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I know this is something I'm currently still working on, but I have come to a much better understanding of what skin health is and how to maintain it- both from within and out!  Keeping a good skincare routine is the best way that I've found in maintaining healthy skin which in turn, will optimize your skin's potential :) One approach that I've decided to take, was to educate myself on what IS better for your skin and what DOES actually work!

That a does mean quite a bit of reading in the process and I've managed to run into a few good reads that have the right idea and I thought they would be perfect to share with all of you. Of of these book in particular that I have in mind at the moment is- Beautiful, Supple Skin: A comprehensive Guide to Understanding & Caring for Your Skin, by James Huang. It's an excellent guide to how to truly understand YOUR skin, how it works, and what you can do to really maintain healthy skin for years to come!

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beautiful book review:

beautiful, supple skin: a comprehensive guide to understanding & caring for your skin, james huang

This is a fantastic skincare guide for anyone and well worth the read! James starts the book out with a background and historical look at skincare, starting with the Egyptians and Ancient Greeks. He then goes on toe explain key functions of the skin as well as the benefits of skin care in general. Fortunately he doesn't stop there and breaks up different things that you can use for skin care and how they actually work, like Seaweed for example! I especially enjoyed the section titled "5 Important At-home Skin Care Routines" which breaks down the top things you can easily do at-home without ever stepping foot in a spa or dermatologist office.

The different skin types in addition to how to care for them is a great section too an includes some good information on the best way to treat your skin type and why. If you've ever wondered how to identify what skin type you have, there's some good advice on page 14 that will tell you how to do just that :) On page 15, a easy-to-read table can even help you in selecting the best skincare products based on your skin type. I'm not a big fan of tables normally as a lot of them end of being useless or don't make much sense, but James placed this one well and it makes it a cinch to use.

I'm a fan of the section titled Modern Day Skin Conditions and Treatment as it does an excellent job at explaining common skin problems like acne, Xerosis or dry skin, Sunburns, Skin cancer, and Eczema. Each of these sections goes into very good detail explaining what causes each condition, why, how you can treat it, and what's out there in regards to products to help with symptoms.

The book even covers home remedies for some of these skin conditions such as sunburns and acne :) Overall, I thought this book to be a perfect edition to my skincare and beauty arsenal and great for future reference as well. I'd highly recommend this one to anyone looking to brush up on some great beauty and skincare advice and tips or someone that's just delving into the beauty world and wants to learn a thing or two ;)

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