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I recently got an awesome opportunity to catch up with Russell Cowley, who's the current Brand Manager for Manuka Secrets! He was able to shed some light on the history of Manuka Honey and what it means for skincare, in addition to sharing what Manuka Secrets is all about! If you haven't heard of them, don't worry- I'll share some about their background as well :)

Firstly though, I'd like to touch on what Manuka Honey actually IS and what the difference between regular honey versus Manuka honey.We all have probably tried honey at least once in our lives, and many of us may have even heard that it's possibly good for our bodies. I was even aware of some of the anti-oxidant properties that honey can bring to the skin as well, I wasn't however very knowledgeable in the realm of Manuka honey.

As I learned from Russell, Manuka honey is quite different from regular honey in that is comes specifically from New Zealand and comes from bees that pollinate from a plant that we are all actually quite familiar with- the manuka tree. You may not recognize the name, but this is also where the much more commonly known Tea Tree oil comes from- the same plant! The difference lies in the fact that the honey is coming from the bees, whereas Tea Tree oil is derived from the plant itself.


Russell also shared that the secret to this honey particularly is the powerful anti-oxidant and protein rich honey is of a quality like no other found anywhere else on earth- this is something that you can actually see when you look at the honey too! I learned that the locals in the area have used the honey for years for its healing properties, however for many years New Zealanders had spent a great deal of effort in eradicating the Manuka tree! This was due in part to the understandable annoyance of the plant to grow inevitably everywhere- "disrupting" urban life and even farmers alike! 

But there's a wonderful ending to the story, as in recent years the scientific and medical communities have begun to consider that there are real benefits with Manuka honey. The destruction of the Manuka tree was stopped as well and instead farms were created to ensure the plant was grown! It's now becoming something revered and there's a much different understanding of how effective Manuka honey is.

It's effective because it has a high concentration of MG (methylgyyoxal) and this gives the honey it's super strength antibacterial properties. That's why as Russell advised, it's currently used in hospitals around the world for treating burn and accident victims who have non-healing wounds and/or want to prevent scaring. It also stimulates the cells needed in order to repair tissue that is damaged, which is why it's a perfect treatment for those with serious wounds, scaring, or burns.


After doing some research and my interview with Russell Cowley from Manuka Secrets, I learned this is quite a bit of notable difference between the two: UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor and is the made up of a grading system that is specifically just for Manuka honey and locates natural markers found within. The system ensures that purity and quality are maintained, requiring members to follow set criteria that included continual monitoring of quality- even including audits that are performed as well! When you see UMF on a product containing Manuka honey, you can be sure it's been made with the finest and best quality of Manuka. As Russell shared with me, this UMF grade of Manuka honey is also used in Manuka Secret's skincare products! This is what makes Manuka Secrets really special in the world of organic skincare- they use the BEST honey available with REAL SCIENCE behind what they make!


They're newer to the US market, but they have an excellent focus of providing quality, affordable and organic skincare products- with fighting the battle of anti-aging as their prime objective. Their anti-oxidant rich and Active Botanicals formulas provide skin with Deep Cell Replenishment that provides long-lasting moisturization and in turn, healthier skin!  Dr Fernanda da Silva Tatley, a medical microbiologist, is one of the prime contributors to the science behind Manuka Secrets and has known Russell for some time personally as well. Mr. Cowley described her as a passionate woman who cared deeply for improving other's well-being and life-styles, while also providing a scientifically researched skincare product that was also environmentally conscious too. She's very in tune with the environment and those around her :) I'm VERY excited about the wonderful opportunity I've been given to share with all of you what these products are all about- that means that you'll want to keep YOUR EYES OUT for some MORE special NEWS and announcements about possible chances to score some neat prizes in the future AND get a chance to learn more about the products themselves. I will be posting about all of this including product reviews in the VERY NEAR future so be on the lookout!

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