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There's a powerful combination out there that really can make a world of difference when it comes to the skincare world! Want to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and combat  the signs aging- even reducing them?!- this awesome combo of ingredients is an excellent place to start! Haloxyl is a compound that aids in activating the elimination of blood pigments that are responsible for dark circles [color] around the eyes, in addition to inflammation reduction pf the under eye area.

In a clinical study, there was a significant decrease of about 20% of red and blue colors around the eyes.Eyeliss is great patented peptide that helps reduce puffiness and under eye bags. This peptide is unique in that it focuses on all 3 conditions that cause under eye bags: increased drainage, capillary strength is improved, irritation is reduced, and skin's firmness is improved as well! In a clinical study, Eyeliss showed a 65% reduction in bags and by 60 days of usage there was a 70% showed a marked improvement.

As for the last ingredient on the list Matrixyl, you may have heard of this one before. It's also known as Matrixyl 3000 although they are not the same thing, Matrixyl is actually a peptide that is considered the "classic version" of the 2 products. It's been clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging and even reverse them :) With all of these 3 wonderful ingredients all wrapped into one, you really can make a difference when it comes to a variety of under eye conditions.  

michael todd's unique scientific approach:

If you haven't heard of Michael Todd skincare, you're definitely missing out! The company was started by the co-founder of Scunci, Lewis Hendler. Michael's vision is to provide skincare line composed of high-quality and natural ingredients- without harmful additives! The approach to under eye issues is no different...Michael Todd has come up with a really neat tool that combined with an intensive eye treatment makes one awesome punch of effectiveness. Check out my review of this product below...

top skincare product pick:

michael todd eye eraser duo $89*

*sale pricing at !

Let me start out by saying that I was beyond thrilled with this product from the start and even though I've had the opportunity to try out some similar products with some promising results, this product really stands above the rest and is the BEST I've put to the test! Starting with the tool itself, the Eye Eraser- it one-of-a-kind. There are a LOT of these tech gadgets out on the market, however this one in particular from Michael Todd is the right size and well-designed so it's easy to hold and even easier to use!

The flat-slanted tip has the perfect size of head to make application a cinch and the angle is just right so that you actually get it underneath the eye and around the around the mouth properly. It does come with a battery and all you need to do to get it ready for the first usage is twist the handle and it comes off with ease and pop the battery right in- the handle snaps right back into place :) Place your finger tips around the handle naturally, but making sure that they do touch the metal band around the center of the tool.

I usually put a small amount of the product directly on the head before doing "activating" the tool, however you may choose to place it on your skin around your eyes and lips as you please if that's easier. I usually go in small clockwise circular motions [about 6 times underneath ea. eye] and make 6 passes with the wand while still doing the tiny circular motions. Then I make a couple of what I call "long passes" underneath that eye with the tool- minus the circular motions while doing so.

The process is completed by 4 points underneath each eye in which I hold the tool for about 5 seconds each time, while in place. You can use this tool above the eyes and around the mouth too, which I've started to do as well since I really liked the results thus far underneath my eyes. The tool combined with the Intensive Cream Eye Treatment seems to make all of the difference for me- I've noticed how much more smoother, moisturized, brighter, and healthier these areas are that I've utilized the Eye Duo at.

There's a couple of added bonuses I haven't mentioned about the tool either yet: firstly, there's a red light indicator on the tool itself to tell you that it's "in action" pulsating; the second great bonus to the tool is there's a little secret about it you will discover after using for a few heats up :o It has a nifty tiny heater inside that pumps out just the right amount of heat and makes thermal technology synonymous with skincare!

Don't worry either- at 42 C it won't get too hot to do more harm than good around delicate skin areas like the under eye area! Want to make sure that the metal head stays clean and free from damage and nicks?!...there's a matching purple cap to snaps right on to make sure it does :) This is the perfect tool for anyone to master with just the first try and I'd recommend it for any skin type or age- it's great to get started with preventing the signs of aging in your 20's AND you can utilize this tool for other great products as well. If you have sensitive skin you will have no worries there either, as I've been using for a few days now and I've had no issues and great results :)

The Eye Eraser Duo from Michael Todd is available at ULTA Beauty currently and IS on SALE for an awesome price of just under $90 for BOTH products! [normally a $137 combined pricing for each product!]. The price-point is a little on the higher side than some might want to spend, but considering what the product does, how well it works, and others that are similar out on the market today- it's what I would consider to be a good buy. The product amount of .5 ounces may also not seem like much, yet I have to use very little to see results and utilize the tool! 

Treat Your Skin



clinically validated results:


  • 97% Increased hydration levels

  • 88% improvement in firmness and elasticity

  • 87% improvement in the appearance of the fine line and wrinkles

  • 84% Reduction in the under eye puffiness

  • 97% Reduction in dark circles

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[click on the image to get the product!]

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