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The lemon is a certain species of evergreen tree that is an Asian native with a yellow fruit often used in food and non-culinary preparations all over the world. The juice is most often used for food and cleaning purposed although the pulp and rinds are used in baking and cooking as well. The juice itself composes about 5-6% citric acid, which is also why the fruit has the quite distinctive sour taste as well! This has also made the lemon a FAV for drinks such as lemonade and in foods like lemon meringue pie. 

The complete origins of the lemon are unknown, but it's suspected to have originally come from a northeast region of India, Burma, and China. A recent genetic study of the lemon has even brought to light that our current fruit is a hybrid between a bitter or sour orange and citron. They have been found back as far as Ancient Rome, but they were not widely grown at the time. Then in Persia and Egypt around 700 AD, the lemon was introduced and became more popular.

By the 10th century, the lemon was very popularly farmed in the Mediterranean region and the first cultivation of lemons in Europe began by the middle of the 15th century. Christopher Columbus brought lemon seeds with him to the new world in 1493, spreading them throughout what is now the United States while on his various conquests. In the 19th century, the lemon was increasingly planted throughout California and Florida- where they are now mostly grown in the US.



1. want to increase dull, lifeless skin? try lemon oil!


2. create a natural astringent in a flash!!


3. provides wonderful antiseptic properties= great for acne & small skin infections :)


4. reduce excess oil while detoxifying the skin.


5. as an added bonus- lemon oil eliminates dandruff & gives hair ultimate shine!


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bonus product review:

lift care essential oils lemon oil $35*

* w/Prime shipping pricing!

I love how versatile the lemon is and this pure Lemon Oil from Life Care Essentials is def the way to go. The quality is excellent and it can be used in combination with a carrier oil for treatment of a variety of skin conditions AND it's great for cleaning, & disinfecting. Lemon oil provides a wonderful aromatherapy tool in fighting fatigue and boosting mental clarity- it's perfect for providing energy and creating an uplifting atmosphere! 

You can use this oil easily for an effective and powerful acne treatment as well- just a drop or two with a small amount of carrier oil like jojoba or soy and dab on the affected areas and blemishes. This lemon oil in particular, is a concentrated premium oil extracted from the peel of the fruit via cold expression, which means that no heat or solvents or any kind are involved in the extraction process! :)

The key though, is to ensure that you are getting your oil from a good source, i.e. crop- as many citrus fruits are often sprayed with harmful chemicals and pesticides. This lemon oil from Lift Care Essentials, comes from Italy and is distributed by a US company in California. There are super high standards in the EU for organic growers and Italy is the largest area farmed organically of a European country - with the highest number of organic farms as well. 

Lift Care Essentials took care to make sure the oil is coming from a good place, so you really do get the quality you are paying for, which at 4 fl. ounces for $35 is a fairly good deal. I'm fairly certain this amount will last quite a while, as it's concentrated and doesn't take much regardless of the task. This makes addition to anyone's organic beauty product arsenal as a great acne treatment and skin lightener and would also make a nice gift some an aromatherapy lover :)

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