by Christina



As I've continued on my quest to better my life and those of my family too, we've made a lot of changes along the way! Some have been much harder than others, especially for the rest of the family. I thought I might give everyone a "break" and give them something that they would really enjoy. Of course I planned on not telling them that it just might be good for them too ;)

I started search for different options and even tried a few, however they just didn't seem to be what I was really looking for! I ran across Graze one day and began looking over their site- that's when I saw the tantalizing offer for a FREE trial...who can resist those?! I admit that I am quite guilty of seeing that word FREE and just wondering to myself what wonderful goodies I can score ;)

The free trial allowed me to give it an honest try too through and I decided to sign up in the end for the free trial and would go for an additional month to really see how I liked it...AND how the family liked it too. That's what I was honestly worried about- would they even go for something like this!?... It was definitely different than what they were used to, but I hoped at least they would give it a chance...

who they are:

The company was truly started with humble and genuine beginnings with 7 friends- they were really just sick of all the snacks such as chips and candy; that seemed to be that was all that was offered on the market! They wanted something different and that's when they decided to quit their jobs and make a real effort and risk to create Graze. Now they've created over 100 different snacks, years later and even have a specialized Taste Team whose sole mission is to find new and awesome flavors and combos! Graze works only with small suppliers who pride themselves in quality and top-notch ingredients, with an in-house nutritionist. They work in tandem with the Taste Team to ensure every recipe is not only good-tasting, but also good sources of protein, vitamins, and minerals.



how it works:

You can start with the FREE trail and I will make sure to put the links at the bottom of this post. I do NOT get a thing out of all of this, I actually have used the service for 2 years and LOVE it :) so definitely check out the free trial- it's worth at least seeing what they're about. I started out the same way in a free trial and the setup for my account was super easy. I actually got to go through and choose things that I either: Trash, Try, Like, or Love; these are always optional and can be changed to by just pressing on a different option.

The ingredients, nutrionals, and current box that you're in is also listed on the site when you sign in so you can easily see what plan you are signed up for and when your next box is coming. Although most of the boxes are random chosen snacks, there are some pre-designed options that you can get and those allow for more focused menu choices :) Shortly before you box is shipped out to you, usually a few days before for me- you will see what is going to come in your box too. I LOVE this feature about the service and if I want to really be surprised I don't sign in during that time and just wait for the Graze box to arrive.

As for the options, there are a lot more than even when I signed up quite a while ago and I like what they've added. You can go with either the 4 or 8 snack variety box, the Sharing box that contains 5 bags [20 portions], a sweet-treat box that includes guilt-free snacks, a savory box with tastes from around the world, and lastly a flapjack box. This box is one my personal favorites and has a variety of Graze's flapjack treats all in one box!

There are a couple of specialized options too like the caloriecount box that has less that 150 calories per box and a sugarcount box that means less that 5 grams of sugar! The most expensive box is the Sharing Box and it's just at $25, with the cheapest box being the $6.99 Flapjack Box and 4 Snack Variety Box. The boxes that have a medial price out of the choices are the $11.99 boxes like the Savory Box, Sweet Treat Box, and 8 Snack Variety Box. You can also choose to put your delivery on hold the the time being and your card will not be automatically charged for your next box, and Graze gives you plenty of time before the cut-off time needed to keep your card from being charged.

They also allow for you to choose how often the box will arrive whether you want it every couple of weeks, every week, once a month, or even at your own pace. Delivery is FREE and shipping is given to PO boxes, however they will only ship to US addresses. After you initial trial order, you can wait for that box to arrive in around 10 days which means you really don't have to wait too long! The 4 snack options fit inside of most mailboxes and even fit inside my super tiny mailbox and that lets me know that the mail deliverer will leave it there for me to retrieve.

If you do go with the larger option of the sharing box beware though, unless you have a larger mailbox- this one may not fit! As it's delivered via USPS and no signature required, it can be left outside to be taken or exposed to the elements; I usually pay attention to my delivery if ordering of of these types of Graze boxes for that very reason- I don't want to lose my order :) NONE of their product contain GMO's, hydogentated oils, trans fats, or refined sugar- and that's a major plus about their ingredients and products that I feel set them apart.




the final verdict:

why i've stayed with graze box

I like them and ultimately so does everyone else in the family. We haven't like every treat and snack, but I'd say that out of what we chosen to try and been sent- and it's been about everything on the menu by now I think- we really all have loved the boxes! We look forward to them and my fiance and I especially enjoy them- his favorites include a couple of the different types of Flapjacks and the Graze nut mixes.

I really love Hickory Smoked BBQ [ BBQ peas, corn nuts, and smoked cashews], Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie [baked salted peanuts, mini chocolate cookies, redskin peanuts, and fudge pieces], and the Italian Herb Focaccia [ smoked Almonds, rosemary crostini, fiery seeds, and mini basil breadsticks]. There are others too that are Fav's, but I'd probably be listing for quite a while ;)

These sound as wonderful as they taste and I'm always eager to try out their new creations; Graze has come out with about 20+ new flavors since I started and I've enjoyed those too! I have skipped a few weeks when I felt like I just didn't want to forgo the extra few $, but usually I have been able to find the little amount it costs to get them out to us a couple to few times a month.