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dead sea facts:

1. the deepest part of the sea is over 2,300 ft. below sea level.

2. it has the highest salt content/saline water on earth= 35% salt composition!

3. no fish or any kind of swimming animals live in or even near the water!

4. there are bacteria & one type of algAE however, that thrive quite well :0

5. the salt contained here is like none other in the world, as they are mineral salts in very high concentrations!

6. human buoyancy is so extreme, that it's almost difficult to swim- you end like a bobbing cork!*

*Facts from

 the skincare benefits of the dead sea:

I'm sure you're wondering by now what it might do for skin and the benefits are surprisingly good! A recent medical study for example that was conducted by Dr. I. Machtey on just over 100 patients, shows promising results: 80% of the participants reported less pain with 70% experiencing more mobility and 60% were even able to reduce the amount of medications they were taking!

Another study headed by Dr. J. Arndt, included 59 patients that were being treated for psoriasis during a month-long period. In just as little time as a week, the patients with a 10% Dead Sea salt composition were showing good improvements of their condition! It's also been shown through these studies to have little side effects, especially when comparing to the prescribed options! 

Dead Sea minerals are fantastic at helping skin retain moisture, improving skin strength, and even slowing skin aging. Circulation and balance are greatly improved as well- the best part being that it's all being done the natural way :) It can provide relief from skin itching and scaling too, which makes it a great candidate for those with sensitive skin or other skin conditions such as eczema. 

who is leliasea?

The company is based in Las Vegas and is a cosmetics manufacturer and distributor for 12 years to clients such as: Luxor, Mandalay Bay, and Monte Carlo! The owner Lily Etzion, is from Bucharest, Romania and a daughter of a holocaust survivor. She served in the Israeli Navy for almost 10 years after joining at the young age of 17 and then began working for the Israeli government starting in the 1980's. A few years later, Lily started and ran an insurance business in Israel as well that specialized in Life insurance and long-term savings products. Now she has her hands in the skincare realm with Health and Nature LLC- LeliaSea!

skincare product review:

leliasea body lotion $10

I really liked LeliaSea's hand lotion so I had a good feeling about this product before I even got to give it a try! It was nice knowing beforehand that a product is going to be good and I really did feel that with this body lotion with LeliaSea :) I fell in LOVE with the hand lotion product some time ago, and it's something I use on a daily basis- the moisturizer sits on my desk and makes for a nice convenience while at work.

The scent is fantastic- it's just the right mix of a light and clean scent, without being overpowering. As for the formula, it's light but also manages to provide a good barrier of moisturization without feeling heavy and there's no greasiness to speak of. This body lotion really does impress- especially for the great price of only $10 :)

This would make a great gift for any age or skin type and would be an excellent product for those with sensitive skin too. There's also the added bonus of Dead Sea Salt and Vitamin E that really gives the formula its boosting power. This body lotion's effectiveness and affordability really make it a great score!


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