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I admit that in the past, I did feel some resistance towards the changes that I began to see in the beauty and skincare world- especially when it came to all of the new tech gadgets and other tools! However, I also began to see that this might just be a little close-minded of me and that we should take advantage of all of the wonderful gifts that technology has brought the beauty world. Of course, you have to recognize the good with the bad and there's a lot of the latter out there as of late!

There are plenty of gimmicks and other silly gadgets to try with lackluster or no results to speak of, yet many of us have fallen victim to this and wasted our hard-earned money in the hopes that we might find the latest and greatest beauty item. I'm one of those individuals myself which is why I decided why not make it a mission to try and find ones that aren't "duds" and live up to their name- not just the hype! Do they really work?! Well here's something very new out on the market that has a unique approach and IS something that you can see works based on science :)

beauty tech tool review:

oku $249.95:

This little piece of awesome technology is one of the neatest approaches I've come across! It actually takes a scan of your skin and then in detail, analyzes your skin- giving you a "SkinScore" that's easy to understand. The score provides valuable information based on the scan and your lifestyle, while at the same time giving you updates on how your skin is doing as well as areas in which you can improve your skin!

This tech even goes a step further by offering lifestyle and diet changes- in addition to what the best products are for your current skin's issues. Want to know the perfect routine for you skin's health? Oku is the product for you :) It's the closest thing to a personal skin trainer you can have all to yourself! Oku was based on years of combined research and data collected from numerous skin types worldwide.

The fields of nanotechnology, dermoscopy, and spectroscopy are all put into this one wonderful technology to create one unique tool! It's recommended for all women age's 20's and beyond and helps you keep skin maintain its youthful appearance by fighting the signs of aging. The only drawback that I could really find with this first-of-its-kind item was that it's a little on the expensive side.

Keeping in mind however that the device can provide the services of a skincare professional, you might actually be looking at about the same cost-except this item allows for more than one "visit"! :) It's also not out for Android devices {iOS only] just yet, although the company promises it to be out in the near future and as soon as possible.

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