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UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor and is made up of a trademark for quality and grading process of natural and unaltered Manuka honey. These properties are only found in specific strains of Manuka honey and help to ensure high grade quality and purity of Manuka honey. Those who use the UMF quality trademark must also be licensed users within New Zealand and also have to meet the very strict standards. The grading system itself is composed of 4 levels: 0-4 is Not Detectable, 5-9 contains Low Levels, 10-15 has Useful Levels, and 16+ composes the Superior high grade levels. 

organic beauty review:

manuka secrets deep nourishment manuka honey umf 18+ serum $69.95*


Hero Ingredients:
UMF Manuka Honey’s unique properties include antibacterial activity, acting as a strong humectant and source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
High levels of advanced CoQ10 support skins natural CoQ10 regeneration.
Advanced narcissus tazetta bulb, aloe vera, cucumber and calendula soothe and soften.
Rosehip seed, jojoba and flax seed oil and cacao butter support deep moisturising nourishment.
Hyaluronic acid assists to hydrate and soften skin.
Frankincense, ylang ylang and patchouli essential oils finish with a silky touch and robust yet calming alluring spa scent. Perfect for evening use at home. When applying serum in the mornings take a common sense approach to combining this calming serum scent with other in your routine.

I was very thrilled to get to review Manuka Secrets products and this was the one out of the entire line that is one of my FAV's! What really sets this serum apart are several things and it all starts with the 18+ UMF Manuka honey that the serum contains that really boosts is powerful potential. All of the products are nicely packaged and this serum is no exception- I absolutely love the attention to detail that it entails :) The bottle is a pump bottle and it's surprisingly clear! I know that's a bit unusual for skincare products like serums, but it should in my opinion more frequently the norm.

It's nice to be able to see what you're actually getting and what the product really looks like. As for all the wonderful ingredients to make up the perfect serum formula- they're definitely present in this one from Manuka Secrets! With CoQ10 for cell regeneration, jojoba oil for moisturization and protection, and Hyaluronic acid to soften and smooth skin, there are quite a few top-notch ingredients combined all into one serum :)

It has a light yellowish color, and has the familiar scent of Manuka Honey which I actually really like. The scent is natural and clean and not annoying which is something that I've found to be often the opposite with serums in general. It only takes 1-2 pumps to get out what you need for application and it dries in under 2 minutes. You will start seeing results fairly quickly with the product too, as I started to see an improvement in overall brightness, smoothness, and tightness in my skin after just the first couple of uses! 

The one drawback and really the only one that I could find at all, was the pricing. It's fairly priced for a top-notch skincare serum at just under $70, but I would understand how this could be also considered a little more than some might want to spend. The good thing however, is that you are really going to get what you pay for- a quality, organic skincare product that you'll love AND works too :) The generous size of 1.01 fl. ounces bottle is also an added bonus as most serums aren't even available in this size! I'd recommend this serum from Manuka Secrets to anyone looking to add a great organic product to their skincare lineup or just want to have a good quality serum.

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