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why skin cancer can happen to anyone...

I totally understand it's a gruesome topic, but while doing some of my own social media browsing this past week I came across something that made me stop what I was doing and consider what I've done to my skin thus far...and I realized that I've definitely put it at risk for skin cancer from past tanning bed exposure and from the sun as well. It starts with most of us when we are younger, wanting to achieve that perfect tan- I started in my early 20's by going into tanning beds.

Tanning was like an addiction as I found I wanted and "needed" to go more frequently, however I also noticed that my skin started taking on the "leathery" look from the constant bed usage and luckily enough for me I stopped going. My skin did end up looking quite lighter in comparison and I'm very fair-toned, but I don't mind knowing that I'm not damaging my skin and I'm not going to look ages older that I am!

What exactly did I see on social media recently that really had me thinking?! It was a very sad story of a young girl who had done the VERY SAME thing that myself and many others have done...gone to tanning beds and laid out to tan- all so that we can achieve that beautiful golden glow :/ She now goes through constant and painful operations to remove the worst kind of skin cancer that you can develop. The young woman is quite beautiful and she always will be, but the treatments leave her face tremendously scared and with quite a bit of pain. It's a physical and painful reminder of the ugly side of tanning beds and they just aren't worth it- neither is exposing yourself to the sun's harmful rays! 

skin cancer: the facts

  1. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, each year there are almost 5 million people that are treated for skin cancer!
  2. Over the PAST 3 DECADES, MORE people have had skin cancer that all other cancers combined!!
  3. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer w/2.8 million diagnosed annually in the US.
  4. Squamous cell carcinoma is the 2nd most common form and has increased 200% over the past 3 decades :(
  5. About 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers are associated with UV radiation due to exposure from the sun. 
  6. In 2015, 31,200 women will be diagnosed in the US with invasive melanoma.
  7. Your risk for melanoma DOUBLES if you've had MORE than 5 sunburns!!!
  8. The vast majority of the mutations that are found in melanoma are caused by ultraviolet light.
  9. More than 419,000 cases of skin cancer in the US are linked to indoor tanning each year.
  10. MORE people develop skin cancer because of tanning than develop skin cancer because of smoking.
  11. 11 states now prohibit indoor tanning for minors younger than 18 including: Texas, California, Nevada, Louisiana, Hawaii, and Oregon. 
  12. More than 90% of the visible changes that are usually attributed to the signs of aging are caused by the sun.*

*Info obtained from the Skin Cancer Foundation at

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bonus  product review: 

australian gold SPF 15 spray gel sunscreen $7.99

I was fairly surprised AND impressed by this product from Australian Gold :) It has a lovely scent and even my fiance noted that with hints of citrus it had a very nice smell! What I also loved about the product was that it was easy to spray on even for a spray-on gel. I would recommend however that you still lightly use your fingertips to evenly spread a thin layer where you've applied as this will help ensure that you have an even application.

The color of the instant-bronzer is a actually a perfect light tan color that doesn't turn orange and isn't over the top, which is something that I normally have issues with due to my very light skin-tone. This product from Australian Gold didn't leave any streaks or an annoying color behind and that was definitely a plus for such an affordable product. You can build on the color as well as I chose to do- with a about 3 nice coats you can get a decent and noticeable, light tan. PLUS, you're going to be providing protection from the sun, while getting the perks of an instant sun-kissed look.

australian gold face guard sunscreen stick $4.50

This a wonderful product with the right idea- there really aren't too many out there that are specifically designed to be put on your face! I've seen quite a few products for skincare and protection against sun damage, but there a lot of products on the market today that have the delicate skin on your face in mind. Australian Gold's face guard stick takes all of that into account with an oil-free formula and easy-to-apply method make this product at the top of my list for the summer.

It's super high in SPF, coming in at 60- and it's water resistant with a non-stinging formula if it does happen to get in your eyes. Golden Seal, Sunflower & Jojoba oil, and Icelandic Moss make up the powerful formula that helps sooth and moisturize skin with a protective barrier! If you're looking for something too for the entire family to use and great for summer trips and vacations this product from Australian Gold is DEF the one for you! At under $5 it's VERY affordable and well worth the price with it's 50 SPF protection alone :)

Sun Basket


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