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I was even surprised by the amount of the beauty and skincare apps out there, but I noticed that quite a few of them have something in common: they suck :/ I'm definitely ALL about free apps myself and I'm even willing to pay a little cash for one if it's something I really feel I need or will use, yet most of the beauty and skincare apps that I've run across-free OR not, aren't that's spectacular. I started being more vigilant in seeking out better tools like good, decent beauty-related apps for myself as a result and thought- why not share all I've learned and what I've managed to find with all of you!?! You may have noticed that I have started to include them occasionally in my articles and I'm going to try and make sure to share at least a 2-4 times a month on my top beauty app picks!

beauty app review:

youcam makeup- makeover studio app

This app really is a fantastic tool for the price...which is FREE :) It's one of the BEST I've come across and really does a great job at letting you actually see what you can look like in a huge variety of different beauty and makeup looks. There's a real-time option with the "Makeup Cam" that will let you change everything from your lip, eye, and other makeup colors and styles- all in real time! You can also choose to use pre-loaded pictures of models to try out looks as well with the More Looks feature OR you can use a pic of yourself or friends that are already in your device's camera.

This feature also allows you to customize your looks even more with options to eliminate blemishes, add accessories, play with costume makeup looks, or even play with different hair colors and styles! The "Natural Makeup" feature of the app will let you choose from YouCam Makeup Sample models or from pics in your own camera to customize more natural-looking makeup approaches and includes hair and accessories options as well. I especially like the "Beauty Tips" section of the app which allows you to search for great skincare and beauty tips from other beauty-lovers and professionals who have great advice, tricks, and even videos to share :)

The last section of the YouCam Makeup app is called "Beauty Circle" and it encompasses beauty tips and lists similar to the structure of pinning ideas to a board, except this is in the digital sense! They're divided into sections like "eye makeup, nails, selfie, and outfits" in which you can find other suggestions, good finds, and real pics of other beauty fanatics. You can follow people in the "Beauty Lists" section of the Beauty Circle and others can follow you back! It's a great way to find others who are just as obsessed about beauty, skincare, and makeup as you are ;)

If you're looking for real product reviews too from others who have tried out products, you can find those as well in the Beauty Circle section of the app, at the bottom scroll/toolbar! The same area is also where you can sign up and create your own profile to join, although there are options to just sign up using your existing Facebook or Weibo account. All in all, this is great app and it's also FREE which is a BIG plus! It's a great app to take with on-the-go and really is a decent help when it comes to seeing what you're actually going to look like with a new look before committing! I give this app from CyberLink 5 STARS ***** !

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