! The results have been cleaner and whiter teeth, fresher breath, and some users have even reported changes from weight loss to increased energy and a decrease in pain levels!


GURU NANDA PULLING OIL oral oil detox- $14.95,8 oz. bottle/$29.99, 30 ct; .5 oz. tubs*

* pricing!

I have to start out saying that I was a little apprehensive about this product...I've never really tried something like this out before. BUT, I wanted to keep an open mind and I am also trying to live a more organic and healthy lifestyle so I decided to give this pulling oil a try from GuruNanda. I am very glad that I gave the item a chance- it's really a great product! Firstly, the taste is not surprisingly bad even though you are putting 3 different types of oils in your mouth! The Peppermint Oil really helps the whole formula work well as far as taste and makes it bearable to swish around in your mouth for at least a couple of minutes!

I noticed a difference in how clean my mouth and teeth felt after the first usage. After a couple of days of using, I could see that my teeth were actually looking whiter and cleaner as well! I've had constant issues with my gums over the past few years and I've really seen an improvement in their condition since starting to use the GuruNanda Oral Oil Detox! I've noticed too that I do seem to have some increase in energy and by the 2nd week of usage I could see that I just felt better in general. 

You do want to make sure that you thoroughly brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out AFTER usage! Following directions, you can try starting out with a smaller amount than the regular suggested dosage and begin with 1-2 minutes of swishing. This can be increased to the full dosage and recommended several minutes of swishing over time. I would strongly recommend this as I found it fairly difficult to use all of it, for that many minutes when I first began the process. This is because when you start to swish, you will begin to pull these toxins out of your salivary glands and you will definitely notice a change in taste and feel.