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Yeah, I know...I admit I even start to feel a little uncomfortable when someone brings up bacteria living in places we really don't want to think about them living- like in our own bodies. However this sort of thing IS a fact of life AND it just might have quite an effect on how you feel as well as your outward beauty = your SMILE! You can't exactly see, feel, or taste these bacteria but they are definitely there in our mouths AND there are OVER 700 different strains of these little guys:o.

The good news though is that most of these tiny bacteria are the good guys and actually do us no harm, but there are others that can cause disease such as gingivitis and periodontitis! The good bacteria help aid in protecting teeth and gums, in addition to helping with digestion.  Many of the bad bacteria however, tend to feed on things you eat that contain sugars and starches and they in turn, leave behind tooth-decaying and enamel-eroding acids that ultimately destroy your teeth :/

Besides practicing good dental hygiene and daily habits of brushing, flossing, and rinsing, you can achieve good oral health. There are also some products out on the market today that help make this even easier to achieve and even at an affordable price :) I've across a few lately and wanted to share a little bit about KissSafe's unique approach to keeping up with today's busy world with a great, effective product. Make sure to check out my review of the product below!!!

who is malibu biotech systems?!

They're actually the makers of KissSafe and are actively engaged in providing products that make your lives safer and more enjoyable. The company is based in Malibu, California and is small privately owned! Malibu BioTech aims to promote community awareness about safe and healthy practices and also in encouraging socially responsible behavior. 

beauty product lowdown:

kisssafe fresh breath oral antiseptic spray $8.99*

* pricing!


Glycerin,Copovidone, Water, Xylitol, Erythritol, Mannose, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf oil, Cetylpyridinium Chloride (0.1%), Bentoni (Stevia Leaf) Red Algae Extract (Carrageenan), Sodium Benzoate

This was a product that I was really looking forward to giving a try because it isn't chalked full of sugar and other yucky ingredients I'd rather avoid! It comes in a .27 fluid ounce sized spray bottle which makes it handy for grabbing right out of your purse in a second :) Since it's actually just the right size, it won't take up too much space either. The spray mechanism actually worked surprisingly well considering that many similar products I've tried in the past tend to clog up after only a couple of sprays or malfunction on the first use! {there are 55 Double Spray applications in ea. bottle}.

This breath spray from KissSafe didn't manage to do that yet and I've used it quite a few times in the past couple of days, since getting the product. I like the taste as well- it wasn't too overpowering but it still had a traditional mint flavor. It only takes to short little sprays and you can place it on the tongue or in the mouth so I chose to place one spray in my mouth and one right on the tongue, which seemed to work best.

You will immediately notice the difference and have much cleaner breath and taste in your mouth as well. The best part though is that you're also fight the harmful bacteria that causes tooth decay at the same time :) It's a very affordable product too so for $9 you can protect your smile, have great smelly and fresh breath, and fight bacteria with two simple little sprays! I'd highly recommend this easy-to-use product to anyone.


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